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Labels are important when it comes to establishing your brand. They help differentiate your products or services while sharing important details with your customers and audience. When you think of popular products, unique labels and logo designs come to mind. VistaCreate has a custom label creator that includes templates, fonts, graphics, and other customization features for professional label design.
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Make custom labels in minutes with VistaCreate

You might think you need to hire a designer to create professional labels to establish your branding. With VistaCreate, you have access to thousands of free label templates that are crafted for different purposes. Whether you’re creating labels for a company, a nonprofit, or your personal brand, we offer various tools, including branding kits, creative assets, and more.
  • Professional online label maker

    VistaCreate’s online label maker is your tool for making personalized labels for any use. Whether branding products for sale or creating custom graphics for websites or social media pages, our label creator yields beautiful labels quickly. Start with a ready-made template and create a professional-looking label in minutes.

  • Make custom labels your way

    There’s no one way to create a label, but there’s a label design that’s right for you. VistaCreate makes it easy to customize any design template to suit your needs. Drag and drop elements such as a company logo or your own photos for labels that let your products, creativity, and uniqueness shine.

  • Choose the right backdrop

    When it comes to label design, the right background can make all the difference. Find a background you’ll love from our collection of creative assets, or drag and drop your own images into your project. Make your own labels with a customized background image, giving more depth and dimension.

  • Color up custom labels

    Color choices matter when it comes to creating product labels. We associate various colors with themes, emotions, and concepts. Use our online label maker to change the background colors, shapes, text, and other elements. Use your brand color scheme, create your own palette, or find inspiration in one of ours.

  • Convey your message

    Product labels aren’t just about identifying your product. They’re also about communicating what you want customers to know. VistaCreate templates come with existing text that you can modify or add your own. From product titles to descriptions and more, you can create a label that communicates your unique message.

  • Find the right font

    You’ve got the right words, but you also need the right font to convey your message. The way you say something is also critical. Explore hundreds of fonts and choose the one that supports your branding and messaging. Whether the tone is bold and bright, fun and funky, or soft and swirly, VistaCreate offers fonts for creations that strike the right tone.

Tips for working with our label creator

  • Determine the purpose

    Maybe you need a label that features the product name, a logo, or a title. Or perhaps you need one that includes more detail. Think about the purpose of your label. VistaCreate has layouts that you can use to make labels for your specific needs.

  • Choose the size and shape

    A label for the front of a jar will look different from something that fits on a box. Does your label need to wrap around a product or fit only on one side? VistaCreate provides thousands of free label templates that can be resized for your purposes.

  • Create a color-conscious design

    People associate colors with ideas. For example, the color red is often associated with heat and intensity. Choose hues that emphasize the benefits of your product or service. Also, pair colors that complement each other when creating labels online.

  • Focus on essentials

    Because of the limits of size, labels can only say so much. What are the most important features of your product? Create a label that focuses on the key message and a visual. Don’t clutter your design with too many details.

How to create custom labels that shine

  • 1

    Start with the template

    VistaCreate offers thousands of professionally designed templates for any product or industry. Choose the best layout for your label design or select a blank canvas to design from scratch.
  • 2

    Add your text

    Add text to your label design. You can choose from hundreds of fonts in the VistaCreate label maker online or upload your own to make a label in your brand style. To add your font, go to “My fonts” and click “Upload fonts”.
  • 3

    Customize the layout

    Personalize your label design by editing elements on the artboard. Change the background, switch fonts, drag and drop elements, upload your content, or choose from our creative library.
  • 4

    Download your label

    Once you’ve finalized your design, choose from available formats such as JPG, PNG, or PDF. Share your online labels via email or social media, or download files if you want to print them.

Browse trending templates and start your project


  • How do I make a custom-sized label?

    You can select “Custom Size” on the VistaCreate homepage and design your label in the desired size. Alternatively, you can start with one of our label templates and try the Resize option in the editor. Choose the pre-made size or enter custom dimensions. You can also resize and replace the elements on the template as you want.
  • Can I use my own files for label designs in VistaCreate?

    Of course you can! You can upload your images, videos, and other files to the editor and use them in your designs. To do so, go to “Uploads” in the sidebar menu of the artboard and click “Upload Image or Video”. Plus, you can build Brand Kits with your palettes, fonts, and logo, and apply them anytime you want to brand your visuals. This tool is a real time-saver. Give it a try!
  • How do I search for templates by theme or subject?

    When searching for label templates, enter your keywords in the search bar to find relevant results. If you’re a baker or hosting a bake sale, you might use “dessert label” or “bakery label” as a starting point for your own labels. VistaCreate’s free label maker software offers hundreds of layouts for different industries: restaurants, e-commerce, fitness, beauty, real estate, travel, and more.
  • Can I make a label in the form of a sticker?

    Sure! You can upload your image to the VistaCreate platform and apply the Sticker Maker to it. This feature will erase your picture background and add a border to it. You’ll get a custom sticker that you can edit to make a label out of it. Customize the border color, add text to your label, and apply filters if needed.
  • Can I create a label in the VistaCreate app?

    Of course! Download the label design app for iOS or Android. Find label templates by keyword in the app, select a layout that fits your style, and customize it. You’ll have all the editing features needed to create stunning designs for your business. Upload photos, change text, add objects, erase image backgrounds, and more — all on the go.
  • How do I create a label that is easy to read?

    A legible label is a must if you want your products to be noticed. To create one, stick to these simple tips: keep your design clear and concise; use contrasting colors; leverage legible fonts; don’t cram too much information in your design. You can read this blog article for more design tips and tricks that will help you create projects on a professional level.