The meaning behind maroon

Create a design that makes audiences love your content with the passionate maroon.

About the color

Maroon comes from a mix of red and brown, which is a powerful combination. Red brings out the meaning of power, confidence, and fortitude, while brown shades evoke a sense of strength, reliability, and security.  The maroon hex code is #800000.

Maroon as a color name first appeared in English in the 1780s. It came from the French word “le marron” which is a reddish-brown chestnut.

Maroon is often mixed with white, gold, or grey, and used in clothing and uniform designs. Besides, maroon is the color of Buddhist monk mantles. This is why maroon is also associated with wisdom and knowledge. 

Type Value
HEX #800000
RGB 128, 0, 0
CMYK 0, 1, 1, 0.5

Application in design

Maroon is a color of passion and energy. That’s why it is a winning choice for many design ideas. Use a maroon color palette in your visuals for restaurants (ads, menus, interior, social media) to increase appetite and create a cozy atmosphere.

Mix maroon with nude colors and create aesthetic color combinations for love cards, invitations, and social media posts. Besides, maroon is also associated with respect, wisdom, and responsibility. So a maroon color scheme could be perfect for corporate visual content such as brochures, logos, letterheads, and more.

Use marron as a background color, add text by choosing an eye-catching font, and create striking designs for posters, flyers, and other promotional visuals. Compliment your maroon-colored design with different shades of gold and come up with a stunning color combination for your visual content.

Get creative with maroon and your designs!

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