Welcome New Formats: Zoom Background, Resume, Certificate

    Welcome New Formats: Zoom Background, Resume, Certificate

    Here at VistaCreate, we don't stop adding more useful formats for you! Please meet our three new formats – Zoom background, resume, and certificate. ...

    Here at VistaCreate, we don’t stop adding more useful formats for you! Please meet our three new formats – Zoom background, resume, and certificate.

    Welcome New Formats: Zoom Background, Resume, Certificate

    Lots of new templates are available in our library of design objects so you could choose those fitting your needs, edit them, and create beautiful and recognizable designs for your business, study, or career.

    Zoom Background

    What’s cool about this format?

    Millions of people have turned to using Zoom video chat application to work, study, or meet with friends from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, many have discovered a small yet fun feature there, transforming video backgrounds from rooms behind them to whatever they wanted: outer space, a meeting hall from The Office, the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, you name it!

    That’s what the Zoom background format from VistaCreate does: it allows you to choose among hundreds of customizable templates and create a beautiful background image (static or animated) for your online room.

    More than that, you can upload your own photo or video to customize a truly unique Zoom background in your VistaCreate artboard!

    How to create Zoom backgrounds in VistaCreate

    In our cosmic library of design objects, you’ll find a list of free Zoom background options to choose for your next business meeting, online class, or happy hour. Here’s how to work with them, step by step:

    • Log in, go to the homepage, and select Zoom Background format. Or, type it in the search bar so it would open in your artboard directly.
    • On the left panel, you will find all the ready-to-use background templates. Pick the one you like. All the templates are broken down into categories, so if you need a specifically-themed background – just browse it or type what you need in a search bar.
    • If you pick an animated background, you’ll find a Play button on the bottom of the page, so you can see what it looks like in action.
    • Now, you can customize the template as you wish. Take a minute to explore all the options at the toolbar of your artboard. Feel free to change colors, texts, or animation; scale your background, rotate it, add or remove objects from there, and so on. You can even replace everything there is with your own uploaded content. You’re the boss here.
    • Once finished, download your design in a format that fits you best.

    Welcome New Formats: Zoom Background, Resume, Certificate

    Where to use this format

    Feel free to use it whenever you have a video conference on Zoom! Make your business meeting, online lesson, or happy hour as fun or professional as you want with VistaCreate’s collection of free Zoom background images and animations.

    You can work from your kitchen, room with your family members, or even a bathroom. (Yeah, we know how challenging it can be for some of us to find a private place at home!) Adding a Zoom background image is a great way to keep your online meeting distraction-free.

    What you need to do to make the most out of this feature is to ensure that your system has the right requirements to change Zoom backgrounds. Also, please note that if you are going to gesture a lot or if your family members land on your screen during your Zoom calls, your dialog partners may notice breaks in the background.

    But no worries, Zoom developers promise to resolve this issue shortly!

    Resume format

    Choose from a variety of top-quality, ready-to-use resume templates here at VistaCreate, and customize them whenever you need!

    What’s cool about the resume format?

    A resume format is a design you fill in with all the information your future employer might need: education, skills, work experience, and contact information. Sounds simple, but most free online CV makers don’t deal with this task, falling apart as soon as you start typing.

    It’s not about VistaCreate. Our resume formats allow you to focus on what matters: they help to tell your professional story in a way employers need to hire you.

    Each resume format template in our library draws attention to your persona. Use them to highlight your skills and professional achievements, and hook the employer to get the job of your dreams!

    Resumes from VistaCreate are stylish, following the latest resume design trends. Also, they are 100% customizable, so you could go beyond the same-looking templates that never work.

    How to make resumes in VistaCreate

    • Log in, type “resume format” in the search bar at the homepage, and select it for the list of templates to open on your artboard.
    • On the left panel, check all the formats and pick the one you like most. Here you can choose among one- and two-column designs to balance word count and space.
    • Customize it according to your needs. Feel free to upload your photos and pictures, change the colors of backgrounds, add or remove texts, change fonts and letter size, use icons, etc.
    • Download your ready resume in the desired format.

