Sage Green

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The meaning behind sage green

Create designs for your brand with the gorgeous sage green.

About the color

Sage green is a pale, grey shade of green with hexadecimal code #B2AC88. This color has an RGB value of 178, 172, 136 and is achieved by mixing yellowish green and grey. Green shades paired with grey create a calm, earthy hue that continues to be one of the trendiest colors in fashion, interior design, and branding.

Part of the color name is derived from the sage — a plant with grey-green leaves. That’s why a sage green color scheme is associated with herbs and nature, and in turn, evokes a sense of harmony and peace. Besides, the word “sage” has one more definition, which comes from the Old French. A sage is a wise, knowledgeable person. That’s why the color meaning is closely related to wisdom, intelligence, and knowledge.

A sage green palette also represents other symbolism, such as harmony with nature. Therefore, this aesthetic color makes it possible to create graphic designs that are joyous but relaxing at the same time.

Type Value
HEX #b2ac88
RGB 178, 172, 136
CMYK 0, 0.03, 0.24, 0.3

Application in design

Sage green is soothing, easy on the eye, and it evokes a sense of comfort and relaxation. A sage green color scheme is beneficial for businesses because it helps customers feel secure and safe. Use sage green to create trustworthy designs and promote a sense of reliability.

If your business is connected to healthcare, nutrition, and other related industries, use a green sage palette for your business visuals. Promote a healthy lifestyle in your branded designs with light shades of sage green.

Sage green goes well with different shades of purple, creating a vivid color combination. Besides, this earthy hue is perfectly complementary with pastel yellow, light gray, and other muted shades. Create trending visuals for business pages on social media by pairing sage green with taupe.

Make use of sage green in your branding.

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