Funny Zoom backgrounds that are bound to make you laugh

    Funny Zoom backgrounds that are bound to make you laugh

    Are your Zoom meetings always serious? Here's an opportunity to have some fun. Surprise your coworkers with a funny Zoom background next time you're ...

    Are your Zoom meetings always serious? Here’s an opportunity to have some fun. Surprise your coworkers with a funny Zoom background next time you’re in a call (given you have the right work environment vibes). 

    Zoom has become our go-to destination for formal meetings and casual chats. But sometimes it feels like things might be a little…too serious? Workers around the world are getting creative with their backgrounds, and maybe it’s your turn now. 

    In this article, we’ll list some of the funniest Zoom backgrounds we could find; if not for daily use, then just for some giggles while you’re scrolling through this article. 

    Why a creative Zoom background is a great idea:

    • To celebrate a special occasion. Whether it is an online corporate party, your birthday, or even an online babyshower, you sometimes want to make your background a little extra. Choose funny scenes, light colors, or your corporate photos — all of that will do!
    • To cover your own background. For example, sometimes your background is too cluttered, or you are stuck in a cafe (we do hope it’s a Paris cafe, though) during a work call. Then, you might want to use other backgrounds to make sure it looks good to your counterparts. 
    • To use it for building your personal brand. Your custom background can help you establish your own work style. 
    • To bring a particular mood to your meeting. For example, sometimes you want to say something moving, calming, or nice to your colleagues. Here, a custom Zoom background will come in handy.

    Now, let’s review some of the funniest virtual backgrounds you can use in your professional communication. Whether you’re chatting from your living room or home office — we hope they will help you upgrade your presence at the meeting.

    The best funny Zoom backgrounds to use for your meetings

    1. Hilarious sheep background 

    Cute Sheep on Farm Zoom Background Design Template

    These sheep look like they just came out of some meme. So, join the meeting, pretend you have your mansion with a farm — voila, you’ve got everybody laughing! 

    2. All eyes on you 

    Psychedelic Illustration with Eyes Zoom Background Design Template

    Looks a little weird, but why not? Imagine how cool you would look over this background. The eyes are sure to drive your colleagues’ attention to you, especially when talking. So, if you’re in a playful or a little crazy pre-weekend mood — opt for this background.

    3. Happy sloth, Zooming

    What a pretty sloth! This dynamic background is a good choice if you want to congratulate your colleague on their birthday or another special occasion. This could be a colleague’s anniversary at the company, promotion to top position, or anything else where you think this fits.

    4. Team building with llama

    Is team building coming up? Choose this dancing llama. It’s an epic option to support your colleagues having a hard time at work, or to just generally add to the great mood of a meeting. And, of course, you can also dance with this llama, can’t you?

    5. Party via Zoom, cats invited

    Cute Birthday Cats in caps Zoom Background Design Template

    Let’s face it: cats are an essential part of all business communication. You can use this background on a special occasion — say, your birthday. This way, you will look a little like you’re in a Disney cartoon. We’re sure your colleagues will love this approach, and you will receive all your deserved congrats.

    6. A background for Star Wars lovers

    We recommend using this beautiful space background for the Star Wars fans who don’t want to expose themselves at work, but still want to hint at their geeky side. Perhaps, with a little twist, so it appears more Starwars-like.

    7. Dancing with pear and plum

    Look at those cute dancing fruits! To be honest, this is one of the funny team backgrounds we love the most. Especially the energized green pear.

    8. A background for Zooming on Fridays

    We all love Fridays. If your business call is scheduled for Friday, you may well utilize this virtual background. But beware: some of your teammates might want to take a little break — those French fries look way too realistic.

    9. Coffee break anyone? 

    Whether it’s spring, winter, or fall, a good cup of coffee is essential for any Zoom call. Yes, sometimes you might be wondering how to get a coffee cup without distracting yourself from a presentation, but at least virtual coffee will always be there for you.

    10. A bit of psychedelic art 

    Another creative Zoom background that we like. Use it — and you’ll be a star at your online conference. Warning: it can cause dizziness in some of your colleagues.

    11. Flamingo and crocodile invite for a party 

    And here comes the flamingo and, who is it, a dinosaur? Oh, well, a crocodile. This background is for you if you’re invited to a celebration. Be it a birthday party, Saint Patrick’s day, or a quick coffee over the company’s successes — you’ll surely make it awesome.

    12. The king of Zoom backgrounds

    Here comes the most popular Zoom background ever. Set this as your background to give everyone a good laugh.

    How to create a custom Zoom background 

    And now, how about you design your own Zoom background in VistaCreate. We’ll advise how to get funny Zoom backgrounds in a couple of clicks:

    • First, head over to VistaCreate’s Zoom backgrounds library and browse dozens of free background options
    • Choose the background you like the most for your particular occasion 
    • Customize it as you like — you can change the background color, the color of the elements, and the color of the text
    • Add your own font if you want to — you can upload a new one or choose from VistaCreate’s library
    • For animated backgrounds, you can also select the type of animation, as well as its speed
    • Remember you can always go on customizing by adding your own images to the template
    • In a couple of clicks, here comes your own customized Zoom template

    Then, you can download your background in HD, go to Zoom settings, and upload the picture. If you need help, you can look up Zoom tutorials to find out how to change your virtual background. Do check out VistaCreate library, as it is constantly updated with lots of Zoom background ideas for your inspiration. 

    Now, head over to VistaCreate to create your own background. Happy Zooming!

    Mariia Shnyrkova

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