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If you have goods to sell or give away, VistaCreate custom label maker is exactly what you need. Choose a template and customize it with fonts, colors, your company name, and a message to create a unique, professional design in minutes.

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In VistaCreate you can find free, professional templates to customize for any purpose.

Where can you use labels

Think about it
— Some creative labels have just a logo or product name, others have other info, like ingredients or instructions. VistaCreate has layouts suitable for any purpose.
— Print two jar labels for jams, honey, and other jarred products—one for the front of the jar identifying its contents and showcasing your brand name, and one for the back with ingredients, instructions, or suggestions.
— Have your design stitch for a sewn-in label, or print a tag to attach to clothing.
— Create your line of skin creams or makeup products and give the brand a run for its money!
— Label cookie tins, candy bags, or other food containers for giveaways or sales.
Fundraising sales
— Replace the paper on candy bars with your own version featuring your team logo or fundraising information. Drink bottles—stick cool promotional labels on drink bottles for outdoor promotional events.

How to Create a Label

Pick a template style

You could start with a blank page, but why? VistaCreate has hundreds of beautiful templates to choose from, professionally designed by talented graphic artists.

Add your own text

Editing the text is easy. Just click on a text box and start typing in. It will display in the same style, and the text will adjust in size as you type.


Leave the color palette alone or change text or element colors to reflect your style or company colors. Upload the logo and resize, rotate, and place for the best visual impact.

Download your finished design

Choose the format you need and download the file as a PDF, PNG, or JPG. You’re all set!


Can I print labels on sticky label paper?

Yes, just use our templates and Word size guides to create perfectly sized. Copy and paste as many times as you need for your printables. A paper should come with a sticky back and a peel-off protective sheet.

Can I resize labels for different purposes?

Yes, our designs can be edited to achieve the needed size while retaining the integrity of the design. Choose the shape you want and size up or down to fit your purpose.

Is designing a label hard to learn?

Not at all. Our premade templates are simple to customize with your message, and the drag-and-drop design lets you add elements or additional text in no time. Absolutely no experience necessary.

Can I change the design later?

Yes, you need to come back any time and sign in to a free account to access it. Edit your existing designs with new information, change colors or size, or start a new project.

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