Golden Yellow

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The meaning behind golden yellow

Create attention-grabbing designs to promote your business with golden yellow.

About the color

Combine a glamorous gold and a cheerful yellow, and you’ll end up with one of the most appealing colors in any palette — golden yellow. It’s a warm yellow tint with an orange touch to it. The golden yellow hex code is #FFDF00. Different shades of yellow are widely used in art, marketing, fashion, and home interiors. For instance, it was one of Vincent Van Gogh’s favorite colors.

Golden yellow got its color name from a precious metal, which also influenced its symbolism. This tint combines the sophistication of gold and the optimism of yellow. Besides, the color meaning behind golden yellow refers to vitality and joy. 

This hue also represents spontaneity, which is why fast-food brands often use a golden yellow color scheme for their branding materials. Think of McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway — all these companies have different shades of yellow in their logos. Consider using golden yellow in your brand’s color palette to produce snacks, deliver food, or run a fast-food restaurant. 


Type Value
RGB 255, 223, 0
CMYK 0, 0.13, 1, 0

Application in design

Golden yellow is an attention-grabbing tint, which explains its popularity in marketing. Consider using it as a background color if you’re aiming to create summer-inspired visuals. Or accentuate important messages in your graphic design with the help of it. 

You can combine golden yellow with brown, grey, or green tones to create a nature-inspired aesthetic. It also works well in combination with its complementary color, blue. In fact, this color palette is perfect for creating standout designs. Another combination that will make your on-brand content pop is yellow and red. Get inspired by Chupa Chups, McDonald’s, and other brand color choices, and start creating bold designs!

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