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Father’s Day History

The history of this holiday dates back to 1508 when the Catholic Church established a tradition of a fatherhood celebration on Joseph's Day. The popularity of this custom had quickly spread around the globe and Germany jumped on the bandwagon in the 18th century.

Germans celebrate Father’s Day on Ascension Day as it marks the union of Jesus with his father in heaven. Back in the 18th century, the fathers who had the most children received rewards after Ascension Day parades in rural areas.

Over the last few decades, parenting roles have changed significantly in Germany. Today, German men are more involved in family life as they often stay at home to take care of their children. Thus, Father´s Day has gained in popularity.

Moreover, Father’s Day is considered to be Männertag, a men’s day that celebrates men's achievements and contributions, no matter whether they have children or not. Germans have been celebrating Father's Day for more than 100 years, so there are some traditions people follow on this day, year by year. Let’s find out more about them!

Father’s Day Traditions

There are many ways to recognize the male parenting on Father's Day, but in Germany people have some traditions, and here are a few of them:

- Honor fathers in various ways. From making breakfast in bed to organizing BBQ parties and sending invitations to other fathers, there’s a great variety of options on how to congratulate dads on this special event. Germans love all of them!

- Let the creativity run wild. Who else loves children's creativity? Father’s Day is a perfect time to let your child show off personality and greet dad in an interesting way. Children gather with moms to create holiday cards with sincere messages, draw pictures, or make family books.

- Prepare gifts for dads. Father’s Day is a holiday that means a lot to dads, so people try to give gifts that honor fatherhood. The common gifts are books, CDs, clothing, tools, and hand-made cards.

Enjoy an active lifestyle. Another tradition people follow on Father’s Day is to make the most out of the active lifestyle. Fathers often go hiking, ride a bike, or simply play outdoor games with their kids.

Marketing Activities for Father’s Day

If you want to run a Father’s Day social media marketing campaign or create a holiday-related product to increase both offline and online sales, there are several marketing activities for this special day that can inspire your promotion:

- Congratulate your customers. Whether you want to write sincere greetings or share well-known quotes, the main idea is to show that you celebrate this holiday and know the importance of fathers’ role in our lives.

- Share Father’s Day marketing slogans. If you plan to send email newsletters or create branded products dedicated to Father’s Day, it’s important to use marketing slogans with holiday-related hashtags.

- Make the menu specials for dads. For those in the restaurant or hospitality business, it’s suggested to add several positions to your menu that fathers will love on this special day.

- Create a guide on gifts. Since the majority of people are looking for special gifts for their dads on this day, you can create a gift-giving guide for any budget and taste, including your products.

- Organize a party for dads. Celebrate Father’s Day and draw customers’ attention to your brand by organizing a party or becoming a sponsor as people love spending time outdoors on this day.

- Launch “Like father, like son” collection. Father’s Day is a perfect period to promote your matching clothing that can create a family look. Plus, you can put your logo on clothing to promote your company without being too salesy.

- Create the list of the best Insta dads. If you use Instagram for business promotion, check out the most-followed Instagram dads who share the pretty moments of fatherhood.

- Publish your clients’ photos with their kids. It’s no secret that customers crave authenticity. Plus, they want to be valued, so you can ask your customers to share their happy photos to publish on your social media accounts.

- Invite your male employees to share funny moments of fatherhood. The behind-the-scenes content works well as people want to know people behind your brand, so you can turn your employees into brand advocates when sharing their special stories of being dads.

Father’s Day is definitely an important holiday that requires your attention as Germans love to celebrate it. With the variety of creative ideas, a business of any size and niche can choose a marketing activity that resonates with the brand identity, needs, and goals.

Colors of Father’s Day

If you’ve decided to celebrate Father’s Day, it’s time to pay attention to visuals you’re going to use. Why? 65% of people are visual learners, so it’s important to create stunning images for your marketing campaign. Although there’s no information about the traditional colors of Father’s Day in Germany, you can stick to the following color palette and make stunning designs: Old Gold, Copper, Pearl Aqua, Pale Goldenrod, Chinese Orange, Dark blue, Deepskyblue, Yellow, Black.

Symbols of Father’s Day

Do you want to add symbols of Father´s Day to your marketing campaign? Consider using the following ones:

- Mustache. It’s a symbol of a man's masculinity that has always been a part of manhood.

- Necktie. It also symbolizes maturity, manhood, and fatherhood as lots of dads wear neckties to work.

- Father with kids. It’s a common symbol of Father’s Day as it evokes emotions and celebrates fatherhood.

Father’s Day is an important holiday that celebrates male parenting. Since the number of caring fathers in Germany is growing, this holiday is gaining in popularity, so don’t miss a chance to keep up with your target audience and be on the same page with your potential customers.

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