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The agony that comes with the disappearance of a loved one is incomparable. VistaCreate helps to ease this burden by giving you the tools to create a missing person poster. With our array of carefully selected templates, you can share vital information about your loved ones in the poster designs to help find them.

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Create your missing person poster in minutes

Make a unique missing poster online for free. VistaCreate offers you an easy-to-use platform for making your own visuals without any design experience. Effortlessly design a custom missing person poster and start your search.

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Design tools and elements for your DIY project

Grab more attention with a well-designed missing poster. Use a vast collection of ready-made templates, thousands of design objects, and plenty of editing tools to start making your poster as soon as possible and increase your chances of finding your loved one.

Ready-to-use templates

We have an extensive selection of templates specially designed to save you time for more important things. Browse our premade poster to find the ideas and examples of a missing poster that works and make a custom design.

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Thousands of design objects

Explore thousands of design objects in VistaCreate. Use various icons, stickers, and shapes to highlight the most important information in your missing poster. You can also add animated elements to make your design more eye-catching.

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Easy-to-use customizing features

Customize any ready-made template according to your needs with our lost poster generator. You can edit your designs to make funny lost posters or add eye-catching fonts and colors to make your poster attention-grabbing.

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Ability to upload your own files

Make your missing poster as informative as possible by adding all the necessary content to your design. Upload the photos of the missing person to the poster maker and insert them into your visuals.

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Get full design power with

Product features

  • Access 70M+ royalty-free photos, videos, and vectors
  • Remove backgrounds from your images with a single click
  • Create multiple Brand Kits with your brand colors, fonts, and logos
  • Upload your own images and instantly turn them into stickers
  • Invite up to 10 members to your Team Account and design together
  • Get unlimited storage to keep all your files and designs

How to create a missing person poster

Choose your format

Create a VistaCreate account or log in to your existing account. Then, enter "Missing Poster" in the search line to quickly find the right design format. Choose a blank template to make your poster from scratch.

Select your template

Carefully explore all the available missing poster templates and select one that best meets your needs. Are you trying to find a missing child? Select this template to start editing, or browse through more template options for motivation to get you started.

Personalize your missing poster

Customize your missing poster and ensure that you give all the necessary details regarding your missing person to increase your chances of finding this person. Upload the necessary photos, choose an eye-catching font, and add colors that attract more attention to your poster.

Download or share

Once your poster is ready, you can save a sample in VistaCreate or download it for printing. You can also share your poster directly from the editor to your social media and start searching as soon as possible.


What information should I include on my missing poster?

You should always keep your design as clear and as detailed as possible. Be sure to add all the critical information regarding your missing person, including the name, photo, details about their physical appearance, age, location, and time of disappearance.

How big should my missing poster be?

How many missing posters can I make for free?

An ever-growing library of templates

Effortlessly create your own design with our ready-made templates and attract more attention with your missing poster.

Announcement Of Missing Young Girl
Announcement Of Missing Young Girl
Announcement Of Missing Young Girl
Announcement Of Missing Guy
Announcement Of Missing Person
Announcement Of Missing Little Girl
Announcement Of Missing Young Girl
Announcement Of Missing Young Girl
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