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First Day of Summer History

First Day of Summer holiday is tied to the universal international event, thus many alike holidays developed around it over a stretched period of history.

The Summer Solstice is one of the most ancient year markers. It has been observed since the Neolithic times when the farmers used it as a halfway point between planting and gathering the crops. In ancient Egypt, it corresponded with the flood of the River Nile. In Ancient Greece, the Olympic games started exactly one month after the Summer Solstice.

Christians call it the Feast of St John the Baptist. In the pagan cultures, the Midsummer bacchanalia has been an invitation to passionate spiritual worship. In China, the ceremony for Le goddess, whose name means “Light”, has been observed on Solstice day since the 3rd century BC.

First Day Of Summer Traditions

Cultural events around the world vary drastically. From greeting the sunrise at Stonehenge in a company of 20,000 druids to having pancakes and sunny side eggs, everyone finds a set of traditions to have some fun on this international holiday.

First Day of Summer party is becoming a popular event setup today. It does not require lots of effort from you. Just get together your favorite people and your favorite foods, snack and take in this long, warm day under the gentle June sun.

The pagan traditions require the foods for the First Day of Summer celebrations to be round and yellow. Doesn’t it make a very Instagram friendly feast? Think table with roasted pumpkins, buttery pancakes, round bread loaves served with mead and honey, oranges and clementines. Another tradition on this summer day is the grilling, as the touch of fire represents the sun. Which takes us to...

The bonfires. Same as the Midsummer is the most ancient festivity of the human race, making a huge bonfire is one of the oldest ways to celebrate. Just like millennia ago, thousands of people light bonfires every year, from the Alps to the Himalayas, to help the sun beat the night.

Are you the person who would rather skip the nature part and stay home for the First Day of Summer? Do not worry. For your information, there are over 14 movies named “Summer”, and Spotify now can make you a playlist out of all your previous favorite summer hits.

Marketing Activities for the First Day of Summer

If you’re in a purpose-driven sustainable business, the Summer Solstice Day is a great opportunity for you to get your ideas to larger audiences. Align your marketing campaign or the new launch with this date, just like the planet does.

People celebrate the Solstice overnight. A funny way to interpret it is to run an all-nighter sale on your commerce platform. To drive bigger engagement, give out the information about discount codes pairing at the Solstice event or activity.

Time for the spiritual rebirth, Midsummer celebration can become a great booster for health-related products. Do promotion for your online courses and boot camps on this day, and let your slogans remind everyone about their New Year resolutions.

National campaigns are unlikely to have great leverage on the First Day of Summer. Social media and e-commerce platforms are the best place on this day for the businesses to kick-off the summer deals and rotate season-sensitive messages.

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Colors of First Day of Summer


The sunny and happy solar colors are the must-haves on the First Day of Summer. Use yellow, orange and red in your gifts and designs to harmonize with the energetic nature of this holiday.

The northern nations embraced the bright lush of the fresh greenery as the Midsummer festival color. It is a traditional color for June 21st in the UK, Austria, Sweden, and Scotland to name just a few.

Symbols of First Day of Summer

Sun is the most often featured symbol on the First Day of Summer designs. Choose between modern or vintage images style based on your brand’s guidelines.

Summerpole covered in bright ribbons and the summer flowers is a recognized symbol of the festive outdoor celebration. Similar to the Maypole, it celebrates the unity of the male and female beginnings in nature.

Templates for the First day of Summer

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