Why upgrade to VistaCreate Pro? All the features of a paid VistaCreate account

    Why upgrade to VistaCreate Pro? All the features of a paid VistaCreate account

    When managed correctly, small businesses are prone to rapid growth. After a while, things that were once enough stop sufficing and become a limiting ...

    When managed correctly, small businesses are prone to rapid growth. After a while, things that were once enough stop sufficing and become a limiting factor to business development. That’s when you need to scale your processes and arm yourself with some additional tools. 

    But if you’re a small business owner that wants to achieve more, don’t wait until it’s too late. Instead, go big and have an ace up your sleeve from the beginning. 

    VistaCreate Pro can help you boost your game and produce better, professional designs; all in an even more efficient way than the free version of VistaCreate. 

    Let’s take a look at how your business can benefit from it. Below is a comprehensive list of all the features and tools VistaCreate Pro offers its users, and how they can set your business aside from competition.

    What is VistaCreate Pro? 

    VistaCreate Pro is a paid subscription VistaCreate plan that costs $10 per month when billed annually, or $13 per month when billed monthly. 

    VistaCreate Pro offers its users all the perks of a Starter pack such as templates, free creative assets, the background removal tool, the Styles feature, Brand Kits, free design elements, a photo editing functionality, and the Publishing feature, plus a number of other features and tools, including:

    • Over 50 million creative assets (high-quality, ready-to-use, royalty free photos, videos, and vectors)
    • Team account
    • Unlimited Brand Kits
    • Unlimited storage
    • Resize feature
    • Sticker Maker feature
    • Version History

    Everything you can do with VistaCreate Pro

    Despite the plan name, VistaCreate Pro isn’t a solution only for professional designers. In fact, beginner designers and business people who don’t have a lot of experience with graphic editors might benefit from it even more than design gurus. All because of the added functionality VistaCreate Pro offers.

    It gives you everything the free VistaCreate Starter plan offers and more. Let’s do a deep dive into all the features and tools VistaCreate offers on top of the standard free functionality. 

    Even more creative assets

    For VistaCreate Pro users, the choice is all yours and it’s pretty much unlimited. You have a pool of over 50 million creative assets to choose from, which maximizes your chances of having the most unique project possible. 

    As a free VistaCreate user, you already have access to over one million creative assets that comprise of both royalty-free, high-resolution images and videos. However, if you’re a business that has a content-first marketing strategy, you might want more than that. 

    For businesses that are continuously working on crafting new visual content for their social media marketing activities, website development, lead nurturing, and distribution of printed materials, a steady stream of high-quality royalty-free pictures, vectors, and videos is a necessity. VistaCreate Pro is a goldmine for that. 

    Even more creative assets to use in your projects is exactly what the VistaCreate Pro subscription offers! Our paid subscription plan gives you access to over 50 million creative assets. 

    Just like a free VistaCreate user, you can browse through the library of creative assets manually, or use the search functionality to find the exact assets you need for your project. 

    You can search for files by keyword, use the dropdown menu to switch between content types (photos, videos, or vectors), and filter search results to find exactly what you need for your project:

    All the photos, videos, and vectors you can find on the Creative Assets page are also accessible from the editor itself. Look for them using the Photos, Videos, and Objects tabs respectively.

    Team account

    You know how the saying goes, ‘teamwork makes dreams work’. 

    VistaCreate Pro brings you one step closer to making your business dreams come true, as it allows you to work on your design projects collaboratively with your team. 

    With the VistaCreate Pro subscription, you can set up a team account of up to 10 users and let all of them get involved in the creation of your next big design. 

    For example, you can add your copywriter, your freelance designer, your social media marketing manager, and everyone else involved in the process of boosting business sales via design to the team. Then, you can handle the whole process from ideation to distribution in one place, VistaCreate Pro. 

    To start working collaboratively, all you need to do is create a team in VistaCreate:

    Select what your team does from the dropdown menu (or specify it yourself if none of the options are a match), give it a name:

    Add up to 10 more people to your shared VistaCreate designing space:

    Once added to the team account, team members can:

    • Create and edit design projects.
    • Duplicate, rename, share, or move projects to the Trash folder.
    • Access and use the team uploaded files.
    • View other team members;
    • Delete themselves from the Team Account;
    • Switch between the Team and Personal accounts, as well as create and save projects on a personal account.

    Unlimited number of Brand Kits

    As a free VistaCreate user, you can benefit from the Brand Kit feature that lets you quickly add branding elements to all your new designs; stay brand consistent at all times

    If there’s only one business that you manage, the free version of VistaCreate will be enough for you. However, if you manage multiple brand social medias, or have different companies under your management, we recommend switching to the Pro plan. You’ll be able to keep everything in one place, easily accessible and ready to use. No time will be wasted on trying to find the right branding elements for different projects.  

