February-March monthly digest: Highlights from VistaCreate

    February-March monthly digest: Highlights from VistaCreate

    Have you noticed how drastically the world has changed in just two months? A lot has happened this far, so here are some of our updates. We couldn...

    Have you noticed how drastically the world has changed in just two months? A lot has happened this far, so here are some of our updates.

    We couldn’t stand aside during the darkest and most horrible events — the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24 and continues to this day. 

    The war in Ukraine has directly affected our company since VistaСreate team has 450 Ukrainians, and its subsidiary firm Depositphotos also has Ukraine-based employees. From the first days of the war, the safety of our employees was the first priority.

    Together with the global Vista team, we have developed an initial plan to minimize the impact of war on the work of VistaCreate and Depositphotos. After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we continuously worked to ensure the safety of our team members and we continue to do this – information support, psychological assistance, assistance with transport, search for housing, coordinating on the ground. 

    Our entire team, including parent companies and subsidiaries (Vista, Vistaprint, 99prints, Depositphotos, VistaCreate), have united to help Ukraine. Vista’s founder and CEO Robert Keane published an open letter with the support of Ukraine, and VistaCreate and Depositphotos left the Russian market

    To support everyone in their information warfare, the designers of VistaCreate have created a collection of free templates #StandWithUkraine.

    February-March monthly digest: Highlights from VistaCreate
    February-March monthly digest: Highlights from VistaCreate

    And we never stopped updating our product! 

    During February and March, VistaCreate teams have introduced a couple of new design tools and assets such as Resizer, Solution project with templates based on industries, and Styles feature. We’ve also created helpful video tutorials on basic color theory and how to use masks and objects in VistaCreate.

    In addition, we broke the hottest design and marketing trends down into pieces in the VistaCreate blog.

    Also, happy to share a long-awaited announcement of a collaboration between Vista and Liverpool Football Club.

    Read more about all these updates in this blog post.

    Product Updates

    The VistaCreate graphic design editor is our baby, and we are proud to see it grow and improve with each day. Our developers work hard on the VistaCreate web platform and mobile apps updates. Here are the main product updates we made in the last two months.

    VistaCreate made direct posting on Facebook & Instagram possible

    Remember how you used to create and edit images in graphics editors, save them to your computer, and post them manually to your pages? Those times are long gone. Now, you can design visuals in VistaCreate and share them to your Facebook and Instagram business accounts right away. Click the ‘Share’ button in the right corner and choose “Pages & Groups”. That’s it! 

    For a detailed tutorial, read our blog post.

    VistaCreate introduced the collection of free templates #StandWithUkraine

    February-March monthly digest: Highlights from VistaCreate

    ​​For those who want to support Ukraine, we developed a collection of free templates #StandWithUkraine — designs for social media posts, email marketing, Zoom backgrounds, posters, and more. Choose the ones that speak to you and share your stance on social media.

    Check out our article with the 10 best, most powerful VistaCreate templates to show your stance on social media.

    VistaCreate introduced Styles, ready-made color palettes + font pairs

    Designing something new all the time can be rerally draining. To help you out, we developed Style cards— professionally made combinations of color palettes and matching fonts. In a nutshell, here’s how it works: you select the card from the menu, and VistaCreate applies this Style to your design on the artboard. Done. 

    Now you can download the renewed design or switch between styles until you find the perfect one.

    Find out more about the Styles feature and how your business can benefit from using it in our detailed review.

    VistaCreate added image Resizer that helps adjusting formats in 2 clicks

    VistaCreate is constantly working on making the life of creators easier. That’s why we developed Resize, which automatically adjusts the image size to fit all social media, digital, and print formats. You don’t need to create new images for different purposes or crop the ready ones anymore! Just upload a pic to VistaCreate, resize it to all the formats you need, and download the results.

    VistaCreate introduced the Solutions Project

    VistaCreate’s Solutions Project is a set of ready design tools and templates for different businesses.

    Our team has developed a set of creative solutions tailored to a specific industry or niche to help you save time. Each Solution pack contains ready-to-use design tools and assets for social media, email marketing, online ads, offline promo activities, etc. Just select your business type from the list and enjoy ready designs!

