Peach Puff

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The meaning behind peach puff

Peach puff is a pale orange-yellow color named for a dessert involving the peach.

About the color

The peach puff color name comes from a dessert made of puff pastry and peaches. The color is a light orange-yellow that is similar to the color of a peach, but with more orange. Different shades of peach get their name due to the color of the flesh of peach fruit. Peach puff is one of several colors that may apply to the term “peachy.” Peach puff can also be considered a very light orange for visual projects. The peach puff code is #FFDAB9.

The word “peach” is derived from the once-common belief that the fruit originated in Persia. Ancient Romans called the fruit malum persicum which translates to “Persian apple.” Even the scientific name  Prunus persica translates to “Persian plum.” Peaches are known to be juicy and sweet, making them a great choice for snacks and also for making desserts. While peach pie and peach cobbler are some of the more popular dessert preparations, peach puffs are a dessert of puff pastry topped by baked peaches.

The color meaning of peach puff is related to that of peach, including themes of sweetness and softness. Because of its status as a pale orange color, it conveys themes of joy, optimism, and cheerfulness, but in a way that is more reserved than orange. Peach puff also communicates innocence and subtle femininity. The fruit holds cultural significance in places such as Japan, Korea, and China. It symbolizes immortality, vitality, health, and good fortune. A design based on a peach puff color code radiates positivity.

Type Value
HEX #ffdab9
RGB 255, 218, 185
CMYK 0, 0.15, 0.27, 0

Application in design

The Pantone Institute provides guidance on incorporating various colors, including peach puff, into a design scheme. Peach puff is similar to yellow and light orange, serving as an interesting substitute for either of those colors in a palette. You can also use peach puff as an alternative to white, off-white, and light pink, especially in a project based on early childhood, maternity, and morning time. Peach puff is a web color, so you can specify it as one word in HTML coding.

Peach puff makes a great background, foreground, or accent color in projects related to health and wellness. If you’re creating a menu or display for a restaurant, peach puff communicates a sense of healthy eating and a lifetime of wellness and good fortune. A day spa with a café offering light bites would be a great application for graphics based on peach puff as a color.

The complementary hue to peach puff is a light blue. Peach puff works well with aqua, turquoise, and other pastel shades. It also looks good with pinks, oranges, and browns. If you’re going to use peach puff for text or fine details, it should be with darker tones, such as navy, brown, and black. Peach puff is a great color for dialing down the intensity of a swatch with vivid tones.

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