How to promote your beauty business on social media: Best practices, ideas, and templates

    How to promote your beauty business on social media: Best practices, ideas, and templates

    Social media can either make or break your beauty business.  If you succeed, it’ll rain customers. And if you don’t, they’re likely to go to ...

    Social media can either make or break your beauty business

    If you succeed, it’ll rain customers. And if you don’t, they’re likely to go to the next best brand. 

    It’s all about being where your customers are, letting them see you, and knowing how to appeal to them.

    We’ve already sorted out the first challenge — your customers are on social media, waiting for you to get there. 

    The rest is also in this article. No fluff, just practical tips and tricks that will help you stand out from the crowd, and will make sure your target audience finds your beauty business. Templates and ideas included.

    Why should you market your beauty business on social media?

    Social media marketing is an important part of any beauty business’ marketing strategy, let alone small businesses that are only starting their journey to success:

    • Social media platforms allow you to engage with your current and potential customers
    • It’s a quick and relatively cheap way to spread more awareness about your services.
    • It’s a great way to establish your brand and relationship with a target audience.

    However, not everyone can succeed at social media marketing. To make sure your beauty service aces the SMM game, you need to choose the right platform to set up a profile. 

    Luckily for you, we cover all the bases! 

    So, what is the best social media platform to focus your marketing efforts? This is a tough question to answer as it depends on a lot of factors. 

    Granted that beauty businesses depend heavily on visual content, you might put the majority of your eggs into the Instagram and Facebook basket. These two social media platforms offer everything you need for successful marketing: video, images, Stories, carousels, and lots of space for text. 
    Besides, with VistaCreate, it’s easy to publish your marketing designs right from the editor to Facebook or Instagram. Learn how it’s done in two clicks in our article.

    8 social media marketing ideas, tips and tricks for your beauty business

    Before we get to the best practices, you need to understand the basics. Once you choose the social media platform to promote your beauty business on, learn all the mechanisms and algorithms it uses. Which formats work best? Hashtags or no hashtags? Long copy or short copy? How often should you post for maximum exposure? Which colors have the most impact on your chosen social media? 

    All of this can be found on the pages of our blog — give it a good taste!

    Without further ado, let’s dive into the 8 best SMM ideas for a beauty business. Grow your following, increase traction, and boost sales!

    #1 — Make sure all your content is on-brand and recognizable 

    Your business’s social media page isn’t a separate, self-standing entity. It’s a continuation of your website, your salon’s space, and your overall brand identity. So, both the page itself and everything you post on it should be in line with already existing branding elements. 

    The idea is to inject your branding into everything you share online. Then, your followers will be able to easily differentiate you from the competition, immediately spot your publications on their feeds, and give them the treatment they deserve. 

    Moreover, by developing a specific way of presenting your information on social media and sticking to it, you also leverage the power of habit. Even if your followers don’t interact with your publication for long enough, they still recognize you from the crowd and, therefore, subconsciously place your brand at the front of their minds. 

    For instance, you can create a branded background for all your social media pictures, you can animate your designs using specific elements, or you can even create color palettes from your beauty works:

    Source: @kutaan_nails_kiev on Instagram 

    Here’s how you can make sure your social media content stands out from the competition and is representative of your brand:

    • Watermark the images you publish with your logo.
    • Make sure your captions and texts use the right Tone of Voice.
    • If your business has a defined color palette, make sure you incorporate it in all of your social media designs.

    Read this article about how to be color consistent and why it matters

    Adding branding to your social media marketing designs manually can be a pain in the rear. But with dedicated tools by your side, it won’t take longer than a couple of seconds. 

    VistaCreate users can benefit from the Brand Kits feature, which allows them to store all their branding elements in one place and add them to designs in a matter of two clicks. Simply create a business brand kit by adding your logo, brand colors, and text styles. Then, access them whenever you need to create a new branded design!  

    #2 — Bring value to your audience in every post you publish

    If you want to turn random visitors into devoted followers, customers, and brand advocates, you need to give them a reason to hit the Follow button in the first place. 

    For large national and international beauty chains that are already well-known, gaining followers on social media isn’t that challenging of a task. People don’t need any proof of quality or expertise to give them a follow and a couple of Likes. On the other hand, for a small business that is yet to make a name in the beauty industry, the situation is more complicated. 

    Smaller businesses such as local beauty salons, barbershops, MUAs, and hairstylists need to practically convince people to follow them, often by providing some added value to their social media publications.

