What social media marketing packages do specialist agencies offer?

    What social media marketing packages do specialist agencies offer?

    You stumbled on this article because you've given it some thought. So, should you delegate your social media content and management to an agency?&nbs...

    You stumbled on this article because you’ve given it some thought. So, should you delegate your social media content and management to an agency? 

    This is a tough decision because it’s not just about costs. You might not have enough time if you’re managing a business on your own and having to create visuals for social media online. It could also be that you simply don’t have extra hands to delegate this huge chunk of work.  

    Social media can not only drive engagement for your content online, but bring in clients as well. There’s a lot of potential with specialists that know what they’re doing; they can help you create excellent content and acquire more clients.  

    Aside from covering the basics about social media marketing agencies in this article, we’ll also explore what they offer. Hopefully, this will help you make up your mind by the time you’re done reading.

    What is a social media marketing agency, and what services do they offer? 

    A social media marketing agency is an organization that specializes in offering social media services to brands. Normally, they consist of experts from different fields that can help with social media growth. In an agency, you’ll find experts in copywriting, visual content creation, strategy development, analytics, and more.  

    Here are some types of services social media marketing agencies can offer you. We’ll mention them in brief here and see how they fit into the packages they offer.  

    • Social media marketing strategy development. Your strategy is a way of getting from point A to point B in your marketing activities — so it’s essential that the agency creates a comprehensive social media marketing strategy, researches your competitors, defines your audience persona, and lays down a list of activities to implement to reach your goals.  
    • Tone of voice creation. To get your message across effectively, you need to build a solid tone of voice — that is, a unique communication style that you’ll use across all channels.  
    • Comment management policy. A proper comment management policy can lead to increased sales, raised brand awareness, and more loyalty from your target audience. How you address comments and requests from your audience online is an integral part of the success of your brand. It is how you are perceived in the eyes of a potential consumer.   
    • Copywriting for social media posts. From short call-to-action posts to longreads — all of them need effective copywriting. The big plus to a social media marketing agency is that they have specialists on the team that are excellent copywriters, and can craft copy that entertains, informs, and even converts.  
    • Content creation. There will be specialists that can create your visuals, both static and video content. One can’t imagine a good social media campaign without a visual component.  
    • Analytics and reporting. How do you know your strategy is effective? We say: analyze, analyze, analyze. If you let the agency monitor your key performance indicators, you’ll receive lots of data on how to better your social media presence.  
    • Paid ad campaign creation and management. If you’re set to give your business a boost by creating paid ad campaigns, maintain consistency. The agency is likely to come up with proper budgeting options and creative ideas on how to market your products.

    4 perks of delegating your social media marketing to an agency 

    Given that you’ve chosen the right agency, this step will bring some advantages to your business’ development. Here’s what you will get:  

    1. Access to better expertise  

    Social media marketing agencies specialize in strategies and managing different social media for your brand. Their strategy will always be tailored to your brand specifically, making it a custom solution with some of the best experts weighing in.  

    2. Time saving for your team  

    As you outsource, your team gets more time to spend on internal projects and self-development. And you can focus on what’s essential for your business — delivering high quality products that will cater for your clients’ needs. Of course, it takes time to brief the agency. But in the long run, you save time by delegating a big chunk of your workload to an agency that can speed up your social media growth, engagement rates, as well as uphold your brand reputation.  

    3. Access to professional social media marketing tools  

    When you’re managing your social media on your own, you tend to rely on your gut feelings in some cases. Agencies, on the contrary, employ a wide variety of professional tools in their job. If you decide to go with an agency, you can be sure your social media progress will be backed by quality analytics, scheduling tools, professional content creation assets, and more. 

    4. Better performance results  

    With all of the above taken into consideration, your business is set to achieve better results in terms of its core goals. When you’re with an agency, the professionals will put all their experience into delivering steady growth, creating effective content, and analyzing your performance.  

    How to choose an agency for delegate your social media marketing 

    Outsourcing your social media marketing may appear challenging. But it can be rewarding — given that you put some effort into it first. How do you choose the right agency for your purposes?  

    First, spend enough time and effort researching the agencies out there. Ask around, search for relevant LinkedIn posts, or simply google it. We bet you have a community of entrepreneurs around — can you ask someone for a recommendation?  

    Next, compare prices and analyze portfolios to see which agency is the best fit. If you’re a small business, you want to look for agencies that specialize in marketing companies that are in the early stages of development. Be proactive and ask agency representatives about their previous experience. What challenges did they help businesses overcome? What approach do they follow? 

    Consider a niche agency. Sometimes, you don’t want to delegate your whole social media routine to an agency. Say, you’re handling most of the activities yourself, but want an agency to help you with a niche area — like setting up paid marketing campaigns. In this case, you want to look for agencies that specialize in exactly that.  

