7 tantalizing Father’s Day ideas for dazzling social media campaigns in 2022

    7 tantalizing Father’s Day ideas for dazzling social media campaigns in 2022

    “Dad, what do you want for Father’s Day?” “Go ask your mother.”  Ahhh, Father’s Day… The world’s favorite “Hallmark Holiday”, right? ...

    “Dad, what do you want for Father’s Day?”

    “Go ask your mother.” 

    Ahhh, Father’s Day… The world’s favorite “Hallmark Holiday”, right? 

    A chance to pigeonhole dads as one-dimensional figures and turbocharge sales of neckties, socks, golf balls, and booze. 

    Not quite. 

    Especially not if you’re a savvy brand with your finger on the pulse. 

    Alive to how modern fathers view themselves. And who your audience views as a father figure.

    So how can you design a Father’s Day social media campaign that connects with your fans — loyal and new? 

    In this daddy of all guides, we’ll run through lots of creative Father’s Day ideas to inspire you. 

    Sound good? Let’s dive in.

    1. The right tone for your Father’s Day marketing

    Attitudes towards fatherhood have changed dramatically over the past few decades. 

    How you market around Father’s Day needs to keep up with that pace of change.

    But while challenging, a Father’s Day campaign is a great opportunity to show the human side of your brand. 

    To celebrate fathers in a way that resonates with modern ideas and values.

    Modern dads

    Research shows today’s fathers are more likely to be good at changing a diaper or baking a cake than changing a tire or fixing a brake. 

    Here, Honda salutes dads who are breaking the mould:

    2. Inspiring Father’s Day campaigns

    Apostrophe spelling query: Is it Father’s Day or Fathers’ Day? 

    For some customers — children of LGBTQ+ dads for instance — it will be both.

    And in recent years, some of the most successful Father’s Day marketing has challenged stodgy and stifling stereotypes.

    Here are three striking campaigns to inspire you:


    For many, Father’s Day isn’t just about celebrating biological fathers. 

    Here, Budweiser recognised three stepfathers who have stepped up over the years:

    Dove Men+Care

    And in this video, Dove Men+Care paid tribute to the grandfathers, teachers, uncles, and coaches who take care of us:


    The father figures in our lives aren’t always dads. Or indeed men. 

    With this thought-provoking campaign, “Tell your father how much you love her”, Raymond celebrated single moms:

    Key takeaway

    To craft a message that resonates, think about what fatherhood means to your brand and audience.

    3. Father’s Day video ideas

    Paying tribute to your own father or father figure gives you an opportunity to share some of your values.

    Post a photo of your dad and tell a story in the caption. 

    Or make a short video sharing what he taught you and how it helped make your business what it is today.

    Employees’ dads

    Reveal even more of your business’s personal side by interviewing your employees and colleagues. 

    Ask them what their dads have done for them or what it means to be a father themselves.   

    Customers’ dads

    Or take things up another notch by interviewing your customers. This video from Tesco shows just how powerful such content can be:

    4. Fun Father’s Day contests 

    Want to know the best time to add social media followers? 

    Competition time! 

    There are many fun ways you can encourage people to interact with your posts. For example:

    • Quizzes
    • Personality tests
    • Sweepstakes 
    • Fill-in-the-blank questions
    • Caption competitions 

    Whatever format you choose, follow these three basic guidelines:

    1. Make it easy to enter. 
    2. Offer an attractive prize.
    3. Ask participants to like and share your contest post and tag their friends, or use a customized hashtag.

    Dad jokes

    Why not run a daily dad joke contest? Ask your followers for their best (and by “best” we obviously mean worst) dad joke and let the groan fest begin!

    5. Father’s Day photo ideas

    Invite your followers to share photos of their fathers. 

    To encourage participation, ask them an open question, such as “What’s the best advice your dad gave you?” or “What’s the quirkiest thing your dad does?”

    You could hold a contest for the best photo of a dad doing a certain activity or just goofing around.

    Turn back time

    A fun theme is to challenge people to recreate an old family photo or a famous image from popular culture. The results can be hilarious!

    Get the ball rolling by asking your team to recreate photos from their childhood and use those to launch your campaign.

    6. Father’s Day card ideas

    And why not share some tips on creating a thoughtful Father’s Day card?

    Inspire your audience with quotes from famous fathers. 

    Suggest some dad jokes for a puntastic caption. 

    Or showcase heartfelt messages from your employees to their own fathers. A montage of these would make for a fantastic Father’s Day Instagram Story.

    Citation about mother and father Postcard Design Template

    7. Father’s Day gift ideas

    Want in on a little secret? 

    Most dads don’t really want another necktie. Or a mug saying World’s Best Dad.

    Nowadays, particularly since the pandemic began, more and more consumers look for unique, meaningful gifts. 

    Personalized gifts

    One surefire way to Dad’s heart is through personalization. 

    That could be letting customers add a message or personalized label to your product. Use a Father’s Day gift generator on Facebook, like Glenlivet did:

    Gift guides

    Another idea is to put together different gift guides for Dad based on his personality or lifestyle. 

    Gifts for sporty dads. Gifts for musical dads. Gifts for geeky dads and silly dads.

    Go beyond gender stereotypes

    Feel free to promote things like chocolate, fashion, and self-care products. 

    Or flowers, as Interflora did, by asking “Why should men miss out on beautiful blooms?”

    With VistaCreate and our Vista themes, it’s easy to put together a Father’s Day Facebook ad or Instagram ad. 

    And you can tap into your audience’s FOMO (fear of missing out) by promoting your offer through Instagram Stories.

    Final thoughts

    Through empathy and authenticity, you can reinforce your brand’s relatability.

    But remember, for some people Father’s Day is an upsetting occasion. So be sensitive to customers who have sad memories around this day.

    VistaCreate Team

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