New in VistaCreate: Styles feature

    New in VistaCreate: Styles feature

    VistaCreate strives to be your best business partner. We want to help with bringing your creative ideas to life, all while making work easier for you...

    VistaCreate strives to be your best business partner. We want to help with bringing your creative ideas to life, all while making work easier for you. This is why we are constantly upgrading our product and expanding the functionality VistaCreate offers its users. Today, we have some pretty exciting news to share with you!

    We’re thrilled to announce our latest addition to VistaCreate’s stack of features — the free Styles feature

    This feature will make it significantly easier for you to:

    • Customize ready-made templates to fit your specific needs.
    • Create a new design from scratch (especially when it is difficult to decide on a style).
    • Give your design a more holistic, stylish, and high-quality look.

    Styles are meant to make your design process quick and easy. The Styles feature allows VistaCreate users to do three major things:

    1. Apply a ready-made style to a project.
    2. Apply your brand style to a project. 
    3. Transfer a style from one template to another. 
    4. Create and apply a style from a photo to a project.

    Let’s take a look at how it works, and how the Styles feature can bring your design projects to the next level. 

    Use the Styles feature to apply a ready-made style to your project

    VistaCreate already has an extensive library with thousands of ready-made professional design templates for you to choose from. We have plenty of stylish templates for all kinds of online and offline projects, starting from social media posts and Stories, YouTube and LinkedIn covers, and ending with logos, posters, graphics, and flyers. 

    Our team of creators works hard to make sure that all available templates are eye candies — beautiful to look at and always bang-on-trend. But to each their own. It’s absolutely natural for you to fall in love with a design, but still long for it to have a different color combo. The Styles feature makes it possible!

    Thanks to this feature, you can now change the way a project looks in a matter of seconds. The Styles tab gives users a way to apply professionally prepared color palettes and powerful font pairs (header style and text body style) to any project or template of their choice. It’s a fun way to experiment with the looks of your project, and find an unconventional, yet trendy color solution for it! 

    Fun fact: The majority of palettes were created by our talented designers, who also produced color palettes for the Colors project. Kudos to them!

    How do I apply a style to a project?

    Simply click on one of the ready-made Style cards in the tab, and it will be automatically applied to the design on your artboard. Clicking the same style card again will change the color order (color shuffling) for all the elements on your artboard. You can shuffle as many times as you want to find a combo you love the most — VistaCreate is a land of opportunities, indeed! 

    If you use a photo as the background for your design, applying a style to the project will give your image a small tint, based on the applied color palette. When you click on the shuffle, the tint will change along with the style.

    By default, when you click on one of the ready-made styles, both the color palette and the font pair are applied to the design. However, if you want to spice it up even further, you can mix and match color styles and font styles. To do this, switch to the corresponding “Colors” or “Fonts” tab, and get down to experimenting. 

    Use the Styles feature to quickly brand your designs 

    The ready-made styles we offer are great for designers that are still looking for a perfect combination of colors and fonts for their project. However, if you already have a specific style to adhere to in all your designs, you might benefit more from our Brand Kit as a Fast Style feature. 

    This feature can help you streamline your design branding process and make your templates consistent with your brand in a matter of seconds. It allows you to instantly customize the templates they choose or the designs you create to match your branded kits. 

    Moreover, you can use the Shuffle functionality to find the best-looking color combo so you don’t have to waste your time experimenting manually. 

    How do I apply my Brand Kit to my project? 

    If you don’t have a Brand kit yet, you should create one here by uploading your logo, brand colors, and brand fonts into the system. Once you add a Brand kit, it’ll become available as a Fast style in the Styles tab. 

    If you have several different Brand kits (this option is only available to VistaCreate Pro subscribers), you can choose the one you want to apply as a style from the drop-down list:  

    Then, click on the Brand Kit palette to transfer your brand colors to the design or on the fonts to transfer the fonts. If you only have one brand font, it will be applied to the project in different sizes. 

    Click on the Shuffle button to find the most successful color combination for your project! 

    Use the Styles feature to transfer a style from one template to another

    We care deeply about the most valuable resource you have, your time. Once you find your go-to style among our ready-made templates and want to apply it to a new project, look no further than the style transferring functionality.

    How do I transfer a style from a template?

    To transfer a style from a VistaCreate template to your project, simply hover over the template of your choice and click on the three dots in the upper right corner. 

    Styles can be applied in parts — both the font style and the color palette can be transferred to your design. Just like with ready-made styles, clicking on the style again will color shuffle all elements on your artboard. 

    If you transfer a style to an empty artboard, you’ll end up with a solid background according to your color choice. 

    NB! Font styles can only be transferred to projects that already have text on the artboard. 

    Use the Styles feature to create and apply a style from a photo

    In one of our articles, we covered the importance of maintaining color consistency in detail. Picking a color to represent your brand and sticking to it in all your marketing communications plays an integral part in building your brand. It ensures that everything your brand does is recognizable, and makes your brand stand out from competition. 

    If you’re an established business, it’s likely that you already have a go-to color palette to represent your brand. That’s brilliant, because the Styles feature allows you to switch to your signature colors in a single click! To do this, all you need is a photo that contains your color palette of choice.

    How do I apply a style from a photo?

    To transfer a color solution from a photo to your project, simply add it to the artboard, and a 4-point star icon will appear on the tool panel above. 

    NB! You can either upload your own image, or choose one from the VistaCreate gallery.

    By clicking on the icon, you’ll see a tooltip for applying your custom style to the project. This color palette will contain key colors from the chosen photo and will, too, have a shuffle option.

    For example: 

    Choose a template you like.

    Transfer an image to the template and remove its background. 

    Click on the 4-point star icon. 

    Apply the photo’s style to the entire artboard. 

    Shuffle until you find the perfect order of colors. 

    VistaCreate Pro Tip: Make sure you give all your styles a shuffle — even if you don’t vibe with the initial look of your project. Changing the color of elements on your artboard can give it a funky makeover. 

    The feature is already available for you to check out on VistaCreate. Make sure you give it a try, it’s so worth it! 

    Valerie Kakovkina

    Content marketing manager at VistaCreate. Valerie loves all things marketing, with her favourite areas being email marketing and social media. When out of the office, Valerie loves travelling, going to parties, and helping her friends with their art projects (oh to be surrounded by artists).

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