Introducing the life-changing schedule planner format

    Introducing the life-changing schedule planner format

    Staying organized is one of the main factors that can make or break remote work. That's when the Schedule Planner format comes into play. Check out ...

    Introducing the life-changing schedule planner format

    Staying organized is one of the main factors that can make or break remote work. That’s when the Schedule Planner format comes into play. Check out dozens of VistaCreate planner templates that will help map your activities to achieve maximum productivity and preserve your planner’s trendy look.

    Importance of schedule planners

    A schedule planner is an essential tool for a busy person to plan activities within a specified period.  A well-designed schedule planner will ensure that you stick to your to-do’s and manage your time effectively.

    Introducing the life-changing schedule planner format

    There is no doubt that you could plan the activities of your day, week, or month in your mind, but you’re likely to lose track of some activities and the goals you have set for yourself.

    For example, think of a schedule planner as a calculator. Humans can do maths in their minds, but it takes longer, and the margin of error dramatically increases. The calculator significantly decreases the time taken to do calculations, and there is no margin of error. It’s very similar to how a planner works when it comes to organizing your life.

    Types of planners

    If you want to make a planner but don’t know where to start from, read about the major types of modern-day planners. The list below will help you understand the differences between them and choose the layout that suits your goals most.

    Student planners

    Not all of us are good at estimating the flow of time in our minds. When you’re a student, it’s essential to make friends with time. A planner for college activities seems necessary to keep a busy student sane and focused.

    While for control freaks keeping a diary is a true delight, it may be challenging for carefree people. However, a beautiful, personalized planner is the ideal way to stay motivated.

    Introducing the life-changing schedule planner format

    Business or project planners

    A perfect planner for business should be very convenient to use to save your precious time and allow you to stay on top of that work-life balance.

    For people working in teams, planning and scheduling projects can significantly improve communication among the team members. Everyone will follow the same guidelines, stay on the same page, and complete projects seamlessly and on time.

    If you want to plan your own goals, it’s better to spend a bit more time making a custom business planner that works uniquely for you. However, you don’t have to spend hours making a planner. VistaCreate is your perfect helper when it comes to quick and studio-level design.

    Introducing the life-changing schedule planner format

    Diet and workout planners

    When you’re doing sports, you don’t need to write pages of text to track your activity. Workout planners are usually well-organized, with the items broken down into categories. They are not only made to keep an eye on the total number of squats but can also help you build more healthy habits and plan your workouts for specific periods (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even yearly).

    Introducing the life-changing schedule planner format

    Budget planners

    A well-scheduled financial plan can help you manage costs efficiently. List the estimated cost required for each task or step. Once this is complete, you will know the estimated overall amount needed to reach your goal. As you tick off each step of the plan, you can manage the resources to stick to your budget or adjust the budget to stick to the plan.

    Recipe books

    These days you can find tons of mobile apps to keep all your recipes in one place. But some people still cherish the aesthetic of a granny’s old recipe book. Just ten years ago, you’d buy a particular recipe book in stationery, but now you can create your own with the help of VistaCreate.

    Social media planners

    Digital social media planners like Later, Buffer, and Hootsuite can help you compose your posts beforehand and schedule them for a specific time and date.

    While productivity can be achieved by both online and offline means, printed planners are great because they’re more interactive.

    Introducing the life-changing schedule planner format

    You can glue stickers on them, draw doodles, make them creative and uplifting. Of course, you can do all that digitally, but it might not feel as pleasant and rewarding as a real-life DIY.

    Life planners

    A life planner is any regular diary variation, usually for one year, with layouts for monthly and weekly plans, daily to-do’s, and blank pages for notes.

    Using a life planner can help you overcome various crises and solve issues more productively. For instance, if you have dozens of small chores you keep ignoring for weeks because of some obstacles, a life planner can help you track down the causes. Once you find a solution, write it down because it can become a great source of inspiration later.

    Notebooks or sketchbooks

    Sketchbooks usually come with blank pages. This format works great for writers, artists, designers, and other creators. If you want to start making sketches of architecture while walking the city streets or have a plein air session in the park, you need a sketchbook.

    Notebooks come with checkered, striped, or dotted pages. They’re great to write your thoughts down, so if you tend to keep diaries or writing poems, this one’s for you.

    Creating a schedule planner in VistaCreate

    There are different types of schedule planner templates in VistaCreate, and you can easily edit any element on it or make a unique, custom layout, depending on what you want to track. There are two ways to create a schedule planner in VistaCreate. Both are easy, so enjoy your creative process.

    The first method is to use ready-made templates:

    • Log in to your VistaCreate account. Enter “schedule planner” in the search bar, and once you click on this format from the drop-down, you’ll see all the available planner templates.
    • Once you have selected the template, you can begin to edit it. Change colors, fonts, background, images, replace or scale elements on the template to make something unique.
    • It is possible to add multiple pages to the template by clicking on the Pages button at the bottom-right side of the editor.
    • Once you are satisfied with the design, you can download it.
    • If you do not want to make any changes to the template, it’s up to you. In this case, download the design and begin using it right away.

    Introducing the life-changing schedule planner format

    The second method is to create a schedule planner from scratch:

    • First, you need to log into your VistaCreate account, and while on the main page, click on the Custom Size button. Here you can set the dimensions for your future design.
    • Now, begin adding the background, colors, objects, images, and text from scratch. You can even upload your own photos, fonts, and logos.
    • Use the Brand Kit tab to create a business planner with multiple pages and various layouts. It will help you save time on copying colors, fonts, and other presets from your other projects.
    • Once your design is complete, download the schedule planner and print it or use it digitally on the tablet.

    Tips for creating a working schedule planner

    When we enjoy ourselves, we usually feel the time flies fast. The exact time spent on complex or monotonous tasks feels like it’s dragging forever. Moreover, we sometimes spend more time on exciting tasks without consciously realizing that and may deliberately ignore challenging to-do’s until we’re obliged to do them (procrastination is the word).

    There are a couple of simple tricks that might help you to overcome productivity blockers.

    A simple to-do always does the job

    If you want to stop procrastinating and feeling lousy, at least start with a regular to-do, consisting of 5-10 tasks for the day. Whether the tasks are challenging or enjoyable, they’re on the agenda anyway, so you have to tick them off quickly or slowly. Set the goal to complete all the tasks and try not to leave even one for tomorrow.

    Introducing the life-changing schedule planner format

    Plan beforehand

    Evaluate your workload before actually planning anything. Ask yourself a question, “can I really make this task within this time?” and answer honestly. If the answer is yes, move on to the next one. If you doubt, leave more time for the task than you usually would. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you can’t get anything done on time because of poor planning. It always feels better to finish whatever you do earlier and beat the target.

    Categorize and prioritize

    There’s no point in designing a complex layout if you averagely have 3-5 goals for the day. And on the contrary, if you have 37 small daily tasks, they can be grouped by different categories, organized by priority, type, etc. to make your life less overwhelming.

    If possible, do the most complex and time-consuming things first while you’re more energetic and rested. Leave all the small tasks closer to the point of the day, when you’re too tired to work on something serious but can easily tackle 2-3 tiny chores.

    Wrapping up

    Anyone can use a schedule planner in every aspect of our lives, such as work, exercise, shopping, and domestic chores. Planners help to manage our time and get more things done. Why not make them stylish then?

    VistaCreate has hundreds of ready-made planner templates and a media library with millions of photos, videos, animations, illustrations, objects, etc. Create schedules for all your activities easily and quickly. You don’t need to have special skills to be able to create stunning designs.

    Victoria Skiba

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