New Year’s Day

The start of the new year, calendar-wise, falls on the first of January. In most countries, it’s a day off work, yet no loud celebrations are thrown. It is mainly a quiet and homey holiday, devoted to inner reflection and family time.
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Epiphany is celebrated in Western Christianity on the day when Magi came to meet baby Christ. Spicy cake and a bowl of oranges are common treats on this day.

Orthodox Christmas

Orthodox, unlike Catholics, celebrate Christmas according to the Julian calendar, hence two weeks difference. Besides church service, this day is marked with 12-dishes feast, caroling, and street parades involving goats, stars, and angels.

Make Your Dreams Come True Day

A day for achievers at heart. On this day, it is encouraged to make tangible steps towards transforming one’s wishes and dreams into reality.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

This day became a federal holiday in the US to honor Dr. King’s visionary input in ending racial segregation. On this day, read his works and join the cause.

National Irish Coffee Day

A day that should be adopted by all chain coffee shops. There is no better way to celebrate it than kick up your morning cup with a generous splash of whiskey.

Opposite Day

Be careful, since that day grew from a playground game when everything you say means exactly the opposite. Childish? Yes. Fun? No. We hate it.

International Customs Day

Borders divide, customs connect. This day is set up by the World Customs Organization to celebrate their hard work in keeping countries safe and connected.

The upcoming holidays

Planning your January social media calendar is easy. Use the opportunity, while everyone else is still vacationing or getting back on board with their daily working routines. Make a beautiful cover picture for your Facebook group, create a couple of greeting posts and plan emails to remind users about your brand or services.

The January marketing calendar seems a bit empty for most marketers. In fact, lots of important worldwide and national celebrations are exactly in January. Besides the New Year, there’s also Chinese New Year, World Tourism Day, Orthodox Christmas (a religious holiday, according to the Julian calendar), Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and other events.

The key symbol of January is a snowdrop flower that mostly grows in Central and Southern Europe under the snow, hence the name. It symbolizes the fresh start and blooms while other flowers are still sleeping. Snowdrops usually grow in groups, so use this symbol in your social media designs and printable cards to add a bit of chic and remind users that the weather is not important when you spend time with the ones you love.

We gathered all the major events in our calendar for January to help you smartly plan marketing activities. Browse each holiday to find out dates, its history, main symbols, hashtags, and ideas for campaigns.