Free Icon Maker for Your Business

Whether you’re starting an online store or making infographics for your presentation, you surely need eye-catching icons. Use our icon maker to design icons for web, mobile, and desktop. Explore VistaCreate’s features and tools to create unique icons that stand out!

Can’t wait to try the icon maker? Here are 6 stellar ideas to design icons

  • Use a geometric shape as a background

    A geometric background can make your icon design stand out, while also making it more readable. Access our 50K+ ready-made objects to find basic shapes: squares, circles, triangles, and so on. Adjust the shape’s color, size, and transparency using our icon maker’s editing features.

  • Make an icon with a contour

    Create a striking icon set for your business by adding a bright contour to each icon. To do so, choose an image or object from VistaCreate’s library and apply the Sticker Maker to add an outline. Select a contour color from our palette and adjust the thickness as needed.

  • Design an icon with a font

    To make an icon or favicon with a letter, use the font library in our online icon creator. Our tool features over 680 fonts, making it easy to find the style you like — choose serif, sans serif, or a decorative font. Place your letter on top of a geometric shape, and your icon is ready!

  • Create an icon from a photo

    If you want to use a photo for an icon, remove its background first. To do so, apply the Background Remover tool, which erases the entire backdrop from an image in a single click. Use erase and restore brushes to fine-tune the edges of the icon.

  • Use a photo + graphic mask combo

    Graphic masks are an easy way to turn a photo into an icon. All you have to do is add an image to the artboard and click “Apply mask”. Select the mask’s shape from the menu and position it on top of the image. Our icon maker will automatically crop your photo to the mask shape.

  • Use your content for icon design

    If you want to create personalized icons, use your own photos, vectors, and fonts. Upload your own content to our web and app icon generator, and it will be stored in your personal storage.Click on “My Files” in the left menu to access your content.

Pro design tips to help you make icons online

There are certain design rules for creating icons. See our tips and hacks, and make icons in our icon builder without professional design experience.
  • Define the style

    First of all, decide on the style — do you want to go illustrative or retro, or black-and-white or colorful? We recommend using your own branding as inspiration and starting from the same colors. Or, use VistaCreate’s icon creator and Objects library to borrow ideas from our ready-to-use elements.

  • Keep the scale in mind

    While elaborating on your designs, keep checking the scale of every element. Zoom in and out of your icon to see if it’s legible. The VistaCreate icon maker has a handy scaling functionality to help you adjust proportions in seconds.

  • Balance all the elements

    Check if all the design components work well together. If something is off, try to adjust colors, brightness, and line thickness to fix the balance. We recommend testing your icon design with your branding materials or presentation to see if they match. You can always edit your design or use ready objects from our icon creator to simplify your design process.

  • Edit with precision

    Keep an eye on the details, especially when using Background remover. Although this feature erases the backdrop effectively, you might still need to fix small details. Use the erase brush to smoothen the edges of your icon. Thankfully, VistaCreate’s icon builder allows zooming in to polish details.

How to design an icon in VistaCreate

  • 1
    Log in to VistaCreate
    Log in to your VistaCreate account or sign up to make icons online.
  • 2
    Select a format
    Choose a square format or enter custom dimensions.
  • 3
    Create an icon
    Design your icon online using VistaCreate’s creative features and editing tools.
  • 4
    Download your design
    Download your icon in JPEG, PNG, or PNG transparent.

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  • How do I make a favicon in your icon editor?

    The best tip for creating a favicon is to make it as minimalistic as possible. You can use a simple geometric shape or a letter (make it the first letter of your company’s name). Play with colors and proportions, but remember to utilize the zoom functionality when designing to check readability. The VistaCreate icon builder features all the editing tools you need to make icons online.
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