Here They Go: 4 New, Long-Awaited Formats

    Here They Go: 4 New, Long-Awaited Formats

    This year is challenging and nevertheless aspiring all of us to new achievements. VistaCreate is no exception. We're happy to introduce four new ...

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    Infographics, Label, Newsletter, Brochure FormatsThis year is challenging and nevertheless aspiring all of us to new achievements. VistaCreate is no exception. We’re happy to introduce four new formats in our library:

    Now you can create even more beautiful designs in VistaCreate. As well as all other templates here, these are 100% customizable. So, it’s time to visit your artboard, choose any of our fresh-new formats, and edit them for your business, marketing, or personal needs!

    Infographics format

    Infographics need no introductions, agree? It’s a powerful tool for brand fathers and marketing specialists to capture the attention of their target audiences. This format helps to represent numbers and facts so they would be eye-grabbing and engaging for the prospects to check.

    Infographics are everywhere now, and that’s why it becomes even more challenging for marketers to make theirs stand out. Here’s where VistaCreate comes to help.

    We’ve developed this format with the most creative trends of infographic design in mind so that you could cut through the clutter of the same-looking visual content online.

    Infographics in VistaCreate

    With 50+ fully customizable templates from VistaCreate, you’ll save time and costs on infographic design. Visuals call the shots today, and now you have all the resources to create them quickly.

    How to create infographics in VistaCreate

    • Log in, go to our massive library of templates, and select “Infographic” in the Marketing Materials section.
    • Choose an infographic template that suits your needs, click on it to use it, and open it on your artboard.
    • You can do it even faster: Type “infographic” in the search bar at VistaCreate’s homepage and get your artboard open with all the editing tools available on the left panel.
    • Once you’ve chosen the template, customize it according to your needs. Feel free to change color schemes, design icons, change shapes, add or remove objects, download your own images to place in your infographic, edit fonts and text size, etc.
    • Download the complete infographic to your device in one of the available formats.

    Where to use this format

    Infographics are among the top forms of visual communication so you can use them everywhere!

    Are you an educator? Use infographics for your academic research projects or classroom lectures.

    A project manager or a businessman? Try infographics for designing your reports, presentations, or data framing.

    For marketers, the infographic format is a real savior. It helps to spice up landing pages, create beautiful newsletters, design visuals for promoting offers on social media, elaborate blog posts, you name it!

    Long story short, the infographic format from VistaCreate is your sure-fire way to communicate more effectively with your audience.

    Label format

    This one’s for business people, entrepreneurs, and everyone offering products to the market. A new collection of label templates from VistaCreate will help you create custom designs, expressing what your brand is about.

    A label is a signifier of your product, a verbal sign for customers to see and understand why they need to buy it. It’s a part of your brand communication, and it influences the purchase decisions much more than you think.

    With VistaCreate, you can create custom labels that communicate your brand identity and message. Now it’s easy to personalize a label template in just a few minutes to make your business stand out.

    How to work with a label format

    • Log in and type “label” in the search bar at our homepage.
    • You’ll see your artboard open in a new tab, with all the label templates available on the left panel.
    • Check the designs by category or simply scroll down to see the gallery and choose a label template you like most.
    • Customize the selected label according to your needs. Take a minute to explore all the options at the editing toolbar of your artboard: here, you can change colors, text, animation, backgrounds, objects of your template, and your own files.
    • Once finished, download your design in high-quality JPG or PNG files, and feel free to print them at the best quality.

    Labels in VistaCreate

    Where to use labels?

    Labels are everywhere! They are on packages, toys, clothes, accessories, food, and beverages. We use them for home organizing, pasting them to spices, pantry goods, storage boxes, paper files, etc.

    Brands use labels to promote and provide information on their product’s origin, name, and use. With the collection of ready-made templates at VistaCreate, you can start designing your custom label right away!

