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Add Music to Your Video

With VistaCreate`s editor, adding audio is as easy as can be. Edit your video online and make it unique with your sound. Explore thousands of licensed tracks using VistaCreate`s video maker and select the right audio to complement your design.

add music to a video

Reasons to Add Audio to Video

It’s always a good idea to add music to video. Video with sound is more engaging for audiences. Audio can complement a clip and make it feel complete. Putting music over video can aid in delivering a certain message or emotion more successfully. Besides, the sound feature allows you to create various types of content for business, personal blogs, and more.

Make It Sound Your Way with VistaCreate

Enjoy all of the editing possibilities with VistaCreate. Create impressive projects, customize your videos, and add audio that completes your designs. Get professionally made visual content in minutes with VistaCreate editor.

Make edits quickly and easily
Combine audio and video in seconds with VistaCreate. The easy-to-use video maker is your guide to making design simple. It allows you to create like a pro, without having the advanced skills of a pro.
Save costs
There is no need to spend extra on professional designers. Design like a pro and create high-quality video content with VistaCreate.
Convey your message
Adding a song to a video can give your content the right emotional impact. Music is a strong tool that can help express your idea and convey your message.
Benefit from a vast music collection
Still looking for the perfect song for your video? Browse VistaCreate’s extensive library of licensed tracks, and pick the best sound for your project. Add audio to video and enhance the mood of your content.
Design whenever and wherever
The VistaCreate app is available both for iOS and Android, so you can use the editor right on your phone. Feel free to work on designs and customize your projects anywhere with a full range of editing tools on your device.
Customize your video
VistaCreate is a free photo and video editor with plenty of tools for design making. Take advantage of all the editing features and customize your project to create unique content.

How to Add Music to a Video

Add video

Choose a video from VistaCreate`s media library or upload your own. You can drag and drop it from your desktop to the video editor.

Choose your audio

Click on the Music tab on the side panel and browse our tunes to find the most suitable one. You can also upload your own track to the video editor.

Make additional edits

Fit the music to your project. Select the duration and the section of the audio that you want to combine with your video.

Download the result

Once you’ve made all the necessary edits, take the final step. Download your video with music and start sharing your project.


Can I add voice memos to my video?

Yes, it is possible to add a voice memo to your video. All you need to do is create a voice recording and upload it to the editor. Then, simply add it to your video.

How can I find music for my video?

In order to find the right track for your video, explore VistaCreate’s vast music collection, or upload your own.

Can I edit my video on the mobile app?

Yes, you can edit and customize your videos using VistaCreate`s mobile application. Install the app and use all of the editing tools you need for free.

Can I change the duration of my video?

Yes, you can change the video duration using the editor. Add the video from VistaCreate`s media library or upload your own, and select the section that you need.

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