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Add Music to Pictures Quickly and Easily

VistaCreate is so much more than just a picture editor. You can use it for more complex designs too! Add music to any picture, animation, or MP4 video in minutes with our easy-to-use interface.

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Tools to Add Audio to Pictures Online

With VistaCreate, there’s no need to worry about a steep learning curve. It’s so easy to use, that you can literally generate designs in minutes.

Why You Need a Picture Editor with Music

The ability to add music to picture does not limit you to a basic design, accompanied by a 10-second song. With the help of VistaCreate, you can create complex multi-page designs with your own melody or voice memo.

Create a slideshow for YouTube
The audio feature is useful for content creators who love to share music, film tutorials, or make content for YouTube. You can create a sequence of pages with various images and add sound to it. Use VistaCreate’s library or upload your own voiceover.
Make a presentation with sound effects
Create a series of slides with sound to make your presentation stand out. People tend to pay less attention to long and informative presentations. In this case, subtle music in the background might keep viewers entertained and focused till the very end.
Design ads for Instagram and Facebook
You are no longer limited to making a typical banner to advertise your business. Create an upbeat ad with sound and engage your audience. People are more likely to swipe up to learn more when a well-designed image is accompanied by music they like.
Create a podcast intro & outro
If you want to start a podcast or update your existing intro, simply upload your own content to our design editor and tune it in minutes. You can also add a couple of animated design objects from our media-library to give it more life.

How to add music to a picture in VistaCreate

Create a VistaCreate account

Create a personal VistaCreate account to have all of your designs automatically saved and neatly organized in a private creative space.

Choose a design format and template

With VistaCreate, you can create content for any occasion. Select a suitable format and choose a design template to get started.

Add music to picture

Once you’re done designing, add music, and set the duration of the project by dragging the last bar of your track.

Customize and download

Polish your design and then download or share it to social media right from the VistaCreate interface.


Can I upload my own music or any other track in MP3 format?

Yes, you definitely can! We’ve made it super-easy for you to work with music. You can choose from thousands of tracks in VistaCreate’s media library or upload your own via the “My Music” tab.

Can I add music from the library to my own image or video?

Yes! You’re the one in charge. VistaCreate might be easy-to-use, but it’s also a powerful design tool, when in the hands of a creative personality. Add music to any type of design freely.

Can I change the default track volume?

Yes, and it’s as simple as the click of a button. Once you’ve added music to your design, you’ll see a track bar at the bottom of the editor. Locate the volume button on the right and click it to see the hidden volume scale. Drag it to set your desired volume level or manually enter it in the input field.

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