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The meaning behind scarlet

Create spicy visuals with the striking scarlet and promote your brand.

About the color

Scarlet is a bright red color with an RGB value of 255, 36, 0. The hex code for scarlet is #FF2400, and it is one-quarter of the way between the colors red and orange on a traditional color wheel.

Scarlet as a color name was first recorded in the English language in 1250. The word comes from the Old French “escarlate”. In the Middle Ages, the word “scarlet” was also a name for a type of cloth that usually was the color we now know as scarlet.

Scarlet is the color of fire and blood. The symbolism of scarlet is all about life, rebirth, hope, and love. This color is lighter than the classic red due to the orange tinge. Therefore, while retaining the properties of a red palette, it is still more positive and innocent.

Type Value
HEX #ff2400
RGB 255, 36, 0
CMYK 0, 0.86, 1, 0

Application in design

The color meaning of scarlet is connected with courage, passion, strength, and joy. That’s why many brands choose a scarlet color scheme for their branding. It helps capture attention and represents strength, respect, and reliability.

A combination of colors such as scarlet and blue creates an extreme contrast of cold and warm in graphic design, like fire and cosmic space, making it expressive. In addition, blue extinguishes the excessive activity of red and makes the palette calmer. The best blue shades for scarlet are sky blue, aquamarine, and turquoise.

One of the most captivating color combinations is a mix of scarlet and yellow. If you need a more calm palette, pair scarlet with chocolate brown. Also, you can use different shades of green to create a color combination, experimenting with both cola and warm shades.

Draw attention to your brand with the bright scarlet in your designs.

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