    To make your publications more valuable, you can add educational content into your social media content plan. This will help you kill two birds with one stone:

    • You’ll create highly engaging content that has a chance to go viral and bring your business a lot of exposure online (if your content gets liked, shared, and saved a lot, social media platform algorithms will promote it for more people to see). 
    • You’ll build your credibility and showcase your expertise in the field. 

    There are a lot of formats you can use for your educational publications:

    • “How-to” posts. For example, “How to remove nail gel at home”, “How to choose the best tweezers for brow threading”, “How to choose the best eyeshadow color combination for your complexion”, “How to look after your eyelash extensions” etc.
    • Video-tutorials. 
    • “Why” posts. For example, “Why do you need to trim your split ends?”, “2D vs 3D lash extensions: Which one is better?”, “Why do you need to exfoliate?”, “Why do you need to prep your skin before makeup?” etc.
    • Reviews of products. Ideally, you should review the products that your salon (or you personally) uses. 
    • Product must-haves for different occasions. For example, “Top beauty products to take on a business trip”, “Top tools for an at-home blowout”, “Top hair products for blondes”, “Best products for beard growth”, etc.
    • “A trip down memory lane”. Tap into history to find fun/interesting facts about different beauty products, techniques, or your niche in general. For example, “Hairstyles of the XVI century”, “Weird beard trends of the past”, “Unusual ingredients in beauty products”, etc. 
    • Industry news. If there’s big competition in your niche, make sure you keep your followers in the loop and talk about key takeaways — trendy styles they can try out, the best new products they should pay attention to, new unusual techniques, etc. 
    • Current trends. Prove to your followers that you don’t just do your job well, but you also keep up with the latest trends in the industry. For example, “Best colors to use for nail designs”, “Trendy hair styles of 2022”, “Brow trends of the year”.
    • Anti-trends. When there are trends, there are also things that are out of trend. You can talk about those, too; just make sure you’re not overly harsh when critiquing appearances. 

    You can either present the aforementioned information in text format, or create designs and publish them on social media like pictures, carousel of images, infographics, or a series of Stories. 

    We recommend resorting to the latter, as it increases the chances of your content being shareable.

    How to promote your beauty business on social media: Best practices, ideas, and templates
    How to promote your beauty business on social media: Best practices, ideas, and templates
    How to promote your beauty business on social media: Best practices, ideas, and templates
    How to promote your beauty business on social media: Best practices, ideas, and templates
    How to promote your beauty business on social media: Best practices, ideas, and templates

    The end goal of all these publications is to prompt the people who see them to turn to you for your services. They see a hairstyle trend — they want to get their hair cut. They see a great fade — they want to get one, too. They see the consequences of not touching up their nail extensions for too long — they want to fix their nails immediately. Easy! 

    Even if you don’t create educational content, you still need to ensure everything you publish on social media — either a post, a Story, a highlight, or a Live — is valuable for your target audience and has some meaning behind it. 

    Some other things to include in your content calendar:

    • Available time slots for your services
    • The list of services your business offers and the prices for them
    • The products and techniques you use
    • A video-instruction on how to get to your location

    #3 — Balance out serious posts with fun ones

    From time to time, it’s okay to have some fun; not every single post you publish needs to be serious. To generate more exposure on social media and make your beauty business known to a wider audience, you can tap into fun content, too.

    Search the web for the trendy meme and joke formats, and use them to create content for your niche.

    Alternatively, you can look for ready-made memes regarding your craft and repost them on your social media (don’t forget to give credits to the original creators, though!). 

    Now, there are two tips that we can give you:

    • Don’t be scared of using somewhat negative memes; you can always turn tables by saying that situations like this don’t happen at your salon.
    • Make sure you’re at least somewhat aware of the meme culture — find out the actual meaning behind every trending meme and all its connotations; don’t go for ancient jokes that no one laughs at anymore.

    You can also check out VistaCreate’s fun templates for inspiration!

    #4 — Use testimonials and user-generated content

    When it comes to beauty services, testimonials and reviews are a big thing. People trust other people, and you need to make use out of it to promote your beauty business on social media. 

    There are a lot of different ways in which you can incorporate testimonials and user-generated content into your social media content:

    • Ask your clients for reviews and opinions at your salon or barbershop. Videos are always a hit.
    • Drop your past clients a message and ask them to describe the experience they’ve had with you in text. Then, publish that text in your social media posts.
    • Repost your clients’ photos and videos (make sure you ask for their permission first!) 

