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First Day of Fall History

Before the world was united under one calendar system (more or less), ancient people celebrated the Fall Equinox and started fall season from this point. For example, the mysterious Stonehenge of England was constructed thinking of the Sun, equinoxes and solstices. The same is with the famous pyramids in Latin America.

Even Ancient Greek myths have one about the First Day of Fall. Demetra’s (Goddess of Harvest) daughter Persephone was abducted by Hades (God of Underworld) to become his wife and live with him happily (or not) under the ground. Demetra was devastated by her loss and started to pressure Hades to get her daughter back to her. They agreed on a compromise: for half a year Persephone lives above the ground with her mother.

But when the Day of Fall comes she has her fall too. Right under the ground to her husband's Underworld premises for the next 6 months. All these months without Persephone, Demetra mournes. Nothing grows, days shorten, nights become longer. It’s getting cold and wet, like Demetra’s heart. Right until the day her beloved daughter is back again. And the plants get back to their life too.

First Day of Fall Traditions

Autumn Leaves

Leaves are getting pretty and multi-coloured. In all possible and impossible shades of orange, red, yellow, brown and green. It’s a perfect time for a walk in the park or in the forest, instagramming like never before. Selfie with a bunch of leaves? Done! Jumping in big piles of leaves? Done! Insta Story with leaves rustling underfoot? You bet!

Harvest Gathering

If you have a cabin in the country with an orchard or an old apple tree in the backyard, go for a symbolic harvest gathering today. Just to celebrate fall. Or have a nice walk to a grocery store and buy a few seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Mushroom Hunt

Some people take the First Day of Fall seriously and go into the woods for a mushroom hunt. There are a lot of edible mushrooms in the forests that pop up after fall rains. So embrace the dull weather and then enjoy the gifts of nature. Just make sure you can tell the good mushrooms from the bad ones. And then thoroughly cook them before eating.

Northern Lights

Fall is a great time to go way-way North and experience the magic view of Northern Lights up in the sky. Not a bad way to charge your battery before sunless winter comes, huh?


Go visit festivals to get fall-festive! Fall Equinox Sunset Celebrations are very popular. Oktoberfest has just started—grab a beer! Or get prepared for the busy times of Halloween and Thanksgiving ahead of everybody else.

Kids’ Craft

Gifts of nature are the perfect material for tons of useless but adorable kids' craft. Leaves, pinecones, nuts, acorns, chestnuts, sticks, moss, pumpkins, berries—these are the treasures for DIY and craft lovers. Get creative, take the most out of the holiday.

Stay Indoors

If the weather is not so warm and welcoming, stay inside. Who said that couch-potato is not a symbol of the harvest festival? Get yourself a great book, movie or a playlist on a theme and fall into the arms of a perfect fall.

Marketing Activities for the First Day of Fall

Reminder in Social Media

Stay alert and be the first one to inform the social media about the First Day of Fall, that precedes all the holiday fun including Halloween and Thanksgiving days. Be leafy and generous. Use design templates for a fancy and professional look.


Run a small flash-sale as a warm up before the busy Halloween and Thanksgiving days and ridiculously busy Black Friday. Get all the early-birds.


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First Day of Fall Colors

If you want to make visuals for your fall promotional campaign, think gold, yellow, red, orange, brown, dark purple, and dark green. These are symbolic colors of fall. They represent fallen leaves, the golden shine of the setting Sun, abundance of seasonal veggies, and the last warm days of the year.

First Day of Fall Symbols

This holiday celebrates the position of the Sun in the sky, so the Sun is the key symbol along with equality of night and day lengths. Fallen leaves of different colors and shapes symbolize any autumn holiday but especially the First Day of Fall. On the trees, down on the ground, in the air, in your hands, etc. Any types of crops, gifts of nature, fruits and vegetables. Harvest images. And of course the symbols of true fall weather, rain and fog.

Templates for First day of Fall

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