How to create a custom Logo with the Logomaker in VistaCreate

    How to create a custom Logo with the Logomaker in VistaCreate

    So, you've set out to create a custom logo. What a task! Your options are to hire a designer to do it for you, or use a custom logo design maker. If ...

    So, you’ve set out to create a custom logo. What a task! Your options are to hire a designer to do it for you, or use a custom logo design maker. If the latter seems like a more suitable option,  you’ve come to the right place because VistaCreate now has a Logomaker. You can create your own custom logo right on the platform. We’ll show you how 🙂

    If you just started your business and are exploring options, a Logomaker is a great way to explore what your business logo could look like. If you really like your options, in just a few steps, you will have a downloadable logo ready to be integrated into your social media posts and sent off for print

    We’re sharing step-by-step instructions on how to use the Logomaker in VistaCreate, so that you can make the most of this new feature and be one step closer to having an excellent logo design for your new business.

    What is a Logomaker?

    You can create your all-new, unique logotype in just a couple of clicks. Sounds like a dream? With Logomaker, it’s a reality. Logomaker is a great way to get the ball rolling on building your branding.

    The Logomaker lets you create a new logo for your business by simply filling out your business name, industry, and some additional information, as well as keywords. As you enter this information, the tool will show you dozens of logo design options. All that is left to do is choose your one and only and go on customizing it as you like. 

    A step-by-step guide to using the Logomaker to create an amazing logo for your business

    Let’s get straight to the good stuff — a guide on creating your new logo with Logomaker. 

    First, head over to VistaCreate, type “logo” into the search bar, and press enter. You can also select the logo format by scrolling through the format options below the search bar until you find ‘Logo’. 

    You will see a library of VistaCreate’s logo templates, which you are free to explore as well! To create a custom logo using the Logomaker, you need to press the “Blank logo” block. 

    Then, click the “Create Logo” button on the left. The logo you create will be saved in “My files” in png and png transparent formats. 

    But that’s not it!

    Another way to find the Logomaker would be through Brand Kit. Go to VistaCreate, choose Brand Kits on the left bar, click “Create logo” and voila — you’re using the Logomaker. If you work via Brand Kit, your created logo will be automatically saved to the Brand Kit and “My Files” for further use in designs. 

    Once you’re in Logomaker, enter information about your company. You can add:

    • Your business name
    • Additional text, if any
    • Your industry
    • Keywords

    Try to go into more detail here so that Logomaker can nail the essence of your brand.

    Now, let’s see what logo options Logomaker has. 

    Now, Logomaker has come up with dozens of different logo options to choose from. You can also apply some filter: you might want the icon of the logo on the left and the type of the logo as symbolic.

    Say, you choose to go with a minimalist version of your logo with the brand name, additional text, and icon. 

    Now, click “Edit in studio” and go on customizing the logo as you like. 

    In the studio, you can adjust five parameters of your logo: graphic, layout, text, colors, and sizing. In graphic, you can choose a different icon, and in layout — apply a different layout to your logo. Let’s say the graphic of the logo and the layout are OK, but you want to change the text. Go to the “Text” bar and scroll down for many font pairing options available. You can also change the company name and additional text here. 

    Here’s what you can choose from the “Traditional” group of fonts. Remember you can always click “undo” or “redo” as you’re choosing between options. 

    If you’re happy with the text, you can try different color options using our palettes. We’re going with a “Rich Royal” palette. If you’re unsure about which one to choose, read our article on finding your brand’s true color.

    In “sizing”, let’s try to resize the main text a bit, making it bigger. 

    Finally, let’s preview our logo.

    Looks good, right? Once you’re happy with your custom logo, press “Finish”. You can now download your logo package in svg, pdf, and png to use it elsewhere. Please note that you need to click “Save & Continue” to have the logo saved in your Files on VistaCreate.

    Here we go, your logo is ready. You can now use your company logo in your templates. Please note that the logo is saved with a transparent background, too, so that it’s convenient to use with your designs.

    There’s more! If you want to use your logo with your next design, and you want it to be coherent with your logo colors, you can use the “Styles” option. Simply choose the logo, head over to the 4-point star icon, and apply the colors from the logo to your visual.

    That’s about it! We hope you find the tool handy in creating your new, customized logo. Play with the tool, explore the many options it offers — pair different colors, fonts, sizes, and always remember to stay coherent and on-brand in your business logo design.

    Other than that, remember you can always choose your logo from VistaCreate’s library of over 4000 logo templates.

    What to read if you want to create a great custom logo

    Before starting the process of creating your logo, we suggest you recap the many types of logos to see which one fits your business best. Logos fit into several categories:

    • Wordmark, or logotype — that’s what Google or Disney uses. They work best if the company has a recognizable, distinctive name.
    • Monogram, or lettermark logos — CNN or HP are the examples here. This type fits if your business has a lengthy name and you want to use brand initials.
    • Mascot logos — Mailchimp and Duolingo are known for them. Mascot logos are a great solution if you want to personalize your brand and use brand ambassadors in all communication.
    • Other types of logos include abstract logo mark (Nike), pictorial mark (Shell), the emblem (Starbucks), the combination mark (Burger King), and the dynamic mark (FedEx)— check out our logo guide for more insight. 

    What’s there to know before creating a logo, so it’s not dated or inappropriate? We suggest you keep the basics in mind:

    • Remember the principles of visual hierarchy in design. For your logo to be effective, you want to give it plenty of white space, keep the rule of thirds in mind, and more.
    • Stay color consistent. With any type of visual communication, you want to stay coherent with your color choice. Here, it’s best to understand the basics of color theory first and always adhere to your on-brand colors. 
    • Discover more about pairing fonts. As fonts are essential for almost any logo, you want to know the many types of fonts and learn how to mix them so they look great. 
    • Keep an eye on current trends. You want your logo to be modern, yet authentic — so check out our article on graphic design trends for 2022

    Although with Logomaker you can create a logo for free, we suppose you might be interested in discovering the most expensive logos in history. You can drive logo ideas from their aesthetics. 

    We hope you enjoy the logo making process!

    Mariia Shnyrkova

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