When outsourcing social media marketing is the best solution

    When outsourcing social media marketing is the best solution

    Question: What can be a powerful (and totally legal) booster for your business effectiveness?  Answer: Оutsourcing.  Really, if someo...

    Question: What can be a powerful (and totally legal) booster for your business effectiveness? 

    Answer: Оutsourcing. 

    Really, if someone can do things better/faster/cheaper than you (and this is not the core of your activity), it’s logical to ask them to become your “extended arm” in that. Especially in business, where quality, added value, and cost-effectiveness are the top priorities. 

    Social media marketing is one of the business activities that can be outsourced effectively. No matter what you want to outsource—your social media strategy or just creating visual content for your Instagram account—this decision might save you tons of effort.

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    • What can be outsourced in small business marketing
    • 5 myths around outsourcing social media marketing
    • Why outsource your social media marketing
    • 3 questions to ask yourself before outsourcing social media power

    What can be outsourced in small business marketing

    In business, there are a variety of tasks that can be delegated and activities that can be outsourced. An owner or CEO can decide that it would be much more efficient to engage some other teams’ power to implement administrative tasks, shipping and logistics, IT management, accounting—and marketing, too.

    As part of the social media marketing package, you can outsource: 

    1. Content strategy. You can hire a team of professionals to develop your communication strategy focusing on social media channels. 
    2. Content analytics. Here, you outsource content measuring and reporting the insights into the content effectiveness.
    3. Content & community management. The contractors will post your content, gauge the results, and communicate with the audience.
    4. Paid social advertising. The contractors will plan, execute, track, measure, and optimize the marketing performance.
    5. Content creation. Some other person or team (or even a digital instrument) will create texts, images, videos, and ads for your social media channels. For example, with VistaCreate social media design tools small and medium businesses can make top-notch pictures for social media in no time—and it’s also outsourcing.

    Of course, you can outsource everything from one team or even a person. But if you want to be more engaged in the process and do some part of this job, you can keep some of these elements to your in-house team. No one says you must source 100% of content from a contractor; sometimes, you need just 50% or even 20%.

    5 myths around outsourcing social media marketing 

    In early 2022, there were 3.96 billion social media users across all platforms around the globe, and it’s predicted to increase to nearly 6 billion by 2027. And most of these people go to social media channels to learn about new products or brands, make decisions about their next purchase or share feedback about it. 

    Social media content can raise awareness about your product, connect the audience with it, engage customers, build trust, and grow sales. It plays a super important role in a brand’s life, so many CEOs and CMOs hesitate to outsource this to teams outside the company. But there are some other reasons to mention:

    My content will be so much similar to the one for the others

    If a team or a freelancer runs a bunch of clients, it doesn’t mean they use the same ideas and visual style to communicate all their clients’ messages. 

    The truth is that social media marketing agencies have their style and approach, differentiating them from their niche competitors. But they work with dozens of brands, and of course, they focus on their unique mission, vision, tone of voice (TOV), and goals. 

    The only thing their work for various brands can (and should) have in common is the execution level. Here, you can know for sure: if the contractor fails to deliver outstanding results to other clients, there’s little chance it will do this for you. 

    If you work with an instrument for creating social media content, you can adapt the visual content to your needs as much as you want. For instance, in VistaCreate, a creator can customize thousands of templates to their tastes and goals. Look at VistaCreate’s visuals in its recent post on Facebook — they were created using the media content in the Objects collection. Anyone can use these assets, but the result can be very different.

    When outsourcing social media marketing is the best solution
    When outsourcing social media marketing is the best solution

    The team will not feel the vibe of our brand

    The contractors will catch the vibe of your brand if you share your TOV and content creation policy with them (actually, it’s their job to get the vibe, if they don’t, they must not be a very good agency). Your brand’s communication style may look simple and obvious, but it’s much better to communicate the DNA of your brand to the outsource team (just like you would do to the new people in the team). Also, all kinds of creative briefs, guidelines, dos and don’t will come in handy.

    If your contractors plan something that could change your communication dramatically, you will notice it during your next sync where you will discuss new content marketing experiments or hypotheses.

    It will cost a fortune

    The set of social media marketing efforts might look huge, and it may seem that the cost of the service can be huge. It can be, but it depends on the number of tasks. If you want an agency to carry out the whole social media marketing scope, it might be costly. But if you outsource some part of it (or your brand is small), it won’t jeopardize your financial stability.

    The budget varies. You can engage the whole team (designers, copywriters, targetologists included) monthly or add contractors from time to time and pay them hourly. Both $500 and $5,000 are enough for a start, the only thing you should remember here is to be realistic. 

    It’s not safe

    The idea of handing out all the passwords to your social media accounts and even part of the brand’s financial data sounds like making yourself an easy victim of fraud. Well, it might be so, but hopefully, it won’t if you engage with a team that values its reputation and has many positive customer testimonials. 

