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Social Media Day History

The Social Media Day was registered by Mashable in 2010 as an international date to mark “the outstanding impact digital communications have provided on humanity”. Yes, you could already see it from there. In the same year Instagram was launched in San Francisco, marking the next decade with strong growth of the social media and influencer scene.

Since 2010, the holiday has taken different forms throughout the world. From Philadelphia to South Africa, the social media enthusiasts get together for the conventions, conferences, blogger nights out, online-to-offline events and so on. Several awards in the field of social marketing also get distributed on this day.

Social Media Day Traditions

Being a holiday with barely 10 years of history, Social Media Day has quite a several traditions surrounding it. First and foremost, one thing that you should definitely do on Social Media Day, is post, post, post. The whole point of doing Social Media Day will go in vain if you keep your pages silent on June 30th.

Whichever social media platform is your favorite – this includes Tinder – mark the holiday with a big celebratory post, an update to your avatar and page cover. Find a social media meeting in your area – more chances for success if you’re in digital hubs, like Philadelphia and Singapore. And finally, a great tradition on that day for people is to un-virtualize with their online buddies, celebrating the amazing glee of the friendships we can create online.

What can you do on a Social Media Day as a marketer? Aside from updating your feed, consider lifting up your social presence. Bold, unmistakable social profiles with consistent tone-of-voice will help you to get remembered by the audience.

Marketing Activities for Social Media Day

A marketing activity that comes to mind for the Social Media Day celebration, unexpectedly enough, is digital retreat. By arranging an invitation-only session, you can give unique value to your customers and build a one-of-a-kind relationship.

Try getting an endorsement for your brand on this day by one of the true symbols of the social media day – the Influencers a.k.a. Key Opinion Leaders. By engaging the influencer marketing, brands can get the shortcuts into the social media world, and work up their realness.

It is also a great occasion for your digital managers to kick some new social media formats. Host a live video, run a Stories ad, make animated graphics to add to your video feed. Make social media landscape your sandbox to play with the new formats and win new audiences.

Speaking of the audiences, running the feedback party with your followers can be an amazing two-way community building event for Social Media Day. Consider getting a professional online facilitator for the Q&A session if you’re unsure you can handle the response on your own.

Invest in a day of interviews. They are a great way to come up with a lot of good content for your video feeds, quickly. Interview your employees, your fans or people on the street, and upload it to your social channels with tags and mentions.

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Colors of Social Media Day


Just like the biggest social media sites, Social Media Day tends to be blue. Look in the blue shades of spectrum if you’re targeting the Facebook and LinkedIn audience.

For the Pinterest, Yelp and Reddit communities, using red shades, funny quotes and bold slogans would represent their favorite styles better.

Choose the color for your Social Media Day holiday campaign based on where you plan the most of your marketing efforts, and where the majority of the audience comes to you from.

Symbols of Social Media Day

The social media icons are very common symbols of the Social Media Day. Using the infographic, emojis, and the symbols of sharing and commenting helps to emphasize on the digital nature of the holiday.

Templates for Social Media Day

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