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Create a striking ticket design online

Try the easiest way to make custom visuals with a free ticket maker. Effortlessly create tickets for any event or occasion with VistaCreate.

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Standout tickets without effort

Take advantage of the wonderful opportunity to represent your event with an impressive ticket design. Encourage your audience to join in the activity you offer.

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Amazing design tools for making your own tickets

Design like an expert with VistaCreate ticket maker editing features. Take advantage of easy drag-and-drop tools, thousands of customizable templates, and plenty of unique design objects.

Professionally designed templates

Making tickets for an event has never been easier! No need to start with a blank canvas. Choose one of the ready-made templates and easily create an attractive ticket design online without a professional designer.

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Unlimited editing possibilities

Implement your creative ideas with the VistaCreate ticket generator. Add attention-grabbing design objects, animate any layout element, remove background from images, and edit as much as you like to get exactly what you want.

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Play with fonts

Make your tickets even more attractive with the eye-catching font! Browse 680+ typography styles and find the perfect one for your design idea. Play with fonts to present the information on your ticket in a creative way and amaze your audience.

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Personalize your design

Easily personalize your ticket design because our ready-to-use templates are totally customizable. Upload your image, apply your brand identity, add or delete text blocks, and do even more in VistaCreate Editor. Benefit from the ticket generator customizing tools and stand out with unique ticket designs.

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Set the necessary size

Resize any image or template in a few clicks with VistaCreate online ticket maker. Use the existing format size or adjust the dimensions according to your needs. Create a stunning ticket for a movie, concert, party, or another event with the amazing editing capabilities of the online ticket creator.

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Get full design power with

Creative assets

  • Use 50K+ templates without any download limits
  • Access 50M+ royalty-free photos, videos, and vectors
  • Create with premium music, fonts, backgrounds, and objects

Product features

  • Invite up to 10 members to a team account
  • Create an unlimited number of Brand Kits with colors, logos, and fonts
  • Use unlimited storage to keep your files

How to create a design in VistaCreate
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Choose the format

Create your VistaCreate account or log into the existing one to start designing. Type “ticket” in the search bar or scroll the page to find the perfect format for your needs.

Pick up a template

Explore the library of ready-made templates. Choose the layout that is the most suitable for your design idea, or start with a blank ticket canvas.

Customize your ticket

Customize each element of the layout to match your event style and vision. Add your colors and fonts, upload your own images, and make use of outstanding design objects.

Download and share

When everything is ready, download your design in one of the available formats. Promote your event by sharing your ticket on social media right from VistaCreate.

Essential tips on how to make an eye-catching ticket

Provide key information

Think about the details people may want to know when purchasing tickets for an event. Provide the exact address of the venue, contact information, and, of course, the name of the event. Engage the audience with some catchy details about your event that will boost the interest in your invitation. But don’t overload your design with texts — make it as concise as possible.

Use readable fonts

Make sure the text on your tickets is readable. It is highly recommended to use no more than two different fonts. Highlight the most important part of your printable tickets, making it bold or choosing the special typography style. Explore a huge collection of fonts in the VistaCreate ticket generator and find the perfect one to complement your ticket outline.

Keep consistency

Bright colors will definitely draw attention to your tickets, but make sure the color scheme is consistent with your event or brand style. It’s important to understand the differences between digital and print colors. If you’re going to make printable tickets, remember that the final color depends on the printing material.

Select proper primary image

Choose a strong visual for your ticket design. It could be a catchy picture or a photo that represents the value of your invitation — it’s all up to you. Browse plenty of premium images in the VistaCreate gallery and try various options for your ticket mockup. Remember that the primary image should be striking and relevant to your event.


What information should be included in the ticket?

A perfect ticket should include the key details about the event: the name of the event, date and time, the venue, contact information, perforations for a stub (if needed), and the ticket’s serial number.

What is the standard ticket size?

Can I add my brand elements to the ticket?

Thousands of beautifully designed templates

Start with inspiration and discover plenty of stunning templates for any taste. Easily create studio-level visuals without a designer every single time.

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