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The meaning behind gold

Enrich your designs with a touch of powerful, expensive, wealthy and glamorous glitter of gold.

About the color

The first-ever recorded use of the word ‘gold’ as a color dates back to 1300 BC. It has always been associated with the metal, which gives it value.

Ancient treasure-hunting narratives have persisted into modernity, strengthening the idea of gold as a symbol of prosperity and power.

Today, gold is undeniably associated with glitz, glamour, and success. The hex code for gold is #FFD700.

Type Value
RGB 255, 215, 0
CMYK 0, 0.16, 1, 0

Application in design

Sharing some of the attributes of yellow, gold is a very warm, cheerful and bright color, which can help you incorporate a friendly tone in your visual communication.

Because gold exudes wealth, it’s the perfect color to make your design appear more high-end. However, use it cautiously. Think of it as an accent color, in order to avoid cheapening your design.

A small splash of gold will be enough to enrich your designs with luxe aesthetics.

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