Sanitize like you mean it or how to stay safe during 👑 🦠

    Sanitize like you mean it or how to stay safe during 👑 🦠

    You probably already know what COVID-19 is but just in case you need this information, here it goes. COVID-19 is a disease caused by a new virus ...

    You probably already know what COVID-19 is but just in case you need this information, here it goes. COVID-19 is a disease caused by a new virus of the Coronaviruses family, never-known to humanity before it was first discovered in China in 2019. Now, the pandemic is spreading exponentially all over the world, so it’s important to follow the basic routine in order to stay healthy.

    Sanitize like you mean it or how to stay safe during 👑 🦠

    There’s still no vaccine from the disease but it can be successfully cured if you turn for medical help timely. Don’t go crazy and panicky, we’re all in this together and we’re gonna win this one very soon!

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    The basics of staying healthy

    You know they say that the devil is in the detail. Basic little actions like these will help you stay safe and sound.

    Keep calm and stay at home

    No one says we need to stay at home all the time but it’s recommended to distance yourself from other people and refrain from going outside a lot if it’s possible. While at home, keep things nice and clean, do the laundry, sanitize all the surfaces, including your phone and notebook/PC.

    Sanitize like you mean it or how to stay safe during 👑 🦠

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    People still need to go shopping, so if you plan to leave your den and go outside, do this:

    • Distance yourself from people who are coughing or sneezing. Don’t get closer than 1,5 meters.
    • If you want to cough, sneeze, or both, do that but first cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or bent elbow. Dispose of the tissue right after using it.
    • Don’t touch your eyes, nose, and mouth.

    Wash your hands

    Sanitize like you mean it or how to stay safe during 👑 🦠

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    It’s not that we don’t wash our hands when there are no viruses around. Agree? So we still need to do that but a little more often. Wash your hands before and after going outside. Wash them before eating. Don’t shake hands with people, even if they’re your friends. You never know. And it’s not just about your hands. Keeping everything clean is the best way to make sure you won’t catch any virus, not just COVID-19.

    Let some fresh air in

    Airing out all of the rooms in your house or apartment is crucial. Not just during the Coronavirus spread. While staying at home, we move around the house and puff up the clouds of dust, which then accumulates on the surfaces. Also, we fill the air with carbon dioxide much quicker than it would be if we were, let’s say, at work. The less oxygen there is in the room, and the more dust there is, the bigger is the possibility of various bacteria flourish and cause respiratory diseases.

    Sanitize like you mean it or how to stay safe during 👑 🦠

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    Travel but only to your imagination

    Refrain from traveling abroad, even though Booking offers you 20% off and airplane tickets cost much lower than usual. But if you are abroad and need to get back home by plane or train, you’ll be in a public place with a high density of bacteria. This doesn’t mean you should wrap yourself up in plastic, wear a mask, and sit still all the way up. Do whatever you usually do while on an airplane or train but be a little more attentive. Follow these tips to stay healthy:

    • Wash your hands or use an alcohol-based sanitizer before eating. Surprised? Don’t think so.
    • As usual, distance yourself from people who are coughing or sneezing.
    • If you want to cough but don’t have a mask or tissue with you, ask for it from a cabin crew. Also, expect being relocated to a more distant place.
    • If you do wear the mask, try not to touch the outer side of it much, even with clean hands.
    Sanitize like you mean it or how to stay safe during 👑 🦠

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    “Wear masks!”, they said

    Since the symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, tiredness, and dry cough, lots of people think that they should deal with it like they usually do with bacterial infections. Moreover, various resources spread fake news about the measures of staying safe. After you’ve read tons of lame info on the internet you are likely to start panicking or overreacting. Before you do, there are several major myth busters to know. Check out the WHO website for updates and more info.

