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Create Newsletter Design At Ease, Finally

The new VistaCreate feature lets you make your own newsletters with a fraction of effort! Simply go to VistaCreate online creator and pick the Newsletter maker to see the variety of templates available in our builder. Edit, add, replace all elements online easily. Collaborate with your team to share updates and inspiration.
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Best Newsletter Ideas at Your Disposal

Don’t know how to make a newsletter? Feel that your subscribers really need one? With the modern VistaCreate animated templates anyone can create a consistent flow of awe-building regular communication. Making a branded e-newsletter is the key to the backdoor of your customers’ hearts.
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Editing Features to Take Your Newsletters to the Next Level

An attractive newsletter is a perfect email marketing tool to re-wrap your discounts and links and get the flow of returning visitors. Pick your newsletter format, and then proceed to apply the interactive pro features in VistaCreate online editor. Paste in your images and monthly updates, add custom objects and promote the website.

Right Template Is Half Job Done

VistaCreate has a vast choice of professional templates that will get you jump-started. If you have to send a lot of emails regularly to the clients for work or for school, consider VistaCreate generator where you can make the best newsletter software-free.
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Edit Content and Settings

Every copywriter knows how to create a newsletter. The key is keeping consistency in the layout, and novelty in the content. We made all the elements in our creator editable so you can simply update your headlines and replace text blocks hassle-free.
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Make Fonts Matter

The fonts can be a make-or-break element on your journey to a consistent internal or external company communication. Please, don’t do Comic Sans. Choose a font from our digital library or upload your own through the web or application.
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The Novelty Add-ons

It’s never been easier to create an outstanding email. After picking the template, embellish your mockup with the thousands of various animations, videos, photos, stickers, icons from the VistaCreate library. Bring the fun to the inbox!
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Make Yourself Comfortable

Now that we’ve made the templates, we encourage you to repurpose and download them for your app or program. Feel free to add your logo, your examples, and photos, and personalize the designs to fit your audience best.
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How to Not Hate Publishing a Newsletter

Stick To Grid
When you look closely, you will see that the newsletters are actually fairly short. Here you can take a breath from the endless content writing. With good visual fillers, you can make it work with as little as 500 words if you allocate them right.
A good rule of thumb is whenever you’re not sure about the quality of the web speed on your receiver’s end, use PDF. You can turn the PDF attachment in the email into a link for a simple slide down your funnel.
Review Your Merch
Have a part in your newsletter dedicated to the sales and samples. It can be your product of the month or a seasonal discount. The charity programs can run their merchandise e-showroom in the newsletter.
Include Electronic Networking
Making great newsletters with VistaCreate is an easy way to get your partners and staff excited. How? Feature them in your creation and make sure they read it. Reinforcing your social circle and creating the content at once? Yes, please!

Get full design power with

Creative assets

  • Use 50K+ templates without any download limits
  • Access 50M+ royalty-free photos, videos, and vectors
  • Create with premium music, fonts, backgrounds, and objects

Product features

  • Invite up to 10 members to a team account
  • Create an unlimited number of Brand Kits with colors, logos, and fonts
  • Use unlimited storage to keep your files

How to Make A Newsletter?

Pick a format

Search the word in the VistaCreate bar, and you will see a newsletter icon and name. Go there to pick the best fit for your category from our abundant digital database.

Select a template

Browse through the samples, paying attention to the amount of the text blocks in each one. Consider which size and the text-to-visual ratio will be the best fit to reach all your newsletter goals.

Add your own content

The key to making a newsletter truly memorable is including the pictures from the backstage of your brand. Make sure you have a “Newsletter exclusive” – a photo or a discount code.

Download and share

Yup, it’s that easy! Now that you’re done, download your newsletter in the best format for your publishing purposes or share it with your team directly.


How do I make a newsletter in VistaCreate?

Go to VistaCreate and browse for Newsletter templates. Once you pick one, replace the text with your desired content and the photos with your own images, or choose from our millions of premium elements. Now download the design and use it.

Do I need to be a professional HTML designer?

Can I send out my newsletters from VistaCreate?

Can I use my Android device for making newsletters in VistaCreate?

Hundreds of Templates

There are over 50,000 premium and free professional templates for your convenience in the VistaCreate’s growing library. Use them to brighten some faces today!

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