Online Photo Blurrer by VistaCreate

VistaCreate’s online photo blurrer is fast, effective, and user-friendly, letting you adjust your image background in just seconds. With its intuitive online blurring tool, you can fine-tune your image to achieve balance and create the stunning visual effects you want. The blur background online option helps you design professional quality images that put the perfect polish on any project.
Create blur background pictures online

Blurry photo maker and other blur tools

It’s never been easier to blur the background of a photo online. Use VistaCreate’s blurry photo maker to add visual impact to online ads, videos, social media posts, banner images, pins, articles, brochures, and more. Make visual elements stand out with our quality photo blurring tool.
  • Create blur effects

    A targeted blur effect creates a depth of field between one key item and the rest of your design. This common photo editing technique emphasizes a specific object by softening all other elements in an image. Only your desired focal point remains in sharp, clear detail. VistaCreate’s online photo blurrer is an excellent tool for creating this kind of precise blur.

  • Make headlines stand out

    Blurring is a great tool to have in a designer’s toolbox. You can use it to make headlines pop. Try blurring out the sections just under your text, adjusting blur intensity until you get the aesthetic you want. Blur the background just behind your headline to create a depth effect.

  • Blur a photo background

    If you just want to blur the background online of a single photo, VistaCreate’s got you covered. Try the fast background remover in our editor and blur the background of your photo online. Apply effects such as filters and shadows to your designs. Here’s one trick for a cool shadow effect: copy your object, apply a grayscale filter, and blur the grayscaled item.

  • Draw attention to key points

    Blur the background free of charge in VistaCreate to ensure your design is free of clutter. You could bring your key objects forward and draw attention to the focal point with a lower blur strength setting.

  • Apply blur effects to your photos

    Besides the high-resolution images from our creative assets library, you can also apply an online blurring tool to your own photos. Easily upload your own photos to VistaCreate and use various editing tools to customize them. Add your image onto the artboard and let our online photo blurrer do the rest.

  • Download and share

    Saving and sharing your VistaCreate designs is virtually effortless. We support saving and sharing in several formats, including print-ready PDFs and high-quality digital image formats. After you blur the background of your photo online and complete your design, you can also download it to your local device and share it on your favorite social media platforms.

Useful tips on using an online blurring tool

  • Select a focal point

    Your focal point should be the item you want attention on the most. This could be a headline created with our text tool, an icon from our media library, or anything else you like.

  • Choose appropriate details

    Our online blur photo background feature lets you set blur levels between 1% and 100%. Keep important elements with the sharpest visibility. Try a 50% or greater blur level for other objects you still want visible.

  • Add action to your photo

    If there are moving people, animals, or vehicles in your photo, you can easily create the impression of speed and motion with a blurring effect. Apply the online blurring tool in VistaCreate and add extra movement to your images.

  • ​Create a balanced design

    You can use our online blurring tool to make your complex design balanced. Applying a 10% blur level can be useful if one photo is noticeably sharper than the rest. You can also use this blurry photo maker to improve your design’s image quality and hide some unnecessary photo artifacts.

How to blur a photo online

  • 1
    Choose an image
    Select a VistaCreate template or a blank canvas to open the editor. You can blur any image on the template, pick a photo from our creative library, or upload your own.
  • 2
    Blur your photo
    Click on the photo you want to blur and select the Edit Image tab on the top panel. Find “Blur” in the Advanced settings and drag the slider to adjust the blur intensity or enter the desired dimension manually.
  • 3
    Adjust your image
    Besides the online blur photo background feature, you can also apply filters, increase color saturation, adjust the opacity to fade images out, and more. You’ve got lots of options to choose from.
  • 4
    Make extra edits
    VistaCreate offers many customization tools and features to help you bring your idea to life. Enhance your photo with a stunning frame from our collection, add text and animation, and turn your image into a standout visual.

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  • How can a blurry background benefit my designs?

    Blurred backgrounds can draw attention to your desired message, object, or image. Against a blurry background, your focus point stands out due to a clear contrast. A blur image tool can also help you bring motion to your pictures or amplify it. Experiment with the blurring tool in VistaCreate and find your way to enhance your photo content​​.
  • Can I use VistaCreate’s online blurring tool on my own photos?

    Absolutely! Just upload your own files to our online photo blurrer. Then apply the blur effect and use other editing tools of our blurry photo maker to adjust your image. When you’re done with image blurring, download the finished file to your local device in the available design format.
  • What other editing options are available in VistaCreate?

    VistaCreate provides various design features and editing tools to enhance your pictures. Use our professional photo blurring tool to soften, fade, control blur strength, and create fuzzy effects in a background image. You can also apply various filters and adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and other image settings. Blur the background online or replace it with your image using the background remover in VistaCreate. Plus, you can crop, flip, and resize your images in several clicks and easily make custom designs for any project.
  • Can I blur images on my phone?

    Of course! All you need is to download and install the VistaCreate app. The app is absolutely free and available for both iOS and Android. Use our app to blur the background and edit your images on the go.