    Prepare everything you need to brief the agency. This will surely include your brand DNA, TOV guidelines, and anything else that will help the social media marketing agency grasp the core of your brand and business.  

    Once you’ve chosen your agency, establish proper communication with their team. You want the agency to fully grasp your brand’s identity, mood, tone of voice, and more. Provide all vital information that will help the agency be in tune with your company. Secure convenient communication channels and hold a couple of offline meetings if you have the chance.  

    Monitor and give good feedback. Make it a habit to have regular performance reviews. Make sure you’re open and sincere with your agency about your needs and aspirations. In the end, it’s good communication that brings great results. 

    Types of social media marketing packages agencies offer 

    If you’ve decided to go with an agency, the question is: what are the social media marketing services out there and how do you choose your package? Normally, agencies offer three types of packages tailored to the needs of your brand and its current market position. Let’s review them in detail. 

    Basic social media marketing package 

    A basic package will cater for the needs of small businesses and startups. The name says it all — it’s basic, so you get the minimal needed services to get your social media up and running. Typically, here’s what you’ll find in the basic social media marketing package: 

    • Page optimization. You’ll have your page analyzed by agency experts and special tools, and optimized to better transmit your brand’s story. 
    • X posts per week. The number of posts varies from agency to agency, and you’ll have to decide how many posts will be produced when you sign a contract. 
    • Updated cover and profile picture. The agency will likely work on this based on your Brand Kit — that is, your company logo, color palette, and fonts.
    • Basic social media strategy. You’ll receive a social media strategy listing your business goals, target market, content creation process, and more. 

    Advanced social media marketing package 

    This one is more extensive. Normally, the more advanced the plan, the more social media platforms it will cover. With an advanced social media marketing package, expect the services listed in a basic plan, plus: 

    • 2-3 more platforms covered. Typically, you start with Facebook/Instagram, and then add Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, or other social media platforms as per your strategy and request.
    • Detailed strategy. In advanced plans, the agency will go deeper into market research and competitor analysis to provide you with a comprehensive go-to market social media strategy. 
    • Inbox responses and comment management. Agency specialists will handle the requests in your inbox and manage comments; this way, all your clients are happy and you get more dynamic engagement on your page. 
    • Monthly reports. You’ll receive detailed monthly reports showing your account growth, brand reputation and awareness, sales indicators, and more. 

    Pro social media marketing package 

    Often called premium, this social media package will appear more costly, but it covers as many social media services as possible. In addition to the services listed in the advanced plan, you can count on the following: 

    • Full-scale strategy. In this case, the agency will develop a comprehensive strategy for all your chosen social media channels — from competitor analysis to a detailed tone of voice, content strategy, and posting calendar. 
    • Verified social media pages. This will add to your brand’s image and help gain trust from your clients.  
    • X posts per week. An advanced plan normally comes with more posts per week, so you can expect steady social media growth.  
    • Community management. Per your request, the agency can create a designated place to communicate with your followers — say, a Facebook group. This can help your business build better ties with your customers. 

    At all stages, agencies will assign a dedicated account manager to guide you through every step of the way.

    How to take care of your social media content on a budget 

    There are indeed some cons in delegating your social media marketing to an agency. For instance, there’s the risk of losing control over an important part of your business. Keep in mind that there might also be some security risks as your business information becomes available to third parties. 

    As you delegate, your agency may find it hard to be constantly aware of the changes your business is going through.  

    At VistaCreate, we understand you might not always have the option to invest in content creation or management. And we’re happy to give you a helping hand here. With VistaCreate, you can design your own on-brand graphics, even if you don’t have any design skills — just take a look at the thousands of ready-made templates we have in our library.  

    With VistaCreate, you can build your social media designing process by relying on quality templates for every occasion — from your Youtube cover to Instagram Stories. We also offer a number of tools that will make the content creation and management process easier.  

    • Brand Kit. Do you have your own on-brand color palette, logo, and fonts? Add them to a Brand Kit! Once you have your brand assets ready, you can apply them to your designs in seconds.  
    • Styles Feature. The Styles Feature opens lots of opportunities to experiment with your design projects. You can choose a template and apply different color palettes and fonts to see which ones fit best. You can also transfer a style from a template you like to a new template. As we mentioned, you can also use Brand Kit to apply on-brand colors and fonts to your template.  
    • The Scheduler. With the Scheduler, you can plan your posts for a specific date and time without even leaving the VistaCreate library. Yes, it’s as easy as that. Simply create the visual you want to post, schedule it, and enjoy its time saving benefits. 
    • The Logomaker. Fancy an all-new, unique logo? What if we say you can create one in minutes? Head over to VistaCreate’s Logomaker feature, enter basic information about your company, and choose among thousands of readily available logos the tool will create. You can always customize it as you want in the editor.  

    So, are you interested in creating your next masterpiece now

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