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Friendship Day History

Like many other holidays out there, the origin of Friendship Day is found behind the doors of the advertising and marketing departments. In this particular case, two big names to blame are Hallmark and Disney. The event took several tries to take off. Hallmark’s national promotion campaign started in the 1920s. Unfortunately, distribution through the brick-and-mortar network combined with the Great Depression wasn’t quite the setup for success.

From the 1950s through the 1990s, the idea has been picked up and promoted by several activists around the world, which led to fairly wide celebrations in Paraguay and Asia. In 1998, it had been taken to the international orbit when Nane Annan, spouse of UN Secretary Kofi Annan, named Winnie the Pooh the official Ambassador of Friendship from United Nations—a step backed by Disney International.

Coming up in the time of wide internet availability and social networks friendship phenomena on the rise, the Friendship Day got the final spin it needed to take off. The future of this celebration in digital looks bright, as it opens huge possibilities for user-generated and referral marketing campaigns.

Friendship Day Traditions

Looking for a fun way to spend this day with your buddies? Make some pictures that you could hang on your corkboard later. Doing the Human Letters, or running the Instagram photoshoot with the instant cameras are among other foolproof party themes. If you’re giving out the gifts on this day, think experiential prizes that can be shared with friends. Movie tickets, tours to the show backstages, a professional photoshoot with a pro photographer, or a running marathon can turn the Friendship Day into an exciting memory for your fans. There is a new emerging tradition to celebrate Friendship Day. On this day, encourage your followers to plant the tree saplings and christen them after their friends. If you’re thinking about your social responsibility calendar, this can become a great annual event off the beaten path.

Marketing Activities for the Friendship Day

Amazing marketing activity for this event is partnering with influential youth celebrities to promote care and kindness. The new generation can tell the genuine messages from the PR shticks in a heartbeat, so be careful with your casting. UN’s recent ambassadors were the BTS, a Korean boys band.

Insurance companies love to run promotions and sales on their products on Friendship Day. If your company positions itself as your customers’ friend, then it is a perfect opportunity to bring up this part of your brand personality. For the brands with the audience in their early life stages, the #FriendshipDay posts can bring a several-fold increase in likes and engagements—proven by the Levis Instagram.

Starbucks runs the specials on Friendship Day, throwing in a discount for every second coffee. They’ve also come up with a smart campaign that encourages people to describe their friendship in less than six words.

Today, doing online-offline activations is easier than ever. Run a live translation in your social media with a celebrity host, where your followers can send congratulations to their friends and get them to read out loud by their idol. Or, ask your subscribers to share their friends’ information to help you set up funny pranks on them.

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Colors of Friendship Day


Yellow is the traditional color for the feelings of joy and friendship in the flower language. Why not make a bright yellow sunflower screensaver desktop for your followers to adorn their phones with on this day?

The rainbow multicolor combinations, like in friendship bracelets, also look very friendly. Just mind that every color here stands for a character feature that a person possesses. For instance, Orange stands for the energetic, Black—strong, and Red—for honest.

Symbols of Friendship Day

Friendship bracelets are a very well recognized international symbol. Friends would exchange woven or crafted in some way colorful bracelets as a symbol of their affection. These are popular among youngsters worldwide.

“Friends” sitcom. It lasted for just ten years, but we all lived a life with Rachel, Joey, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Ross. Did you know that after the show closure in 2004, it keeps bringing its creators 1 billion dollars per year? That’s the marketing power of Friendship.

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