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Father’s Day History

Various attempts to celebrate Father's Day holiday were taken since the early 1900s in America. One of them was tied to a particular event, a massive mining disaster in 1908 in Monongah, West Virginia, which killed 361 men, 250 of them were fathers. Others had passionate supporters, yet none have been persistent or loud enough to stick around.

It took six decades to get the bill of making Father’s Day a national holiday from the introduction to Congress in 1913 to being signed into law in 1972. The main reason for creating opposition and delays in recognition of the occasion was the fear that it would become too commercialized.

Fair enough, the merchants did their best to make it customary to buy presents for the dads on this day. In France, for example, the holiday was first celebrated by a lighter company Flaminaire, with a subtle slogan “Our dads told us that all they want for Father’s Day is Flaminaire”. Whiskey, lighters, socks, and golf brands have won, after all, making Father’s Day “second Christmas” in the men's gifts category by the 1980s.

Father’s Day Traditions

How to congratulate dads on Father's Day? One tradition is to send a greeting postcard. But don’t stop your ideas flow there. If you want to fill this holiday with a bigger meaning, think of sending a funny note to your uncles and granddads, cousins and friends, and do not miss the dads-to-be!

Personalize your present. Each dad out there would love to know what makes him truly special in the eyes of his kids and grandkids. Make a present that will embody their particular style of parenting. Recall a valuable lesson in a touching keepsake. Or, how about writing a hit and breaking into song?

Build a fort! This can even be a cool party activity. You can do it at any age, with any amount of dads, sons, and daughters you have on hand. An amazing theme for a retail event, too!

Still not sure what to do? Simply give dad a timeout. In Germany, the tradition on the local Father’s Day is that men get a day off, kiss their families dearly… and go to the pub! There they stay till they want to, having pilsner with sausages and watching the games. It sounds like a dream celebration!

As for the gifts, giving something that relates to your father’s hobbies is the idea. The common things to give vary depending on the country – personal accessories are the hit in Italy, health gifts are popular in Brazil, while in the US lots of gift-givers choose to present something handmade.

Marketing Activities for Father’s Day

As consumers try to reduce their buys, gift cards and experiences become very desirable deals. You can create a special proposal from your brand – an invitation to a webinar, an event for fathers, etc. If you have time, think of creating free content, an activity book or a “Parenting 101” boarding game.

The tech-loving generation of fathers is taking over, which means it’s time for digital products to step out with the technology-driven events. Think of the virtual reality playrooms for the families, local fathers championship in laser tag, coding hackathons for families. Technology is a great common ground for fathers and kids of almost any age.

“Win it for your daddy” campaigns are tried-and-true and simply work. They push that approval-seeking button every time, luring thousands of people to click the call-to-action on Instagram and Facebook. It doesn’t matter if the prize is a six-pack of beer or a luxury yacht.

For spikes in engagement, propose to your audience a quiz about their dad! A perfect quick solution for the Father’s Day social media update. If we’re a little fed up with the quizzes for ourselves, we’re still very likely to fall for “Which Disney dad is your dad?”.

Father’s Day hashtags: #FathersDay #Father #Dad #LoveDad #Family #FatherlyLove

Colors of Father’s Day


Apart from common blue and black colors, the design sites suggest using green and brown color palettes in the Father’s Day ads, leaflets, and posters. It creates the feeling of a warm family holiday, making masculine and natural, heartfelt designs.

Yellow is the Father’s Day color in Thailand, where people show their respect to the late King Bhumibol, called the Father of the Nation, in this way.

Symbols of Father’s Day

Mustache has been a very popular symbol for Father's Day since ever, with an extra spin lately. Seeing the army of hipster dads out there, we can swear that it will not go away for at least another decade.

Happy dad and kids are often used in more realistic and straightforward designs. Kids giving dad a present or serving him breakfast are also very common.

A mug that says “World’s Best Dad” is a less beaten symbol of Father’s Day. Come up with your own product-based pun to put on it, add a personalized Father’s Day card, and you’ve nailed it, son!

Although the dreaded fun socks as a present are inevitable on that day, the majority of the fathers shared information that the gifts they’d really be happy to get for Father's Day are new gadgets.

Templates for Father’s Day

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