International Cat Day

Since ancient Egypt, humans fell prey to domesticated cats. Recently we even made it official by setting a date to celebrate our feline partners! Get inspired today with these gracious beasts, as generations of our ancestors did.

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Book Lovers Day

On a lovely day in August, why spend your time with the screen? Rather pick up a book and wander off to a park or a street cafe to celebrate Book Lovers Day.

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

This day is devoted by the Roman Catholic church to honoring the belief that Jesus took his mother Mary to the heavens upon her death. The Assumption feast is a nationwide public holiday in several dozens of countries across the world.

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National Tell A Joke Day

A fun day for everyone to tell a joke and have a good laugh, the National Tell a Joke day gets hands-down hilarious in the colleges and kids activity centers.

World Photo Day

World Photography Day was created to mark the influence of this documentary art over centuries. The submission of photos to the event is open for everyone.

Independence Day in Ukraine

Independence Day in Ukraine is a public holiday. More often than not it adds to a long weekend, driving crowds from the city to the countryside getaway.

La Tomatina

La Tomatina is a day-long food fight festival that takes place in a small town near Spanish Valencia. For just one day, squashed tomatoes flood the streets to the joy of thousands of tourists eager to pose for the scary-looking selfies.

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Victory Day in Turkey

Victory Day in Turkey is one of the favorite public holidays. On this day people adorn the streets with the flags and portraits of Atatürk. Loud celebrations are accompanied by impressive military parades ran in Turkey’s biggest cities.

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The upcoming holidays

There are many religious August holidays. For example, the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a very important event in European countries. August’s marketing calendar is shaped by such fun and leisure events as La Tomatina, International Cat Day, and Book Lovers Day. Create designs that are related to these holidays to grab the attention of those celebrating. Add a pinch of positive vibes by making funny animations, memes, beautiful stories and posts and let everyone know about your brand’s sales by adding holiday-related hashtags.

In most European countries, people take vacations in August and head for the Southern parts of Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Greece. It seems like a great opportunity for marketers to have a rest as well, but don’t forget that people also love shopping while on vacation. August is perfect for small sales, or just inspirational posts on social media. Whatever you decide to do, do it with the aim of having a really good time because August is all about that.