    Welcome New Formats: Zoom Background, Resume, Certificate

    Why you will love to make your resume in VistaCreate?

    Picking a resume format at VistaCreate, you’ll save hours of valuable time on resume creation to spend it on building your career and professional network. Just fill in a chosen template with relevant information – easy, fast, and efficient.

    Here you add the optimized content to ready-made bullet points to design a custom resume that will speak volumes.

    VistaCreate’s resume format templates are your balance between tradition and creativity. We’ve optimized all of them for scannability and readability, so employers and recruitment software won’t have problems with recognizing you.

    Feel free to use resumes made with VistaCreate’s resume format templates at your website-portfolio, online job boards, and on social media, including LinkedIn. Also, don’t hesitate to send them to recruiters via email: multiple formats for downloading make it possible to open your resumes on different devices.

    Certificate format

    Please welcome unique designs for certificates to praise your employees’ training, your students’ achievements, or your personal objectives’ fulfillment!

    What’s cool about the certificate format?

    We bet you’ll agree that a beautiful certificate is a great way to let your employees, students, clients, or volunteers know you appreciate their work, won’t you?

    A new certificate format from VistaCreate allows you to design custom certificates for different needs: diplomas, online courses, social activity and charity, all kinds of rewards, and more.

    Now you don’t need to be a designer or wait for professionals to create stylish certificates so you could celebrate your or your associates’ work. Create them with VistaCreate’s customizable templates, download on any device, and send them to recipients.

    What’s cool about our certificate format is that you don’t have to start your document from scratch. All certificate templates are fully customizable! Feel free to use our online editor to drag and drop elements, change colors, add your logo or brand fonts, upload the recipient’s photo, and include signatures for a more professional look.

    How to make certificates in VistaCreate

    • Log in, go to our library, and select “certificate format” there to see the list of all available templates.
    • Click the icon of your chosen design to view it closer. Then, click “Use this template” to open it on your artboard.
    • Or, you can simply type “certificate format” in the search bar at our homepage and select it to open your artboard at once.
    • On the left panel, check other templates or start to customize your previously chosen one.
    • Please take a minute to explore all the available tools to edit your certificate: choose custom colors, change text, add or remove objects, upload your images to add to your design, rotate elements, etc.
    • Once ready, download your document in one of the available formats.

    Welcome New Formats: Zoom Background, Resume, Certificate

    Where to use this format

    Everywhere! We are sure that whatever your industry is – sports, business, marketing, education, charity, or else – you will find the perfect certificate template for your needs. You can create a stylish certificate to celebrate a winner of your sports event, appreciate your students’ work, or acknowledge your employee’s achievement.

    In VistaCreate’s template library, you will find certificates for any case:

    • Diplomas, to celebrate the occasion of graduation, internship, or business course completion.
    • Awards, to acknowledge someone’s achievement, celebrate a birthday, or praise attendance.
    • Certificates for social activity and charity, appreciation, membership, contribution, recognition, and so on.

    Reward those who earn it – choose from VistaCreate’s collection of certificate format templates, and customize them for anything you need.

    Wrapping up

    Here at VistaCreate, we keep on working on new formats so you could create beautiful designs with no hassle.

    Now you have a Zoom background format for video calls to look professional and stylish. In the pandemic era, when business, study, and overall pastimes go online faster than ever, this format becomes a must-have to satisfy our needs for both entertaining and professional environments.

    Also, don’t hesitate to try VistaCreate’s resume format templates to design a professionally-looking resume that will allow you to represent your knowledge and skills on the job market.

    And last but not least, why not design custom certificates to appreciate the hard work of your employees, students, volunteers, or any other professionals in your industry? Choose among our beautiful certificate templates, and make this format work for you.

    More news is coming soon!

    VistaCreate Team

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