    Choose from label formats in the library, customize by adding your brand colors, fonts, or illustrations, and make your product noticeable in double-quick time.

    Newsletter format

    Save time and resources on designing newsletters for your marketing campaigns! VistaCreate introduces a new format allowing you to promote your brand with stunning, customizable templates – quickly and effectively.

    Choose among dozens of creative designs to skyrocket your email marketing endeavors and help people pay attention to your newsletters for more clicks and sales.

    How to design newsletters with VistaCreate

    • Go to the homepage and type “newsletter” in the search bar to open the library of templates on your artboard.
    • On the left panel, scroll down to see all the available designs and choose one that fits your needs most.
    • Customize your selected newsletter template however you want.
    • Take a minute to examine the toolbar with its numerous instruments for your design customization. You can easily change colors and text fonts of your newsletter, rotate its objects, add or remove animations, change backgrounds, add more pages to it, and much more.

    Newsletter in VistaCreate

    • Feel free to pick other objects from our media library or upload your own files to enrich your template.
    • Once your newsletter design is ready, download it to your device in one of the available formats.


    Why use VistaCreate’s newsletter format?

    An average person gets about 88 emails per day, so you need your email newsletter to stand out from that bunch.

    VistaCreate’s templates will help you:

    • Design newsletters that will grab your subscribers’ attention and motivate them to read and click.
    • Create recognizable newsletters that will reflect your brand’s personality and evoke desired emotions from the audience.
    • Draw attention to the specific points of your newsletter, with design elements such as whitespace, design objects, icons, interactive visuals, colors, fonts, and so on.
    • Engage the audience with creative headers and original layouts.

    Brochure format

    This format is a perfect marketing tool for businesses willing to get in front of new customers or reach out to current ones. Brochures that people find and read at expos, office waiting rooms, or open marketplaces help them learn about your brand, influencing their purchasing decisions.

    New, fully customizable brochure templates from VistaCreate are designed to assist you with this mission.

    VistaCreate has brochure templates of different categories: marketing, travel, real estate, feedstuff, and more. Feel free to choose among bi-fold and tri-fold designs, and use all the instruments in your artboard’s toolbar to customize your selected brochure template according to your marketing needs.

    How to make brochures in VistaCreate

    • Log in and use the search bar at the homepage to type “brochure” and open the library of brochure templates in a new tab.
    • Pick a design you like most and customize it with the tools on your artboard however you want.
    • Feel free to pick other objects from our media library if you’re going to enrich your template.
    • Upload your own illustrations or animations to the media library to create an even more personalized brochure.
    • Easily change the colors, size, texts, fonts, backgrounds, and rotation of the brochure’s objects.
    • Download the finished design in a format that suits your needs best.

    Brochure in VistaCreate

    Whatever format you choose for your brochure here, it will look bright and professional. The days when companies created this marketing material in Google Docs or Microsoft Word are gone – it’s time to follow the latest trends of graphic design and focus on crafting content assets that work!

    Create brochures for trade shows, media kits, or direct mail with VistaCreate. Use them for business proposals, to relay core ideas and your new or existing products or services. Engage customers and investors. And consider it as an alternative instrument to support your online marketing goals.

    Long story short…

    VistaCreate’s team keeps on working on new formats so you could create beautiful designs for all intents and purposes.

    Now you have new infographic templates to make your business and marketing materials stand out. In the age of so-called infographic fatigue, when this format is everywhere, you need authentic designs that would represent your brand’s identity – and you can find them in our library.

    Label and brochure formats are also here for you to promote your products and express your brand’s identity. Create custom designs with VistaCreate so that your audience would recognize and want to buy from you.

    And, of course, a newsletter format! Email is one of the top three communication channels for brands, so why not make yours stand out from the crowd of competitors? Beautiful and customizable newsletter templates from VistaCreate are your chance to draw customers’ attention and influence your conversion rates.

    Stay tuned!

    VistaCreate Team

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