Destination “The World”: How Design Agencies Can Enter Global Markets

    Many businesses launch on Upwork because this platform allows entrepreneurs to find both employees and clients. However, this is just one of the ...

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    Many businesses launch on Upwork because this platform allows entrepreneurs to find both employees and clients. However, this is just one of the major Upwork’s advantages and today we will take a closer look at how exactly design agencies can benefit from this platform.

    Upwork & VistaCreate

    More than 10,000 businesses use trusted agencies on Upwork each year. Agencies can efficiently win projects and build their reputation on the world’s largest platform for work.

    – Upwork

    Why Upwork?

    Small design agencies usually don’t have enough budget to hire in-house teams. Upwork Enterprise offers businesses all the needed resources to get work done quickly, professionally, and remotely.

    On Upwork, agencies can easily find and hire part-time or short-term designers for small tasks and projects. There are many specialists with different skills, so it’s not hard to gather a whole team of designers for recurring projects as well. For full-time work, agencies can find a perfect designer or a whole team, sign a contract with employees, and be sure that work will be done with a deeper understanding of the project and in specific terms.

    Clients, on the other hand, turn to Upwork mostly for quick, relatively cheap, but also high-quality service. Agencies that offer a wide range of services like UI/UX, Illustration, Motion, and Graphic design are more likely to be chosen for partnership. This is due to the fact that design projects often require combined expertise in different disciplines.

    Stats & numbers

    Upwork states that the Design Category is the third-largest category in terms of Freelancer Earning at the platform after Web Development and Admin Support.

    There are 12,000 design and creative job posts on Upwork every week. This is why Design is the second-largest category after Web Development regarding job posts.

    In general, design jobs’ fill rate is much higher than the rest of the marketplace. And the jobs are also filled faster. The average days that a design job is filled is 2.6 whereas the number is 3.4 for the marketplace.

    – Upwork

    Scope of work & pricing

    The major issue agencies face when they are on the launch stage lies in setting the right price for their services. The cost usually depends on the size and scope of the client’s project. For example, Upwork states that the fixed cost of the brand identity package may vary from $500 up to $100k, depending on the complexity of the concept. Meanwhile, 3D animation may cost from $1,500 to $6,000+, and photo retouching from $35 to $75+.

    It’s also important to consider the level of employees’ skills. Upwork states that the average hourly rate of design agencies varies from $25 to $250+. The vagueness of these numbers can be explained by different levels of professionalism. Some agencies have experts with 10 years of experience, who have a $200 average hourly rate. Other agencies have younger employees, who only start working in the design industry and have a $50 average hourly rate.

    Agency profile

    In order to get noticed by potential clients among numerous design agencies on Upwork, it’s important to create an outstanding profile.

    The first things clients see when they go to the agency’s profile are logo, banner image, and tagline. These may not be the most important things in cooperation but they are very important for company recognition. The images put on the Upwork profile literally represent the level of the agency’s creativity and skills.

    Agency overview is an important profile field that is, unfortunately, often neglected. Design agencies that can clearly explain what they offer and why they are unique in a short overview, are more attractive for potential clients.

    The key to an outstanding profile, however, lies in the quality of provided services and rich portfolio. The more beautiful works agency showcases –– the more credibility it gains from the clients.

    One more thing

    The client will definitely write their feedback after the project is delivered and it will define the agency’s rating. The feedback will always be positive if the agency diligently does its job.

    Overall, design agencies can earn a lot of money on Upwork, if they are active enough. It’s important for the agency managers to quickly answer clients’ requests, for designers to clearly understand and stick to the requirements, and be on schedule.

    For those who have no design skills and no time to hire an agency, there’s VistaCreate. With VistaCreate, you can easily create beautiful images for social media, ads, blogs, and web in a couple of minutes.

    VistaCreate Team

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