    Sanitize like you mean it or how to stay safe during 👑 🦠

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    • The masquerade thing. Wear the mask even if you’re not sick. It actually might make you feel more confident while you’re outside but remember that wearing it all day long is not recommended. This way you collect and carry all the bacteria right on your face. So make sure you have a little break and breathe in the fresh air at least twice a day. Note that those wearing a disposable mask twice are more at risk of getting sick than those who don’t wear them at all.
    • Hot’n’cold. Neither hot nor cold weather CANNOT kill Coronavirus. There’s no evidence, hence nor reason to believe that it can, but there is quite obvious evidence that the virus can be transmitted in all areas of our world.
    • Eating garlic like the town is full of vampires. There’s NO evidence that garlic kills Coronavirus, so eating tons of it won’t help you protect from getting infected. However, it’s well-known that garlic is good for your health in general, as it boosts the immune system and serves as an antioxidant.
    • Over-rinsing your nose. Someone rinses their nose with saline, someone with nasal drops, but neither of these actually protect you from Coronavirus. There’s NO evidence of nasal drops being effective in a battle with the virus. Moreover, this can lead to dehydration of the mucous membranes. However, keeping an overall hygiene routine and washing your face at least two times a day won’t do any harm.
    • Over-drying your hands. Hand-dryers CANNOT kill Coronavirus, so after you washed your hands, it’s not necessary to dry them out so much they turn into Sahara. Also, since you probably sanitize your hands quite often now, your skin must be already overdried and in need of extra moisture.
    • Eating antibiotics like sandwiches. Antibiotics DO NOT kill viruses. They’re made specifically to kill bacteria. If you feel sick, don’t stuff yourself with antibiotics or any other random medicine that you personally think will help you. Better turn for professional medical help and it will be much more effective than self-therapy.
    • Doing vaccines against pneumonia. The vaccine against pneumonia DOES NOT protect from the virus if you’re not sick. Even though Coronavirus sometimes develops into pneumonia, it is not proven that it can be cured with a vaccine against pneumonia.
    • Taking a bath of alcohol or chlorine. Neither taking a super-hot bath nor pouring alcohol all over your body will protect you from Coronavirus. The virus enters the body through nose, eyes, and mouth, so it has NOTHING to do with its outer surface. However, it’s crucial to be clean, regularly wash your clothes, shoes, and sanitize the items you’re frequently contacting with.
    • Skedaddling each time you see a mosquito. There’s NO evidence that mosquitos and animals are transmitters of the COVID-19. Don’t panic if you’ve got a mosquito bite. You’re likely to just get an itchy feeling than catch Coronavirus.
    Sanitize like you mean it or how to stay safe during 👑 🦠

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    How to social-distance yourself and not go totally crazy

    Basically, the rules of this game are simple. You stay at home and cuddle in your blankets, watch movies, play with your pet, work remotely, or try to do whatever you’re used to doing in your daily life but without going outside. Here are a couple of things you could do while on quarantine.

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    Sanitize like you mean it or how to stay safe during 👑 🦠

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    Improve your skills and knowledge

    You finally can’t find an excuse for not doing it! You’ve got time. You’ve got manuals, online courses, YouTube, and loads of information to learn. Spend this time productively. Learn how to cook like a chef, how to code a simple Hello World app, do a DIY project you didn’t want to do as a child. Don’t overdo with orders from Amazon though.

    Throw a party at home

    Who said you can’t have a party during the pandemic? If you’re used to partying a lot, do that. Invite all your friends but not literally. Do that online. Make a call or go live on Instagram. May sound a little weird but you just try! It may turn out a fun experience to repeat every Friday.

    Sanitize like you mean it or how to stay safe during 👑 🦠

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    Just dance

    Spending a lot of time at home means you don’t provide your body with enough movement to stay healthy. If you’re used to doing sports regularly, you shouldn’t drop the habit just because you’re quarantined. There are a bunch of yoga, aerobics, TRX, callanetics, and other sports apps you can download and use for exercising at home. If you’re a couch potato, just do ten burpees a day and you’re good. Or dance to your favorite tunes to move that body.

    Watch movies and cartoons

    Have you watched all the movies from IMDB’s top 250? Netflix originals? All HBO series? Quarantine is a perfect time for it. It’s official, you can binge-watch as many movies as you want without being called a nerd. You won’t get the fear of missing out because everyone does it now, and you can do too.

    Read books

    The time has come. Those, who have a pile or a long 300-item list of books to read, can finally get to it. The time you used to spend in traffic jams you can now spend comfortably cuddling with your cat, a good read in your hands, and a cup of hot drink on the side table. Can something sound cozier than this?

    Sanitize like you mean it or how to stay safe during 👑 🦠

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    Clean & repair

    Once you’re tired of watching series and reading books, you can start sorting out the mess. What you haven’t taken care of for a long time is still there. Like that broken towel hook in the bathroom or a cluttered kitchen cabinet. Put things in the right places, clean the furniture, and you’ll be much happier to spend time in a clean place rather than in a cluttered one.

    Scratch the favorite spot of your furry friend

    Remember this good-old comic from the Oatmeal? Then you know how your pet feels like each time you’re leaving. Your pet misses you. This is a perfect time to give it that extra attention it’s been deprived of while you were working and running errands. Hug your dog, play with your cat, and build a maze from books for your hamster. They’ll be very grateful for this.

    Sanitize like you mean it or how to stay safe during 👑 🦠

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    Disconnect & reconnect

    Don’t read the news just for the sake of killing time. Read info only on trustworthy resources. Quarantine is also a good time to go totally offline and think about all the important things you didn’t have time to think of before. If you have a family country house, go there and enjoy yourself in nature.


    This time of uncertainty causes a lot of stress. Keep calm, don’t overreact, have a rest and just do simple things to protect yourself and others. Let’s take care of each other because we’re all in this together.

    Victoria Skiba

    Writer at VistaCreate. Has a sheer passion for art, music, and movies. Loves irony, collects magazines, and dreams about traveling the whole world.

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