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With the VistaCreate’s free QR code generator, you can create your own QR code in a few clicks. Easily share links to websites, app stores, social media, and more. Just enter your URL into our simple QR code generator and download your ready-made QR code in high resolution.

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Create a design with your QR code in the VistaCreate app

VistaCreate is your go-to design app to create posts, stories, collages, and other content.

Add your QR code to any template

Whether you need a design for social media, web, or print, just select a template in VistaCreate and quickly edit it on the platform. Add your custom QR code to it.

How to create a QR code

Effortlessly engage with your audience, showcase your profile, and enhance customer interaction with the VistaCreate QR code maker. Add QR codes to your marketing materials and drive traffic to your website, social media platforms, and various online sources. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to make QR codes in VistaCreate:
  • 1
    Enter your URL
    Whether you need to create a QR code for a website, app store, or social media, you can easily do so using the QR code generator from VistaCreate. Just enter your URL into our QR code generator for business and you’re all set.
    Enter URL
  • 2
    Generate a QR code
    A single click is all it takes to create a QR code in VistaCreate. So, tap the “Generate QR code” button in our free QR code maker and link your customers to any platform you want: a website, social media channel, or app store.
    Generate QR code
  • 3
    Download your QR code
    Done with your QR code generator image? Download it in PNG or SVG format — whatever suits you better. With our design editor, creating QR codes from URLs is smooth and quick.
    Download QR code
  • 4
    Use in a design
    After downloading your QR code, add it to any template you like in VistaCreate. You can find designs on any topic and theme in the editor. Just select the format you need, pick a template that matches your style, and customize it in the editor.
    Use in design

Need a logo for your brand? Easy!

Stand out from the crowd with a stunning logo design! Select a logo template that matches your brand style and customize it with desired colors, fonts, and other design elements. You can also use the Logomaker tool that allows you to create a custom logo design based on information about your business, such as its name, industry, and more.

Why VistaCreate is the best QR code generator

Use our QR code generator online to create custom QR codes in a click. QR codes are perfect for streamlining operations and enhancing customer experience. They are convenient for promoting apps, making payments without contact, and more. They also help businesses market their products by guiding people to websites, deals, or product information. Plus, they can help you boost social media engagement, whether you use Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube for business promotion.
  • Increase website traffic

    Create a QR code for a URL and direct people to your business pages, deals, product information, portfolios, blogs, and more. By scanning your unique QR code with their smartphones, people can effortlessly open any URL, website, or page you’ve linked to. Generate versatile QR codes for websites in a few minutes with VistaCreate — no complex software needed.

  • Easily promote apps

    Promote your apps and boost download conversions with the VistaCreate custom QR code generator! Simplify app discovery for your audience by linking QR codes. This way, users can instantly scan and access your app in the Apple Store or Google Play. Use our QR code generator for free to acquire new users for your digital product.

  • Boost social media engagement

    QR codes seamlessly integrate with social media platforms, fostering an instant connection with your audience. So, whether you need a QR code for Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, or for Facebook, VistaCreate’s got you covered. Boost your social media presence by generating QR codes that link to your profiles. You can also direct to a post or even a video with our QR code generator for videos

Simplified features for standout designs

  • Photo editor

    Enhance your images in a snap with VistaCreate. Edit dark or oversaturated pictures, apply different filters, or frame your images. You can also resize, flip, or crop pics in the photo editor

  • Logomaker

    Create your own logo using the convenient Logomaker. Simply enter your business information, such as its name and industry, and get dozens of custom logo options that you can personalize.

  • Styles feature

    Need help with color and font combinations for your designs? Check out the Styles feature in VistaCreate. It offers ready-made combinations created by designers that you can use for any project.

  • Brand Kit

    Mind design consistency! Build your own Brand Kit by uploading your logo, colors, and fonts to VistaCreate. This will help you quickly customize any template you choose in half the time.