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The meaning behind indigo

Create calming graphic designs full of harmony and wisdom with different shades of indigo.

About the color

Indigo is a color between violet and blue on the color wheel. It is known as one of the 7 major spectral colors. Indigo is considered to be the color of perception, and it relates to the New Age movement. In the New Age, this color represents the sixth chakra (called Ajna), and is associated with intuition and the ability to see beyond the normal senses.

The hex code for indigo is #4B0082.  The color meaning of indigo is all about intuition, wisdom, and devotion. The symbolism behind indigo alludes to higher knowledge, evoking a sense of awareness and justice. It is an excellent color to use for meditation.

Different shades of indigo can be found in nature. So it is easy to find colors complementary with indigo just look at aesthetic color combinations picked by nature.

Type Value
HEX #4b0082
RGB 75, 0, 130
CMYK 0.42, 1, 0, 0.49

Application in design

Indigo is often associated with serving others. Therefore, an indigo color scheme is perfect for the visual branding of non-profit organizations. Use it for your social media pages and other visual communication to evoke feelings of devotion, compassion, and love.

Indigo is suitable for restructuring aspects of your organization, project, or life. Create inspiring and powerful mind maps, mood boards, or concept maps for your business using an indigo color palette.

Also, indigo is quite bright, and can perfectly complement the base color of your brand identity. Plus, indigo is sometimes considered a royal blue. So you can use it in your brand kit to create a sense of stability and trust.

Build a strong, emotional connection between your brand and customers with deep shades of indigo.

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