​​​Snapchat stickers: A brief guide for business owners

    ​​​Snapchat stickers: A brief guide for business owners

    People love stickers, so do businesses! They are perfect for engaging with your audience, communicating more with less, and standing out from competi...

    People love stickers, so do businesses! They are perfect for engaging with your audience, communicating more with less, and standing out from competitors. One of the platforms that is particularly popular for its stickers is Snapchat. 

    Snapchat is a social media channel that is unique in terms of functionality and content. Unlike other platforms, its content is available for a brief period of time (something that Instagram and Facebook implemented solely for their Stories later on).  

    Recently, Snapchat launched the Snap AR Shopping platform that uses augmented reality to help e-commerce businesses create shoppable try-on experiences for their clients. This is another benefit this platform has — especially for brands which sell clothing, shoes, or accessories. 

    Another thing that distinguishes this social media from others is its content. Unique filters, Bitmoji, Cameo, and other funny Snapchat stickers give businesses the freedom to be bold and creative. Here’s a great example: Taco Bell created a filter that turned users’ faces into giant Cinco de Mayo tacos and set record with ​​224 million views in one day. 

    Although Snapchat is believed to be a social media channel for Gen Z, the demography of the app is more diverse. By the end of 2022, Snapchat had 363 million daily active users worldwide. Snapchat’s audience varies from 13 to 34 years old. 

    ​​​Snapchat stickers: A brief guide for business owners


    If your clients are Snapchat users, start using the platform for promoting your products. We recommend beginning with its simplest tool — stickers. Adding aesthetic Snapchat stickers to your content is easy and effective; plus, it won’t take long to figure out how it works. In this article, we have all the essentials covered for you:  

    • What are Snapchat stickers and why should you use them? 
    • What types of Snapchat stickers can you use for your content? 
    • How do you add stickers to your snaps? 
    • How can you use Snapchat stickers for your marketing campaigns + examples?  

    Enjoy your reading! 🤓 

    What are Snapchat stickers and why should you use them? 

    Snapchat stickers are small images that users can add to the photos or videos they post on the platform (also known as snaps). There are lots of them on Snapchat: from simple emojis you’re familiar with to Bitmoji and Cameo stickers (we’ll get back to them later). 

    You can use ready-made stickers from the app library or create custom ones from the photos you make. Add Snapchat stickers to your Stories or use them as group chat stickers. 

    If you can’t find a sticker that is perfect for your content on Snapchat, check out the VistaCreate library. We’ve got static and animated objects on any topic and theme. Just select a template you like and then find objects on the artboard. Remember, you can also create your own sticker using the Sticker Maker tool.  

    So, why do you need to use stickers as a business owner? There are plenty of reasons, but let’s focus on the most important ones: 

    • Stickers are self-explanatory 

    According to the Hariss Poll study, millennials aged between 18 to 34 use stickers, GIFs, and emojis because they help them express their thoughts and feelings better than words.  

    • Stickers can save you space 

    Nobody reads long texts on social media — especially if they come from brands. Good Snapchat stickers can replace sentences in your snaps and make your content easier to digest.  

    • Stickers add emotions to your content  

    Snapchat stickers are so diverse, that you can find a perfect one to highlight any emotion or situation. This will help you make your content more human and fun, and as a result boost engagement. 

    • Stickers can help you strengthen your brand image 

    Why use standard stickers when you can create your own sticker pack? Brands like Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, and Sephora use their custom Snapchat stickers instead of emojis to stand out and create a stronger connection with their clients. 

    If you’re still doubting whether stickers are that beneficial for social media, think of Kim Kardashian’s sticker collection Kimoji. It grossed $1 million a minute after it was launched. 

    What types of Snapchat stickers can you use for your content? 

    You can find Snapchat stickers in different formats: static, animated, GIFs, and more. Let’s find out more about them: Snapchat stickers names, where you can find them, and how you can create one! 

