Dark Purple

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The meaning behind dark purple

Add a sense of sophistication and confidence to your designs with dark purple.

About the color

The color purple has deep roots; it originated in the Mediterranean city Tyre, known as modern day Lebanon. For a while, it was the only region that mastered the production of a rare and costly purple dye. But the fun part of the story is how it was discovered. Spoiler: a cute dog was involved.

According to the legend, a Tyrian philosopher Heracles was walking with his dog along the coast, when he suddenly noticed purple stains all over his dogs mouth. The paint came from sea snails the dog was chewing, and voila — a whole new industry of producing purple dye out of snail mucus.

 Different shades of purple became a symbol of royalty, prestige, and opulence because only the wealthy could afford it. In modern times, the color meaning has shifted towards luxury, sophistication, and confidence, but only when it comes to dark purple shades. The hex code for dark purple is #301934.

Type Value
HEX #301934
RGB 48, 25, 52
CMYK 0.08, 0.52, 0, 0.8

Application in design

As a cool color, dark purple works well with light and pale tints of green, blue, yellow, or purple. These color combinations create contrast in graphic designs, thus capturing the audience’s attention. 

The color dark purple also loves grey. You can either mix them together or use greyish hues of other colors, like purple haze, stone, or light blue. Itll make your visuals stylish and sophisticated.

Dark purple is a very saturated color, so it’s better to use it for fonts and accents, but not as a background.

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