How to Create Exclusive Instagram Grids If You’re Not a Designer

    Back in 2010, Instagram was nothing but a social media platform filled with pictures of food, cats, and selfies. Today, it's a powerful marketing reso...

    Back in 2010, Instagram was nothing but a social media platform filled with pictures of food, cats, and selfies. Today, it’s a powerful marketing resource with a billion monthly active users and dozens of tools for brands to engage the audience and turn them into loyal customers.

    No wonder! We all are visual learners, so we are on Instagram to please our sense of beauty. And given that 72% of Instagram users are active online shoppers, all brands fight to death for our attention there. Unusual and eye-catching account design is what helps them reach a broader audience and win more followers on Instagram.

    Want to follow their lead and turn your account into eye candy that hooks users? Then make sure your Instagram layout grid looks brilliant. How to do that?

    In this article, you’ll find alternative variants of Instagram grids design. Many brands and professional bloggers have mastered them already, as they know how such visual tricks with Instagram content can wow followers and increase their engagement. Below are the top seven types of grids and the examples of Instagram accounts using them, for your inspiration and reflection.

    Who knows, maybe you’ll have a sneak peek at a new, creative idea for your personal Instagram account redesign.

    Good news:

    You don’t need to be a professional designer to impress the world with your Instagram feed. Here go three steps for you to follow:

    1. Check the below examples of stylish grid layouts.
    2. Choose those most inspiring and suitable for you.
    3. Create spectacular Instagram pics with VistaCreate templates to add pizzazz to your grid.

    7 Types of Stylish Grid Layouts on Instagram

    First off, let’s see what we know about a grid.

    It’s the feed of visuals you share on Instagram, representing your personal or business brand that way. And though you might have mastered the art of filters already, the entire look of your Instagram grid goes far beyond designing individual posts:

    • It builds your brand aesthetic (a unique visual style of your Instagram grid grabs attention and builds a lasting first impression).
    • It makes your content strategy planning and Instagram posting easier (with a grid design and templates in mind, you create and organize Instagram content faster).
    • It allows you to set yourself apart from competitors, communicating your message so people would get emotionally involved to follow you.

    And despite so many beautiful Instagram accounts to follow today, those most inspiring use 7 common types of grid layouts to impress users.


    The Minimalist


    Dylan Furst

    Instagram Themes Tumblr

    Sticking to one color scheme, you’ll help your Instagram grid look comprehensive and stylish. Make sure the colors correspond with the tone of voice you try to communicate to the audience. As far as we all know, color psychology is still in force.


    Personal Journal & Gratitude

    Horizontal, vertical, diagonal — an Instagram grid layout consisting of the lines of related content looks unusual and stylish. Many Instagrammers use this trick to design their grid, but be careful: one missed image can disorder everything.

    Phoebe Soup


    You can turn every line of the Instagram grid into a story. Known as “row by row,” this layout makes a grid look like a magazine or a book.

    Teko Lewis

    ElleOh Photo


    This trick with Instagram grids allows a user to concentrate on a particular element of your images. Borders create contrast and help your feed look cohesive.

    Victor Hensel-Coe


    Here at VistaCreate, you can make borders and frames with different colors, shapes, or white space. Applying the same border to Instagram posts, you highlight the photos and make the grid look well-handled.

    Vedang Marathe


    Use a combination of photos and graphics to make your Instagram grid look like a checkerboard. For it to stay stylish and organized, leave the graphics visually the same.

    Cerebral Mist

    The Female Hustlers

    The most popular combination of Instagram content for a tiled grid is a photo + a quote. But you are welcome to share icons, drawings, emojis, blog posts titles, or whatever your imagination or content plan call.

    Lorraine Loots

    Ocean’s Desire


    One filter and color theme is all well and good, but why not make your Instagram feed brighter and more cheerful? This layout is known as Rainbow, and its principle is as follows: the core colors of your feed change as a user scrolls down.

    Yes, this one is more complex than all the above types of grids. Here you’ll need to change filters and edits after every six or nine photos, as well as plan how colors will transit in your grid.

    Jac Cunningham


    Sarah Peretz


    This one is not that simple to do, but it’s worth trying. Look:

    Social Essence Marketing

    Simply Whyte Design

    Every image in this layout is individual yet fitting into a larger picture. The trickiest part here is to split it, so every single image remained of high quality and then put it back together aligned. Make sure that each separate photo makes sense (otherwise, people won’t click on it).

    Paper & a Plan



    This grid layout reminds a puzzle, but it’s more about making the whole account look like one picture (or poster). It’s perfect for promoting a blog or a website on Instagram.

    Planeta Kino


    Instagram collages are among the hottest marketing trends of 2019. It’s a great trick to hold a user’s attention by guiding them through your page so they’d “read” your story. Apps that help to create collages on Instagram are many, and they allow you to stitch images, backgrounds, and stories.

    Casey McPerry

    Carly, WholeComedia

    Long Story Short…

    With millions of users on Instagram today, it’s challenging to stay creative and come up with original ideas for your Instagram grid to look brilliant. But whichever layout you choose, consistency is a key. Choose a theme, plan out your Instagram posts, and make them look beautiful and consistent with VistaCreate.

    Also, remember about an aesthetic that highlights your brand voice and look. Are you a minimalist? Funny? Bold? Design photos that match your personality and tell followers about who you are. And VistaCreate’s creative team is always here to share trends and the most stylish layouts for your inspiration!


    VistaCreate Team

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