    After taking a snap, whether it’s a photo or a video, you’ll see a sticker icon on the right side of your screen. Tap on it to see all the stickers you can use for your content on Snapchat: 

    • Recently used: stickers you recently utilized for your snaps. 
    ​​​Snapchat stickers: A brief guide for business owners
    • Suggested stickers: aesthetic Snapchat stickers recommended by the platform based on where and when you took a snap. They usually include location, temperature, and time, and come in different formats from Bitmoji to GIFs. 
    ​​​Snapchat stickers: A brief guide for business owners
    • Bitmoji: digital avatars of a user that can be customized from head to toe. You can change the haircut, outfit, and even face of your Bitmoji to best represent your brand’s personality. Bitmoji can be static, 3D, or animated. 
    ​​​Snapchat stickers: A brief guide for business owners

    Here’s how you can create your Bitmoji: 

    1. Select the winking Bitmoji tag on the sticker board and tap “Create my avatar”. 
    2. Edit your avatar. You’ll find the menu with customization options at the bottom of the screen. 
    3. After customizing your Bitmoji, tap “Save”. You’ll see your avatar in different poses and settings: select one that best fits your next snap. 
    • Cameo: imagine a GIF with your face in it — that’s what a Cameo sticker is. These funny Snapchat stickers are usually animated. 
    ​​​Snapchat stickers: A brief guide for business owners

    Here’s how you can create your Cameo sticker: 

    1. Select the double-faced Cameo tag on the sticker board. 
    2. Take a selfie to fit the outlined face that will appear on the screen. If you want to take a selfie with another user, select the two-person tag 👥. 
    3. Click “Save” when you’re happy with the result. 
    • Custom: stickers you can make on your own from the photos you take on Snapchat. 
    ​​​Snapchat stickers: A brief guide for business owners

    How to make a sticker on Snapchat: 

    1. Take a photo of an object to create your cute Snapchat sticker. 
    1. Select the scissors tool ✂️ on the right side of your screen.  
    1. Outline the object on the photo using your finger. Remember that once you remove your finger from the screen, you won’t be able to make any changes to your design. 
    •  Emojis: these stickers need no explanation 😊  
    ​​​Snapchat stickers: A brief guide for business owners
    • Dress Up: Snapchat’s new stickers created by businesses to promote their products. Most of them are related to clothing or accessory brands.  
    ​​​Snapchat stickers: A brief guide for business owners

    How to add stickers on Snapchat 

    If you’re new to the app and have no idea how to use stickers on Snapchat, don’t worry. It won’t take you long to figure things out. Plus, we have short instructions for you: 

    1. Take a snap or upload content from your phone gallery to the app. Tap the round icon at the bottom of the screen if you want to take a photo. Hold it to create a video. 

    ​​​Snapchat stickers: A brief guide for business owners

    2. Go to the sticker icon on the right side of the screen. Browse through different categories to select funny Snapchat stickers. You’ll see a wide variety of designs expressing different emotions from happy to mean stickers for Snapchat. Note that you can find stickers by keyword to save time. 

    ​​​Snapchat stickers: A brief guide for business owners

    3. Adjust your Snapchat sticker to a snap: move it, change its size, or flip it using your fingers. If it doesn’t fit your snap, delete it by drag and dropping your sticker to the trash can icon. 

    ​​​Snapchat stickers: A brief guide for business owners

    4. Done with your cool sticker for Snapchat? Share it with your audience by clicking “Stories”.  

    How to use Snapchat stickers for your marketing campaigns: Examples included! 

    From adding aesthetic Snapchat stickers to Stories to creating fitting rooms for users, Snapchat has a lot to offer businesses. Let’s take a look at how you can make the most of stickers for your advertising campaigns, along with some brand examples. 

    Make a brand sticker pack 

    Snapchat pack is a simple way to attract people to your brand or spread your message on this platform. You can create a sticker pack to promote your business, like Sanrio (the inventor of Hello Kitty) did with their cute Snapchat sticker collection of characters. 


