How to create visual marketing that actually works

Mixing the talents of both VistaCreate and Content Marketing Institute, we’ve put together an in-depth look into visual marketing for social media content. The report includes proven and practical insights that you can apply to your business when working on your strategy and content.

In a rush? Here’s the main takeaway

We’ve put together a curated collection of templates based on the findings of this report. What makes effective content for socials? Find out from us at VistaCreate:

Top insights from this report

60% create visual content themselves

Marketers are adopting more of a DIY approach when it comes to their visual marketing content, with 60% of marketers saying that they create their visual content themselves. About 56% have some form of an in-house professional design team. For DIY content, 82% of marketers use graphic platforms with templates for non-designers (such as VistaCreate).

47% don’t have a separate budget for content

Almost half of in-house visual content creators don’t have a separate budget for visual social content. And when we look at the difference between respondents whose organizations pay to advertise or promote content on social media, and the businesses that give their in-house team a budget, we see… well, almost no difference at all.

Content that performs the best

The top three social media channels that marketers use for paid content marketing are Facebook (78%), LinkedIn (65%), and Instagram (41%).
The top four types of content that perform best on social media are: custom photos, videos, infographics, and Stories.
LinkedIn has the best numbers across the board — although that may be skewed slightly by the large number of B2B companies in the survey.

Don’t know where or how to get started?

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