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Design Icons Online with Icons Maker

Graphic design icons are a go-to solution for a hundred of creative tasks. When you need to design an icon fast, an online icon maker is exactly the tool you need. That’s why VistaCreate developed icons maker, free of charge, suitable for all your needs. Design icons easier than ever with the VistaCreate icon maker online.

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Create Icons Online in VistaCreate—Free Icons Editor for Mobile and Desktop

Making VistaCreate your design tool is like having your own icons creator in the team. From now on, the graphic icons won’t be a problem, which means you can make even more logos, infographics, and websites. Icons maker online is the shortcut that allows you to fill in your social content grid easier than before.

What to Know about Icons for Graphic Design

As soon as you create an icon online, you will feel you’re unstoppable. There are so many things you can do with this icon maker. Free online infomercials, premium content, catchy discount ads, and all with just one maker. Icons don’t need translation, yet speak to everyone.

Choose the Style
When you create icon online, free flow of different styles is available for you on VistaCreate. You can choose to go illustrative or retro - our free graphic design icons are all created by professional designers and they align seamlessly with other elements from VistaCreate library.
Keep the Scale in Mind
When you are in the VistaCreate icon maker online, free tools help you to layout your design perfectly. The icons maker has all elements scaled already, so use it to get your balance straight.
Mind the Details
As you download free graphics icons, keep an eye on the level of details. You do not want to combine the highly detailed icons in your design with the minimalist ones. The result will look uneven. To avoid it, try using VistaCreate Objects.
Balance the Elements
Take a look at your free icons design. What do you want your brand to look like next to them? Fix the balance by picking fonts and colors. Everything used together, should make a cohesive and easily readable picture.

How to Make Icons

Pick an Image

When you’re choosing a template, you can change any element in it. If you want to leave only the icon, simply hover over the elements you’d like to remove, click on them and hit Delete to clean up the slate.

Copy and Flip

Sometimes making great icons set is just about that. With VistaCreate, creating multiple copies is easy, and the grid will help you to flip and align them.


Group several icons at once to move them simultaneously. It is a useful tool to move your design around, and to multiply whole sectors of your layout at once.

Spruce Up

Use the animation, gifs, even videos to work with your free icons design in the VistaCreate template. By making an impressive statement from the very beginning, you can make an impression on your audience and get attention.


Can I rotate the icons in VistaCreate?

Yes, you absolutely can. When you pick the icon-centered templates from VistaCreate, such as logos, you can turn them around 360 degrees to your liking. From there, you can place and scale them as you wish.

Can I multi-select and rotate several icons at once?

Yes, you can select several elements and either group them by clicking the “Group” button or hold the Shift key to stick them together. After that, just drag as usual to rotate all elements at once.

Will icons add dynamics to my design?

The icons are great for streamlining your customers through the messaging. While the icons themselves are rather static elements, they help dramatically to cut the text and aid the readability.

Can I use my Android device to make icons in the VistaCreate Editor?

Yes, you can. The VistaCreate app for Android is available on Google Play, it is free and provides all the same features as the VistaCreate desktop version. Install the app, then simply use the VistaCreate templates for the icons making.

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