    To ensure the team’s service is transparent, ask them to share reports with you and trust your passwords only to those who can keep them safe. But please, do not micromanage—it will ruin the whole idea of outsourcing.
    You can either go to top teams or freelancers in the industry or trust your brand to specialists who don’t like publicity. But always ask to share some cases with you (hopefully, they will have ones without NDA restrictions). Here’s how the WeThinkSocial, Iron Roots, and Viral Nation agencies present their cases:

    When outsourcing social media marketing is the best solution
    When outsourcing social media marketing is the best solution
    When outsourcing social media marketing is the best solution

    We will lose track of analytics

    Regular reports and insights will help you understand how effective the content is. Of course, everything should be transparent and easy to check at every moment, but—again—no micromanagement is welcome here.

    Before starting your collaboration, digitalize the goals to have a common understanding of what you want, which result will be good enough and should be considered red flags. Be open and clear about what you want and set goals, but try to make them as realistic as possible.

    Why outsource your social media marketing

    Now that the most popular myths about outsourcing your social media content are debunked let’s take a closer look at why engaging a contractor to run your Instagram or YouTube is a smart solution.

    You don’t want to create a new department

    Creating an in-house department of social media creators, targetologists, and marketing managers is a big thing. They all will become part of your company, and you should mind all the onboarding and grading issues with them. 

    If you are not sure your company needs a new department because the scope of work is small or just want to experiment with social media marketing approaches, consider outsourcing the experts from a specialized agency to feel more flexible.

    You have multiple products and brands 

    It might not be that hard to run one or two social media pages for one product, but when you have an array of products and brands, you will need to invest more time and energy into that. Make a quick calculation and figure out which is more efficient for you: to spend resources on scaling your brands or to write copy and create visual media, posting and analyzing the content, testing marketing hypotheses, etc.

    You want to save budget

    The teams specializing in social media marketing have access to a pool of top-notch SMM tools, planners, and analytical systems, as well as in-depth reports that might cost thousands of dollars. You don’t need the whole scope of possibilities these tools and assets offer—but you definitely want some part of it.

    You want to be up to date

    Social media communication agencies perfectly know the trends and current rules of the sphere because it’s part of their everyday job. They grow their expertise, discover and analyze tendencies, and are ready to offer off-beat concepts before you even realize a new trend is emerging. 

    Social media platforms are quite different, and posting the same content in all the media channels is not a stellar idea. The team which does your social media communications should be experts in technical possibilities of each platform to make the most of the social media channels. 

    It is a great thing if a social media marketing agency has a series of tips on Instagram or YouTube, a blog, or a podcast with valuable insights. It means that their expertise is valuable enough to be shared. Take a look at how the Giraffe social media agency shares its expertise:

    When outsourcing social media marketing is the best solution

    A screenshot of the giraffesm page grid

    You want a strategic approach

    Social media marketing communications build on strategy. And to develop it, you should ideally know the product, audience, mission, and goals as well as be able to put it all together in the form of a social media communication strategy and plan its step-by-step implementation. You are an expert on your brand, but outlining a string strategy requires deep knowledge about the field.

    A detailed social media communication strategy is helpful both for routine execution and hard times because it is a kind of navigation system that helps you survive any crisis. If you don’t know where to go next or what type of reaction to stick to, your strategy paper will offer you some ideas. 

    3 questions to ask yourself before outsourcing social media power

    Outsourcing your social media communication to standalone professionals or teams is not the only way to boost your social media accounts and drive sales. But in many cases, this is one of the smartest solutions. 

    So, before deciding to delegate this part of the work to someone outside your company, ask yourself three questions: 

    1. What results do you want? If you want rapid growth and tangible changes in sales or awareness, it’s better to assign this to the teams with some experience. If you want just to keep the media presence and implement minor changes, maybe you can keep the social media communication within your team.

    2. What budget can we allocate? Outsourcing a team of social media marketing specialists might cost you more than creating and posting content on your own. Plus, you should create and promote content regularly. If your budget doesn’t allow you to engage new specialists for at least three months in a row, you better wait for the moment when it becomes possible.

    3. Who do you rely on more? An in-house social media manager can be a bright and diligent person; still, everyone can get exhausted, make mistakes, and fail to adapt communication solutions to the moment and current goals. 

    The sphere of SMM is tense, and when you stay on it for a long time, there can be burnout—in which a person fails to notice some important things or can’t catch up with newly emerged trends in visual content, platform tools, updates in advertising guidelines, etc. If you want your social media communications to be always fresh and vibrating, consider outsourcing a team.

    Outsourcing your social media marketing is something that any company should try, but it is not the only option. Stay open to the world of social media marketing services and be flexible — you can source some part of the work from freelancers or agencies and do the rest yourself to be closer to your brand.

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