Slate grey

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The meaning behind slate grey

Slate Grey demonstrates your sophisticated side while evoking balance and stability.

About the color

The color grey gets along with everyone. It is accommodating, agreeable, and inviting. Despite their friendly and affable qualities, grey shades manage to keep an air of sophistication about them. They can even feel a bit mysterious, intriguing viewers and causing them to want to learn more about what they represent in your design.

The hex code for slate grey is #708090. Slate grey is dark without falling into the category of charcoal or black. It has equal combinations of purple and green on the color wheel. These hues give slate grey a cool sentiment without being standoffish.

Use a slate grey color code in your work when you want a strong and steady feeling. This color meaning shows that your business works hard without being boring or dull. Slate is a metamorphic rock that is often used as a building material. It is sturdy and dependable, and using slate grey hex codes in your design can lend the same air of trustworthiness to your customers.

However, you aren’t limited to using a slate grey color scheme only for demonstrating strength and steadiness. It pairs well in a graphic with just about any other color. Do you want a bright, eye-catching logo? Use the hex code for slate grey alongside your vivid color. It balances with more dazzling choices, enhancing them without taking away from them.

Type Value
HEX #708090
RGB 112, 128, 144
CMYK 0.22, 0.11, 0, 0.44

Application in design

Businesses that want to represent stability and dependability often use slate grey. It is an excellent color choice for banks and other financial institutions who want their customers to know they can trust them. Because slate is a building material, the color works well for architecture firms and construction companies. Businesses in these industries have a dual connection with slate grey.

If these are the qualities you want your audience to pick up on, use a slate grey hexadecimal in your logo and advertising projects. It shows that customers can trust you with their time and resources.

If you’re looking for something more attention-getting than grey, though, you can use it with other colors.¬†Slate grey RGB palettes pair wonderfully with vibrant oranges, purples, and yellows in your social media posts. They also look great with different shades of green, from dark pine shades to lime hues. Slate grey really makes other colors pop by moving gracefully into the background and letting other colors take center stage.

When creating printed pieces, you can apply slate grey CMYK palettes alone or in conjunction with other colors. Slate grey is the perfect background color, especially against light-colored or white text. The versatility of this color name allows you to apply it to many types of projects. It is impactful alone or used as a complementary shade next to something more vibrant.

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