    To make a user-generated content collection even more interactive, do it publicly. Prompt people to share photos of themselves fresh out of an appointment with you in a thread of Facebook comments, or on Instagram Stories. Thanks to Instagram’s new Add Yours Sticker, you can even start a chain of branded Story replies! 

    For this strategy to work even better, spice up your user-generated content with excellent storytelling. Garnish every picture of a finished hairstyle or nail design with details on how it was created, the requests your customer had, or the occasion they were getting ready for. People love associating themselves with characters of stories, so give them a chance to do so!

    How to promote your beauty business on social media: Best practices, ideas, and templates
    How to promote your beauty business on social media: Best practices, ideas, and templates

    #5 — Show the transformation process; the before and after format works wonders

    Beauty businesses operate in an extremely image-oriented industry. Here, a picture is truly worth a thousand words: no matter how much you or your clients praise your salon on social media, if there isn’t visual proof of your excellence and mastership, potential customers will look for the needed service elsewhere. Don’t let your followers doubt your skill. 

    Make sure that you post plenty of images of your finished works and explain what was done in detail. If it’s a particularly complicated case, you might want to publish a series of posts highlighting the job that has been done, focusing each of the posts on different details. 

    Posts like that often get a lot of attention: they’re a magnet for likes, shares, comments, and saves. This is because people may tag their friends to ask for an opinion, send the design or style to their current artist, or just save it for reference. Even if you don’t get a new customer from everyone who interacted with your post, you’ll still get a lot of visibility. 

    For even more impressive results, try to intrigue and wow your audience with the finished product posts. Instead of only posting the after, include the before, too. The more dramatic, the better:

    #6 — Let your audience see behind the scenes of your beauty business 

    Social media platforms aren’t just another channel for lead generation, they also give you an opportunity to build a stronger relationship with your audience and show them more of who you are and what you stand for.

    Don’t just be another business; be a group of cool people behind the business! Inject your personality into your publications, and let your audience learn about your mission and vision first-hand. 

    Lift the veil and show your followers what goes on backstage — people can’t help but be nosy, in the best way possible, so exclusive behind the scenes of your beauty salon will get your views up!

    Some topics you could cover on your social media include:

    • How you choose products for your salon/barbershop
    • How you decide on the best hairstyle for your client
    • A day at [Your business] 
    • Interview your team throughout the day
    • Backstage from an event 

    You can even gamify the process a bit and add a dash of interactivity to it! For example, you can publish a series of Instagram Stories with polls, allowing the audience to take control of your actions. For example:

    • Where should we go next? Hair or Nails 
    • What product should we apply next? Foundation or Primer
    • What pattern should we create? Spider web or Lightning bolt

    #7 — Organize account takeovers

    Speaking of letting someone else have control over your account…

    The same way bars and restaurants invite star bartenders and chefs to share their best recipes, you can invite stylists, makeup artists, barbers, and nail technicians to guest-post on your social media account for a day.

    This gives you a number of benefits:

    • The person you’re inviting to take over the account will bring their audience 
    • Your followers will get more information about the beauty industry
    • You’ll get more exposure (it’s still not a very popular format, so you can get the first-mover’s advantage in your niche)

    #8 — Run exclusive social media contests and giveaways

    Celebrate your existing followers and attract new ones by running social media-exclusive contests and giveaways. 

    Here are a few contest ideas for your brand:

    • Ask your clients to share their favorite look created by you.
    • Ask your followers to recreate one of your works (perhaps, a format that will work best for makeup artists; don’t put your followers’ hair at risk!)
    • Ask your clients to create a meme about your craft or business.
    • Ask your followers to share their dream look.

    The pool of prizes can be as generous as you wish (free products, discounts, etc); just remember that the better incentive you offer, the more popular your contest will be. At the end of the day, you’re already a winner — after the contest ends, you’ll have a fair share of brand awareness and loads of user-generated content to share with your followers. 

    Remember, at the end of the day, all of these are just recommendations. You need to pay attention to your target audience’s needs and wants and adjust your social media marketing strategy accordingly.

    Getting all the inspiration you can never hurt anybody. So, don’t forget to check out VistaCreate’s solutions for beauty businesses!

    Valerie Kakovkina

    Content marketing manager at VistaCreate. Valerie loves all things marketing, with her favourite areas being email marketing and social media. When out of the office, Valerie loves travelling, going to parties, and helping her friends with their art projects (oh to be surrounded by artists).

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