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History of Cyber Monday

The term Cyber Monday was born in 2005 by the creative division of the National Retail Federation. The guys beyond then quickly rising e-commerce in the USA were looking for the way to give online sales the same boost that brick-and-mortar stores were getting with the Black Friday craze.

Why Monday? Because in 2005, believe it or not, home internet was too slow for online shopping. Online marketers would wait till Monday when folks would get back to their faster desktop workstations, to promote.

The very first mention of this event in history headline quotes “Cyber Monday Quickly Becoming One of the Biggest Online Shopping Days of the Year”. The NRF copywriters had written their messages through slogans straight into reality. The thing took off completely.

By 2009, as the event-related US spending tripled, the team reported 5.3% of shopping on Cyber Monday coming in from international traffic. Over the next decade, the idea of the online deals fair had been picked up by dozens of countries, and by 2018, however artificial, Cyber Monday holiday had been scooping almost ten billion dollars of transactions in a day.

Nevertheless, until today Cyber Monday has been proclaimed neither national nor a public holiday.

Traditions of Cyber Monday

In a way, Cyber Monday reinforces the family values, as now the relatives don’t have to waste valuable holiday time in a brutal experience known as Black Friday shopping. It’s so much easier to celebrate with a little spree together when purchases are just a matter of a few clicks.

So put on your sweatpants, grab a device, and spend, spend, spend! Make it an off-work Monday and browse for specials from your favorite brands to save big. The Cyber Monday social media feed is a bonanza of the discounts from every big logo imaginable.

Funny, but while Cyber Monday is traditionally linked with the electronics, it is a top opportunity for the toys and beauty products lovers. The clothes sellers also swipe the market—it makes sense, considering that hunting for bargains on shoes or dresses of your size is way easier online.

The behavior of the consumers on Cyber Monday keeps evolving following the advancement of personal devices. In 2018, the mobile had 62% of traffic share and 48% of spending share. This sector keeps growing as e-commerce channels merge with Instagram and TikTok.

Marketing Activities for Cyber Monday

All juggernauts from Xbox to Target roll out the crushing activity on Cyber Monday. Expect an avalanche of big discounts on this day. Don’t get discouraged, though! Brands can attract with unique passion and endorsements, not just coupons.

There’s a number of articles across the internet with information about getting the most from the Cyber Monday sale. This is a great place to look for ideas that will speak to your audience.

For example, some people will strategically abandon the cart expecting to get an extra discount of freebie in a follow-up marketing kick. You can break down your planned discount into several parts, and add a funny follow-up greeting for the abandoned cart owners.

Another way to hop on the Cyber Monday hype is to get your product out to the consumers through eSports and mobile gaming placement. Launch your branded mobile goodie package for the Farmville or the Roblox, and get in front of the most engaged eyeballs reachable!

The Americans now tend to shift their Christmas shopping to Cyber Monday more and more, as it allows them to avoid the rush of the mid-December malls. If you’re in the gifts industry, Cyber Monday is the opportunity period for you.

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Colors of Cyber Monday


Electric indigo—the radiant neon shade between blue and purple became the staple color for the edgy cyberpunk-inspired design associated with Cyber Monday.

Vivid magenta—the screaming shade of pink is used to lock your attention on the bargains and guide the user journey.

Pure blue—creates a feeling of confidence and safety, so use it if you’re working with insurance, fintech, and the health industry.

Red—Did you know that red CTA buttons get the most clicks? Then what are you waiting for? Make all your buttons red this year for Cyber Monday!

Symbols of Cyber Monday

Gift icon—a symbol of the freebie—is often used on Cyber Monday banners, activations, promotions, and images.

Percent sign—the definition icon of the sale, this simple symbol speaks to all eyes and makes hearts beat faster.

Digital VFX—from pixel to glitch, the designers unleash their favorite Cyberpunk visual effects when creating their invitation for the Cyber buyers to join the party.

Computer—it’s such a common picture now, that you hardly feel any appreciation for the tech wonder you’re reading this from. But if not for the PC, there would be no such thing as Cyber Monday.

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