    NB: All images can be adjusted in VistaCreate if needed.

    VistaCreate added more options to the VistaCreate mobile app

    Finally, our app now has 60+ formats and 50К templates, borders of different types and colors, and a new object lock feature to help you easily design on your smartphone!

    Install the app now, and see it for yourself.

    VistaCreate Blog

    Traditionally, in our blog, we share design and marketing tips for creators and small business owners along with useful tipss on using VistaCreate. This two-month digest is no exception — it offers a selection of 6 articles about this year’s color trends, new VistaCreate features (Styles and Resize), the best email marketing techniques, basic knowledge of colors, composition, and fonts. Keep scrolling to learn more about each topic.

    New in VistaCreate: Free Styles feature

    This article provides a detailed review of our Style free feature that allows users to apply a ready-made style to their projects (examples included!). Read on how you can use Styles cards to improve your designs with no sweat!

    Publish from VistaCreate to Facebook and Instagram

    In this article, we explain step-by-step how to use the VistaCreate Publish feature to post your ready designs in 2 clicks.

    What you can do with the free version of VistaCreate

    Here we describe all the benefits of the free version of VistaCreate, including using creative assets, templates, Styles feature, music, etc.

    9 design tips for your business industry

    In this blog post, we share basic knowledge on colors, font, proportions, and composition. Learn these design tricks to create better designs.

    Bonus: We supplemented each tip with an “Object lesson” for more helpful information.

    Color trends in 2022: Make your brand a hit

    Here we explain how to use futuristic colors, Y2K-inspired and metallic hues, psychedelic color palettes, and other latest color trends in your designs. 

    Yes, we were also stunned by “Y2K-inspired” colors, but it actually makes sense! Ready for color craziness? Read on then.

    5 email trends to try in 2022

    In this blog post, we explore how brands сan use the latest email marketing trends and convert more clicks into sales just by making effective design choices. In addition, we included Case studies so you can learn from professionals!


    As many of you already know, we are constantly creating video tutorials that can help bolster your knowledge of VistaCreate tools and design basics. Just take a look at these 4 new tutorials!

    Basics of color theory 

    After watching this tutorial, you will know everything about monochromatic, complementary, split complementary, and analogous colors. And also, learn 4 common color mistakes that can ruin your design and how to avoid them.

    How to create photo and video masks

    This 30-sec video tutorial explains applying photo and video masks in VistaCreate to your designs. It’s easy!

    Learn how to work with design objects in VistaCreate

    A detailed tutorial on picking, tuning, and placing design objects into your designs in just a couple of clicks! Includes background removing, adding vector elements, and choosing fonts.

    Explainer video on creating designs in the VistaCreate app

    Watch this tutorial before starting a project in our app! This video guide walks you through the entire design process, from choosing and customizing templates from our library to adding copy, music, and animated elements. The last step explains how to adjust the image format and share your design on social media directly from the app.

    Vista News

    #1 — Vista and its parent company Cimpress condemn the Russian aggression towards Ukraine

    February-March monthly digest: Highlights from VistaCreate

    In his message of solidarity, Vista’s founder and CEO Robert Keane expressed the company’s opinion on the Russia-Ukraine war by saying, “Russia’s unprovoked atrocities against Ukraine and its democracy have no place in our world.” Vista stands with their Ukrainian colleagues and their families during this time and makes their safety a number one priority.

    #2 — Vista and Liverpool Football Club to become partners

    Liverpool FC announces multi-year deal with Vista | SportsMint Media

    Liverpool FC and Vista will join forces to develop a series of partner programs that will engage LFC fans and small businesses of Liverpool. These initiatives aim to provide local companies with promo and support on LFC platforms so they can tell everyone about their business and amplify their messaging.

    And finally, we hope this new digest has given you inspiration and courage to try something new for your business and design. Keep up for more updates next month.

    Thanks for sticking with us and sharing our journey!

    Iryna Luzina

    Marketing copywriter at VistaCreate. Ira adores writing in all its forms — from marketing copy and blog articles to handwritten letters and songs. When off copywriting duty, she’s working on her solo musical project. A passionate artist, yogi, and cat lover all in one!

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