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The History of Memorial Day

The origin of Memorial Day dates back to the period of the Civil War (1861-1865) when around 620,000 American soldiers sacrificed their lives to the country. General John Logon, the national commander of the Grand Army of the Republic, was the first person who declared the first Memorial Day. He encouraged people to honor fallen soldiers by placing flowers on graves at Arlington National Cemetery.

Later, America lost over 644,000 soldiers in all other conflicts, so the importance of Memorial Day grew. Back in 1971, Memorial Day became an official federal holiday.

Today, the government and common people celebrate this holiday to thank soldiers and veterans who fought for what people have today. Many traditions have appeared over the last century. For example, Americans have a moment of silence on Memorial Day at 3 p.m. local time to honor soldiers and pray for them. People spread Memorial Day slogans, gather with their families, visit cemeteries or memorials, and take part in parades to express their appreciation for military personnel.

These days, not only Americans celebrate this holiday on the last Monday of May, but people around the globe also recognize this special day. All in all, this national holiday has quickly become international.

Memorial Day Traditions

Memorial Day is an official day off, so many people prefer spending time with their nearest and dearest. However, it’s not just about BBQs and picnics—this day is aimed at commemorating the fallen American military personnel, so there are some traditions people respect and follow:

Attend a military parade: One of the most common traditions for Memorial Day is visiting a military parade that takes place annually in many cities across the country. Families get together and attend parades to honor the fallen heroes and support the marching veterans. Plus, parades are interactive and interesting as they feature musical performances, bands, celebrity supporters, and veterans.

Listen to Memorial Day speech: On Memorial Day, the President of the United States delivers a speech in recognition and honor of the fallen soldiers. Since the speech is always on TV and recorded to post on the internet, it’s easy for people to listen to the speech and follow the tradition no matter where they are located.

Visit the veterans’ cemetery: Millions of people come to graveyards on Memorial Day to pay respect to American heroes who sacrificed their lives in military wars. It doesn’t matter whether the military personnel are the members of the family or not; visiting the veterans’ cemetery is a great way to honor the lives of those people who died to make a brighter future for future generations.

Display the American flag: The easiest way for people to show their American pride is to display Old Glory in public. From a porch display to car decoration and social media avatars upgrades, people are creative when it comes to making a beautiful patriotic display. Moreover, Americans love this Memorial Day tradition so much!

Visit memorials: There’s no better way to dive into American history than visiting memorials on Memorial Day. Remembering the people who died in defense of their country is the true meaning of Memorial Day, and placing flowers on memorials is a great way to honor the heroes and express appreciation for these people.

Now that you know what traditions people follow on Memorial Day, it can be easier for you to plan and run marketing activities your audience will love on this special date.

Marketing Activities for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is not about funny and happy moments, so it can be daunting for marketers to create appropriate holiday-related content and develop a marketing activity that your target audience will love.

If you’re looking for ideas to improve your Memorial Day social media marketing campaign, this calendar is here to help you. No matter what social media platform you use to promote your brand, whether Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, there are some marketing activities that you can implement on any network


Change logo theme: The easiest way to celebrate and incorporate Memorial Day holiday into your digital marketing strategy is to modify your brand logo according to important holidays by adding stuff, such as an American flag or the Statue of Liberty.

Recognize the holiday: No matter what your business domain is, it’s important to share unique messages that honor fallen soldiers. Whether you decide to post patriotic images or thank members of the military, express your appreciation without mentioning your brand. After all, it’s about a special event, not your product or service.

Use topic hashtags: The idea of using hashtags for business purposes isn’t new. Brands of all sizes use hashtags to increase reach and find its target audience on the web. Moreover, using holiday-related hashtags such as #memorialday, #memorialdayweekend, and #memorial helps to celebrate the date and keep up with the trend.

Publish Memorial Day quotes: If you want to satisfy your audience with greeting messages you publish on Memorial Day, lay a bet on quote posts as they can generate a heap of engagement. Moreover, quote posts create an emotional response, so it’s a great type of content to publish on this holiday.

Support the veterans: Although it’s important to remember and honor fallen soldiers, you also need to support the veterans and help their families, and it can be your marketing promotion. Moreover, there are many ways to support the vets: send gifts, donate money, or employ these people. And if you have photos of these veterans, you can also share them on your social media profiles to humanize your brand and increase trust.

Take part in events: Although the main idea of Memorial Day is to remember fallen soldiers, it’s also important to support the holiday’s importance, and the best way to do it is to take part in events (sponsor them) that highlight Memorial Day.

As you can see, there are many ways for marketers to recognize Memorial Day even if you want to share special deals, sales, or specials.

Colors of Memorial Day


People are visual learners, so you need to make images or videos to highlight your Memorial Day marketing campaign on the web.

When creating eye-catching visuals for this federal holiday, remember the colors of the American flag: red, white, and blue. These America's national colors signify various important things. For example, white stands for purity and innocence; red—hardiness and valor, and blue—vigilance, perseverance, and justice.

If you want to grab the attention of your target audience on Memorial Day, stick to this color palette when crafting visuals.

Symbols of Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a serious holiday that doesn’t have many symbols associated with it. However, the poppy is a traditional symbol of this special event. Since it was one of the first plants to grow in war-torn battlefields. Today, the red Flanders poppy is an emblem of Remembrance. As a marketer, you can use the symbol of Memorial Day, the poppy, to make your content holiday-related.

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