Off White

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The meaning behind off white

Experiment with a neutral, elegant color — off white — to enhance your brand image through designs.

About the color

Off white is frequently used as an umbrella term for different shades of white, including vanilla, eggshell, ecru, snow, and many others. In fact, there are more than 150 of them. For instance, the American paint manufacturer, Benjamin Moore, produces 152 hues of white, while another paint supplier, PPG, has around 300 variants to choose from.

So is off white a color? Despite being widely used as a general term, off white is indeed a hexadecimal color. Use its code to find the right hue for your graphic designs. The hex code for off white is #FAF9F6.

Off white is a white color with a splash of yellow that makes it warmer and less sterile. As two similar shades, white and off white share their symbolism. The color meaning behind off white conveys purity, innocence, and serenity. In addition, off white frequently represents sacredness and faith — think of the Pope, who always wears white at official ceremonies. 

Besides, off white is the color of new beginnings. That’s the reason why white clothing is usually used at religious rites, debutante balls, and weddings. 

Type Value
RGB 250, 249, 246
CMYK 0, 0, 0.02, 0.02

Application in design

Sharon Grech, a color expert at Benjamin Moore, believes “it’s harder to choose white than any other color,” and we can’t agree more with this. Undoubtedly, it has something to do with the number of white shades: greyish, yellowish, pinkish, etc. 

At the same time, off white is a neutral color that can be supplemented with any other tint. For instance, it looks great with gold and dark green if you aim to sell high-price, luxurious products.

You can also combine off white with various neutral shades, like navy and grey to create a Scandinavian minimalist aesthetic. Or use it with its complementary color — black — to emphasize your brand conservatism. For instance, Chanel, Jo Malone, Dior, and other fashion brands use this palette for their logos.

The off white color scheme is perfect for backgrounds. It’s a proper alternative to a blinding white, the most reflective color. For example, modernist architects of the 20th century — Le Corbusier, Oscar Niemeyer, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe used different shades of white as a base color for their minimalistic and innovative projects.  

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