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Blur Background Pictures Online with VistaCreate

When you blur background photos on your design, it brings clarity to your focus point. How to blur image online, fast? For one, try using VistaCreate Editor as it has exactly the image blur tool you need. Adjust your background pic in seconds to balance with other elements and see how the blurred backdrop makes everything look better!

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Make Awesome Backgrounds for Pictures in Blurring Photo Editor

You can blur an image in VistaCreate so easily, you will wonder why you never did it before. From now on, the stylish background blur will become the signature thing of your pins, articles and seasonal campaigns. Blur photo background for your next advertising layout and see how it makes key visual pop up in the most elegant way.

What to Know about Blurring Photo Background

When you blur background in photo editor, online materials that you create look better and work better. There are strategic things you can do with a blur picture editor, like reducing the mess around your CTAs and touch points to improve user experience. Blur background image on your designs today to see the potential.

Choose the Focus Point
When you blur background online, choose the object that you will be opposing it to. You can choose an illustration or icon - our free graphic design database is there for you. All elements are made by professional designers and align seamlessly with the VistaCreate templates.
Try Range of Blur
Keep an eye on the details of the composition when you blur picture online. If there are meaningful objects you’d like to keep recognizable, try setting half the blur level.
Make it Official
Creating a set of photo blurred background templates as part of a content brandbook is a fun and cost-efficient way to create unique looks for yours or your clients’ content. Send the link to pdf files directly to your team with VistaCreate’s easy sharing interface.
Balance the Sharpness
One more use for the blur in the designers toolbox is to balance the pictures quality. Blur just a tiny bit when you need to even up the looks of the photos with different resolution. That’s the free pro solution for all your photo collages from now on.

How to Blur Pictures in VistaCreate

Pick an Image

When you’re choosing a template, you can blur any photo element in it. Should you need to use your own photo or illustration, simply upload your picture, then hover over it and click to pick.

Go to Filters

The filters panel opens a great set of photo effects that you can adjust at once. Scroll down for the Blur slider and drag it to blur your picture.

Combine Tools

So many tricks in VistaCreate online photo editor! Blur photos, then add transparency to create airy middle layers? Or, use blurred pics as the filler for your lettering? The choice is yours.

Spruce Up

The usual blur on background photo is a good point to start, but don’t stop there. Use other VistaCreate designs to make your backgrounds, objects, videos and messaging work together.


Can I blur my own photos in VistaCreate?

Yes, you absolutely can. You can upload your own files to the editor and blur them. All the main formats like jpg, png and img are supported by the photo editor. Afterwards you can download them or use them in your design.

Can I multi-select and blur several photos at once?

No, sorry. As these are processed as different layers, you cannot do it on this point. However, the slider with the numeric setup makes it convenient to blur even big batches of photos.

How to use a blurred background in my design?

The blurred background is great for focusing your customers’ attention on the main message or key object. The stylish matte effect of blurred background helps the readability of text parts.

Can I use my Android device to blur photos in the VistaCreate Editor?

Yes, please do. The VistaCreate app for Android is available on Google Play, it is free and provides all the same features as the VistaCreate desktop version. Install the app, then pick or upload your photo to start blurring.

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