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The meaning behind beige

Create sophisticated designs with the classic beige.

About the color

Beige is in fashion, and so are its many shades. It symbolizes coziness, tranquility, harmony and is considered a noble color. Beige is usually associated with comfort, tenderness, and softness. The color name is derived from the French word for natural wool, which has never been bleached or dyed.

Beige was very popular in the 18th century. Different shades of beige prevailed in sculpture, architecture, painting. Statues and figurines were made from a milky stone called steatite (soapstone). South American architects used white ceramics in their works, but they always chose beige for the patterns on the tiles. Artist Jean Chardin always replaced white with beige in his paintings.

Nowadays, beige is a trending color used in various spheres: interior design, fashion, clothing, branding, and more. Find out how to apply a beige color palette to your visuals and create aesthetic graphic designs. The hex code for beige is #F5F5DC.

Type Value
HEX #f5f5dc
RGB 245, 245, 220
CMYK 0, 0, 0.1, 0.04

Application in design

Beige is considered a calm and neutral color. Different shades of a beige color scheme are often used as backgrounds. It is a classic color, so it can be complementary with both bright and dark colors

Due to associations with coziness and comfort, beige is a winning choice for interior design mind maps. Mix beige with shades of brown or grey, and create an elegant and deep color combination for your visuals. 

The mix of black and beige makes an image more discreet and holistic. This color combination is often used for company branding. Use beige with soft shades of pink and bring a sense of tenderness to your design.

For more bold and spicy combinations, combine beige with red or intense shades of green. Play with different colors and find the perfect color scheme for your creative ideas.

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