Home is the new anywhere so enjoy your long stay

    Home is the new anywhere so enjoy your long stay

    You already know all these kill-the-virus rules. COVID-19 spreads so fast, we now have to sit at home 24/7 and nobody knows for how long. If you’re no...

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    You already know all these kill-the-virus rules. COVID-19 spreads so fast, we now have to sit at home 24/7 and nobody knows for how long. If you’re not used to spending lots of time at home and this whole situation upsets you, do everything possible to entertain yourself. Don’t get desperate and look on the brighter side of this.

    Home is your castle where you can feel safe, relax, and do whatever you want. It’s the place you used to keep coming back from work all tired and wanting to sleep. The same place you didn’t want to leave when you were waking up early in the morning. And finally, you can stay there for as long as you want. Why not enjoy this? Turn your home stay into a great experience.

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    Organize a workplace

    For those, who work remotely—don’t work from bed, where you sleep. If it’s possible, make a separate workspace so that you don’t have a feeling like each day is the same because you spend it at the same spot in your house. If you don’t have a desk or your room is too small to organize a workplace, it’s totally fine! Just make your bed at least and change clothes to feel like you’re preparing for a different activity rather than sleeping.

    organize a workplace

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    Make your bed

    Yes, making your bed is so important, we decided to repeat it once again. Since we spend lots of time at home now, not making your bed may result in severe laziness and procrastination, and hence bring a drastic change to your moods and sleeping routine. It may reflect on your health in a not very nice way too. Making your bed means completely waking up. So if you want to feel good and energized every day, it’s vital to get up from your bed, take a shower, and then do all the things you usually do after.

    Be full of energy

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    Have a little break

    If you’re working from home, sometimes you can get immersed in the process so much that it’s easy to forget about having a break. Move around the house more often. Have a five-minute break to make a cup of tea or hug your beloved ones. If you have a balcony, go out to breathe some fresh air, and let your eyes and brain get a bit of rest from the computer. But remember that having too many breaks is not good as well. Simply put, a little procrastination is only fine until your deadlines start to stress you out. Find the golden ratio and balance your working day to spend a productive but stress-free time.

    Read reliable news

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    Establish a normal sleeping routine

    Even though you now have a chance to sleep longer and have daytime naps more often, don’t get carried away. It’s important to have a healthy sleeping routine if you want to stay productive. An 8-hour sleep is enough for regaining energy and feeling fresh. If you have trouble sleeping well, there are tons of mobile apps to help you calm down by meditating, listening to chill tunes or beautiful bedtime stories.

    Sleep well

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    Now that you have to move around the house all the time, you may find some rooms or specific corners not that cozy or convenient. Always wanted to have a special place to read or sit with a cup of something in the evening and enjoy listening to old jazz? Redecorate your home! Paint the wall with fresh color, move the furniture around the house, add a couple more pillows to those armchairs. This will help fall in love with your home again.

    Have fun

    Staying home doesn’t mean you should lock yourself up from everyone and become a total introvert. In lots of countries all over the world, people come out on their balconies and sing. Or play games like lotto. Or throw neighbor parties. Yes, we all do need to have a proper distance, but we don’t have to stop having friends. Having fun is good. Having fun is healthy.

    Have fun

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    Take care of your body

    Whether it’s doing sports, yoga, basic stretching, or meditations, anything fits just fine. Don’t spend every day sitting on your couch. Move your body, take care of your hair, nails, and do the laundry. Cook healthy food, eat more fruits and vegetables. Some people even grow their own veggies at home. Do basic things to not let your body think it’s trapped.

    Take care of your body

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    Call your doctor if you feel sick

    Even if you sit at home all the time and there’s a small chance to get infected with Coronavirus, you still go shopping, to the pharmacy, or have rare contact with couriers and neighbors. If you feel sick. It’s highly recommended to call the doctor immediately. Don’t wait until it gets worse.

    Call the doctor

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    Do whatever you want

    Want to dress in a Halloween costume? Wear the tie and pretend you’re at the office and not at home? Dance half-naked to your favorite song? Bake a frankly terrible cake? Make a huge three-room-size maze for your hamster? Do it. Do everything you’ve always wanted to do but never had time to. Dress like you’re going to a party, play games, watch standup shows, do your own standup shows, pretend to be a writer and write a book, paint a portrait of your dog, plant flowers on your windowsill, and do all the other things that make you happy.

    Do what you want

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    We encourage everyone to stay at home and enjoy themselves. Be your own best company or call parents or a friend if you feel lonely. Take care and let’s unite to overcome this pandemic faster 💪

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