    You can also use snap stickers to raise awareness on social or ecological issues. For instance, Snapchat itself has launched an APIDA Pride sticker pack to celebrate Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Heritage Month. The platform also created stickers for International Week of the Deaf to encourage Snapchat users to fingerspell. 

    Create unique product stickers 

    We’ve already mentioned Dress Up stickers, but let’s dive deeper into what their launch means to e-commerce. These are the best stickers for Snapchat in terms of business. Why? Because they provide brands with a great opportunity to introduce new products to their audience and sell them right from the platform. 

    Users can check these aesthetic Snapchat stickers out, use them for their Stories, and then purchase real products online. No need to leave the app: users can find them by tapping on their profile picture and going to the “Shopping” tag. There, they’ll see recently viewed products that they can buy on a brand’s website. 

    Create branded apparel for Bitmoji 

    Bitmoji is where most fashion partnerships happen on Snapchat. These cute Snapchat stickers are particularly popular among clothing, shoe, and jewelry brands, as users can use virtual apparel to customize their Bitmoji.  

    Snapchat has already signed partnership with Levi’s, Ralph Lauren, Jordan, Adidas, and other brands. They created virtual product lines for Bitmoji and continue introducing new pieces to keep users up with the latest trends. 

    Moreover, since the company launched the ability to mix and match clothes on the platform, brands gained an opportunity to focus solely on the on products they represent: 

    It may seem like a small thing, but mixing and matching clothes really expanded what you can do, especially with brands. A brand like Levi’s that is all about jeans can just focus on jeans, while Jordan can focus on sneakers. And it shapes our strategy because we can target brands who round out what we already have.

    Jacob ‘BA’ Blackstock, CEO of Bitmoji

    Provide extraordinary experiences with Cameo 

    Have you already made a Cameo sticker on Snapchat? It’s fun seeing your face in all those GIFs, isn’t it? Sports entertainment company WWE took this experience a step further.  

    To promote their streaming live show Survivor Series, they partnered with Snap Cameo and gave their fans an opportunity to turn into WWE star Sasha Banks for one day.  

    In 2022, Snapchat introduced the Snap x Cameo Advertiser Program. It brings even more opportunities for brands that use Snapchat as a marketing channel to promote their products. They get access to Cameo’s global talent pool, which allows them to create short video with famous actors, athletes, musicians, reality stars, influencers and others. 

    Wrapping up​​ 

    Funny Snapchat stickers are a great way to bring your brand closer to your audience. They can help you make your tone and voice more human and relatable. So, don’t hesitate to start using Snapchat stickers as you promote your brand on this social media.  

    Remember, that stickers work not only for Snapchat! They can make any project you create, from social media visuals to printable designs, more engaging and fun. Create custom stickers using the VistaCreate Sticker Maker or select ready-made ones from our library. Give it a try! 

    Meanwhile, let’s repeat what you’ve found out about Snapchat stickers: 

    • What snap stickers are and why you need to use them 
    • How to get stickers on Snapchat 
    • What kind of stickers you can use for your content 
    • How to send stickers on Snapchat 
    • How other businesses utilize them to promote their products.  

    Here are some more tips and tricks that might be useful for you as you create content with funny Snapchat stickers: 

    1. You can edit your Bitmoji in settings, starting from your haircut and make-up and finishing with your outfit. Just tap on your profile picture and find settings in the top right corner of the screen. 
    1. You can retake a selfie for your Cameo sticker. Tap on your profile Bitmoji and scroll down to find this option, or open Cameo stickers and find the “New selfie” button. 
    1. Create a Snapcode and use it on different platforms, both digital and print, to attract new followers to your Snapchat account. A Snapcode is a unique code users can scan to find your content. Find your Snapcode by clicking on your profile picture. You’ll see it over a yellow background next to your name.  

    So, are you ready to make your content more engaging with stickers?  

    Lera Babko

    Copywriter at VistaCreate. Loves music, movies, art, and traveling. Dreams of a house in Iceland, where she could write.

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