Animated Logo Maker for Your Brand

Stand out from the competition with an animated logo! Try the easiest way to generate a memorable logo design with VistaCreate. Experiment with styles, add catchy text, play with color schemes, and more — you are the creator! Access a powerful toolbox for your visuals and make a statement with stunning logo animations.
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Create a standout logo animation

You don’t need any complicated software or technical skills! The VistaCreate animated logo maker provides easy-to-use tools and excellent design features. Discover logo templates for any business industry, explore various animated effects in the editor, and effortlessly create cool logo animations.
Design your own logo animation online

Essential tools to make an animated logo online

Design a custom animated logo in minutes with VistaCreate. You can find hundreds of animated logo templates, intuitive design tools, and trending visual objects in the free animated logo maker. Upload your own content to personalize ready-made logo templates and explore all the options to create an eye-catching animated logo.

Premade logo designs

Explore free templates made by professional graphic designers. All the layouts are made according to the latest marketing trends. To get started, pick any template you like and create a standout logo animation to make your brand even more recognizable.
Summer Vibes on Yellow Doughnut Shops Fast Casual Restaurant Sign With Pizza Slice

Design objects for any theme

From shapes to illustrations, animations, stickers, and masks — VistaCreate has you covered with objects for any topic or theme! Choose from 53,000+ design elements and make your animated logo even more engaging.
Animated Logos Animated Logos

Stylish typography

Make your brand name memorable with a captivating text style. Explore hundreds of fonts in the animated logo maker and choose the best one for your animated logo. You can also upload your brand fonts to maintain consistency in your designs.
Animated Logos

Stunning backgrounds

Add some flair to your logo animations with beautiful backgrounds. Experiment with background colors in the VistaCreate animated logo maker or upload your own brand palettes. You can also explore a vast collection of images, patterns, and videos in the editor to use them as backgrounds.
Animated Logos Animated Logos Animated Logos

Top customization features

Replace template elements, add text, and change the background to add a personal touch to your logo animations. Upload your brand colors, fonts, and other elements to the animated logo maker to create visuals in line with your brand identity.
Summer Vibes on Yellow

How to make animated logos in VistaCreate

  • Step 1

    Pick a logo template

    Make your logo stand out with animated logo templates!

    1. Start with signing up. Already have an account? Then, log in to it and create your animated logo.

    2. Choose an animated logo format. This way, you can proceed to design without worrying about dimensions.

    3. Select a template. Browse our collection of animated logo templates and pick one that reflects your brand best.

  • Step 2

    Personalize the logo

    Customize colors and fonts, add objects, and experiment with animation.

    1. Change colors and fonts. Colors and fonts are vital for your brand character. Use ready-made styles from VistaCreate if you need help combining them.

    2. Change the name. You can use your name in a logo design to make your brand more recognizable.

    3. Add animated objects. VistaCreate has a vast library of animated objects that you can use in your logo design.

    4. Animate text or other elements. You can also animate separate elements in your logo design by applying effects to them.

  • Step 3

    Download or share

    Download your animated logo and use it in your digital designs.

    1. Download the logo. You can download your logo in GIF or MP4, as these formats are perfect for animated designs.

    2. Share online. Send a link to your animated logo via social media to share your design with colleagues or friends.

    3. Use your logo in designs. Upload your logo to the editor and add it to your websites, landing pages, emails, videos, and other digital materials.


  • Can I make a good animated logo if I don’t have any design skills?

    Sure! VistaCreate makes designing easy. Our professional graphic designers have created stunning logo animations that can be easily adjusted to your business. You can start with ready-made templates and easily customize them with objects, illustrations, photos, and videos in the free animated logo maker.
  • Can I design my own animated logo template?

    Sure! You can design any project from scratch in VistaCreate. Just select the logo format and click on a blank template. You can upload your fonts, illustrations, videos, and music for standout and unique designs.
  • Can I animate images and illustrations uploaded by me?

    Yes, you can. Upload your image and add it to the artboard. Then, click the “Animate” button on the top panel of the editor and explore the animated effects to choose the perfect one for your picture.
  • What is the quality of uploaded images?

    VistaCreate will compress uploaded images, saving you some time. However, the image quality will remain unchanged in the final design.
  • How do I adjust a logo template to match my brand’s style?

    Choose from pre-made logos in the VistaCreate animated logo maker to get started. All templates are fully customizable, so you can edit any element of the layout, as well as add your own content. To create logo animations that perfectly suit your brand, upload your colors, fonts, and other visual elements to VistaCreate. After you’re finished with your logo design, add it to your Brand Kit to quickly customize any template.
  • Can I make other designs for my business in VistaCreate?

    Absolutely! Whether you need an engaging post or Story for social media, or an eye-catching flyer or brochure, VistaCreate has you covered! Access an extensive library of design templates for any occasion and easily create logo animations, business cards, posters, and more to grow your business.
  • Is the VistaCreate animation maker free?

    Yes, VistaCreate offers various design toolkits and media content for free. You can also upgrade to Pro for more features. With the free version, you can access plenty of easy-to-use design features, hundreds of cool logo animations, and thousands of static and animated objects. Design your animated logo in VistaCreate and make your brand stand out!
  • What formats can I download my animated logo in?

    We recommend downloading your logo animation in MP4 or GIF format. You can select one of these formats from the pop-up menu when downloading your design.
  • Where can I use my animated logo?

    An animated logo design can help you boost brand recognition, increase engagement, and stand out from competition. You can use it on your website, social media, and for digital advertising.

Helpful tips on making stunning logos

  • Use images with transparent backgrounds

    If you upload any images, illustrations, or icons, check to see if they have a transparent background. This way, you can create a seamless animation logo without unnecessary background elements.

  • Choose the right template for your business

    Make sure your creation suits the style and theme of your business. For example, a logo for a finance company will not be the same as one for a restaurant. Our design generator offers layouts categorized according to the type of business.

  • Use creative masks

    Our logo animation maker offers interesting masks in various shapes. You can apply them creatively to make a stunning animated logo after effects. Use masks with photos, shaded backgrounds, or even solid colors.

  • Keep it short and simple

    Simplicity is key but so is the length of your animation. To create an impactful design, make sure your animation does not exceed 3-4 seconds. All templates in the VistaCreate collection are perfectly timed, so you don’t have to worry about creating animations that are too long.

Animated logo templates for any industry

Explore hundreds of pre-made templates and design a standout logo for your business in no time.

What our users say about VistaCreate

Charlotte Polley
Charlotte Polley
owner of Boo’s Toy Shop.
Using VistaCreate has enabled me to grow my marketing and content skills. People have noticed that my content has changed across social media and I am loving the comments.
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Jennifer Parr
Jennifer Parr
founder of DIYvinci, an online arts and crafts store.
When you’re a small business owner wearing multiple hats, using a tool like VistaCreate that saves time is crucial. You also don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to be able to develop good designs for your company.
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Kirsty Cleverly
Kirsty Cleverly
owner of Bonjour Quilts, an online quilt pattern store.
My visuals now look better than anything I could just come up with on my own. VistaCreate makes graphic design so much quicker and easier for me, leaving me with more time to put back into my business. It has been such a force multiplier!
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Lisa Harvey
Lisa Harvey
owner of Content Perfection.
VistaCreate has massive functionality and I love that it’s just so easy to use. It allows my ideas to come to life. And that has helped me with selling my services and products to clients and prospects tenfold.
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Rick Blyth
Rick Blyth
Micro SaaS apps developer.
It’s just so quick to create graphics using VistaCreate that it almost feels like cheating. As everything is fully customizable, I’m able to quickly create designs consistent with my brand very quickly.”
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