    Unlike the free version of VistaCreate that limits its users to only one Brand Kit per account, VistaCreate Pro allows you to create, store, and use as many Brand Kits as you need. 

    To do that, simply go to the Brand Kits section on the website or in the editor. There, you’ll see a ‘Add new Brand kit’ button — click on it! Customize your new Brand kit by adding the logos you use, the brand colors, and the fonts. Then, give your Brand kit a name so you know exactly what it is.

    Resize feature 

    Now, onto the real VistaCreate magic! 

    A VistaCreate Pro plan gives you access to one of the most useful, most time-saving features a business owner looking to create designs could wish for — the resize feature.

    This feature allows you to avoid the Sisyphean task of creating the same design for different platforms over and over again. After all, creative jobs should stay creative; all the boring, repetitive tasks should be brought down to an absolute minimum. VistaCreate Pro’s Resize feature does just that. 

    It spares you from wasting hours on altering your image and changing its size to work for your Instagram Story, Facebook post, Pinterest graphic, and many more. Our product does it all for you. 

    All you need to do is find a template you like and customize it (or create a design from scratch — it’s up to you), and click on the Resize button on the toolbar at the top of the screen. 

    In the popup window, you can set dimensions for your new project. There are two ways to do so: either by setting custom dimensions, or by choosing one of the 70+ formats offered by VistaCreate. 

    If you need to create more than one variation of your design, you can just tick off as many as you need and create them all at once. 

    Every resized project will open in a new tab and be ready to be saved, published, or edited. 

    Sticker Maker feature

    Another VistaCreate Pro feature that’s worthy of your attention is Sticker Maker. This feature allows you to make your designs trendier and more fun in a matter of several clicks — simply add an image to your project and ‘stickerify it’, i.e. add a colored border that traces the contour of the image. 

    There are lots of applications for this feature. With VistaCreate’s Sticker Maker, you can create:

    • Stickers
    • Memes and fun designs
    • Advertisements (for instance, you can bring more attention to the product you’re selling by adding a pop of color to it)
    • Event announcements (add a border to the speaker’s silhouette) 
    • Flyers and invitations

    To add a colored border to your image, simply choose the photo you like from the creative asset library (or upload your own photo) and add it to your project. Then, click on the Edit image button. 

    Click on the Sticker Maker button. 

    The tool will do its magic and leave you with a perfectly cutout object and an automatically added default-yellow border.

    If you’re happy with the outcome of background removal, you can proceed with your sticker making process. If not, you can refine background removal using the Erase and Restore brushes. Simply select on of the brushes you need and adjust the image to your liking. To make the process easier for you, VistaCreate gives you an option of showing the original image. Once you’re satisfied with the image on your artboard, click on the Confirm button!

    You can also change the size of the border and its color. 

    When changing the color of the border, you can either choose for a completely random color from the palette, or apply a color from your Brand Kits, project colors, or one of the image colors. There are also ready-made presets for you to choose from, too: 

    Unlimited storage for files and projects

    With all the previous VistaCreate Pro features, it’s likely that your collection of created designs will grow very quickly. Good news! There is enough room for every project no matter how big or small. 

    All paid users of VistaCreate get unlimited storage for their files and projects, which means you can store as many design projects as you want without having to compromise on any of them.

    Besides, you can upload as many files — photos, videos, music tracks, fonts, etc. — as you need, and have them all stored in one place, waiting for their time to shine. 

    Version History

    We want you to feel confident when designing. That’s why we offer the Version History functionality. Go back to a previous version and try a different path, then see what works best.

    Experiment with different outlays, styles, and templates, explore new ideas for previously used visuals, and always count on VistaCreate to save your progress. Thanks to Version History, you can always go back to the preferred version if you make a mistake or no longer like the designs advancements you’ve made.

    Why upgrade to VistaCreate Pro? All the features of a paid VistaCreate account

    You can either restore any of the previous versions and continue working on it, or duplicate a past version and start a ne “branch” from there by clicking on the Copy & Restore button.

    Why upgrade to VistaCreate Pro? All the features of a paid VistaCreate account

    The bottom line: Do you really need to upgrade to VistaCreate Pro?

    Long story short, yes.

    Although the free version VistaCreate does a pretty good job of providing you with all the functionality you need to create beautiful designs, VistaCreate Pro sets the bar even higher. 

    With the added functionality, you can minimize the effort you put into creating your designs and maximize the results. Win-win!

    Valerie Kakovkina

    Content marketing manager at VistaCreate. Valerie loves all things marketing, with her favourite areas being email marketing and social media. When out of the office, Valerie loves travelling, going to parties, and helping her friends with their art projects (oh to be surrounded by artists).

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