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The meaning behind cool grey

Learn the cool grey color code plus how to make it work for your brand.

About the color

At first glance, cool grey looks like a modest and reserved color. However, this neutral shade has an aesthetic all its own. It’s the silvery blue tint of snow, barely visible except when viewed in just the right light. You might recall cool grey shake and shingle siding on classic New England home exteriors. You may have seen it on the thick undersides of cumulus clouds just before they explode with rain. The hex code for cool grey is #8C92AC.

Different shades of grey tend to share similar color meanings. Grey often connotes wisdom, intelligence, balance, and neutrality. Western societies often see gray shades as dispassionate, impartial, and perhaps a little conservative. Some grey shades, like Gainsboro or sterling silver, communicate precision crafting and excellence in quality. Even a color like cool grey can be distinguished, sophisticated, and upper-crust.

When using cool grey in your designs, you should think across borders. People in Western cultures may perceive grey as staid, apathetic, and even depressing. However, that’s not the case in every society. Grey has added positive connotations in China, symbolizing the metal element’s strength and precision. Cool grey shares similarities with benimidori, a traditional Japanese color with a medium bluish hue.

Type Value
RGB 140, 146, 172
CMYK 0.19, 0.15, 0, 0.33

Application in design

Cool grey cannot be misconstrued. It’s precisely what the color name implies: a cool shade of grey. This shade appears slightly blue, thanks to its position in the cool blue section of the color spectrum. If you increase both its saturation and brightness values to 100%, you get an almost pure shade of blue.

How can this knowledge help with your graphic designs? Consider how the color meanings of blue and gray can impact your brand image. Just like gray, blue can connote calmness, harmony, and trust. Cool grey can work well for creating these brand expectations in your audience’s minds.

Grey shades’ traditional color meanings such as precision, elegance, and innovation are ideal for tech, auto, and luxury brands. However, cool grey’s slightly bluish hue can skew its connotations in a different direction. Consider its proximity to purple, blue, and violet shades such as lavender, thistle, and wisteria. People who see cool grey as more violet or purple may associate it with spirituality, creativity, and wisdom. Pairing cool grey with blue, violet, or purple shades can help you capitalize on these deeper meanings.

Cool grey is neutral, so it can accompany a wide range of colors. A monochrome palette can include cool grey plus other gray, black, or white shades. You can effectively contrast light against dark for striking visual effects. To create an eye-catching winter palette, match cool grey with blue, violet, purple, black, and white shades.

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